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[Locked] Halo 2 Flight - Feedback Thread

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Also looks like my chat is also not working, much like the earlier days of mcc's release.
itsNabez wrote:

Also looks like my chat is also not working, much like the earlier days of mcc's release.
Make sure and file a bug report about this on the Halo Support site: sure to read over the known issues list first before reporting
I've been trying out the online and campaign, for anniversary, but for some reason, when moving and turning when in online multiplayer, the motion blur feels off and janky, not really fluid, it's a bit offputting, I don't know if this is just a problem with my bandwidth since this doesn't appear to be too much of a problem in the campaign.
I also want to take this opportunity to mention that I can't seem to match for the competitive, this was an issue with previous tests, but I've queued up for at least an hour at a time of the competitive and not gotten any matches, it remains stuck on Waiting for players for a long time.
Theater needs to have these features:

-Click on the time bar to navigate freely through the film to any point
-Use arrow keys to move forward and back 5 or 10 seconds
stckrboy wrote:
raz0rsharp wrote:
Unable to log in. When I launch I get to the sign in screen with the helmet and the Xbox Live Sign In at the bottom, however trying to click on it does nothing and I cannot even click on the X at the top right to exit. I have to kill the App with Task Manager. I have tried multiple times.
Steam Client
Please start a new support topic for issues. Be sure to check the known issues list before posting
Can you please tell me how to create a new support topic? Do you mean submit a support ticket? If so I have submitted one.
YamaMX wrote:
Am I missing something? An update in and why is the controller not functioning as normal? It's the one thing that just works in previous builds, beta and final release. Now the menus use the right stick as a mouse, there's stick drift, misplaced buttons, etc.

Mouse and keyboard feel pretty good in H2, that's a plus, but the classic input method for these games needs to just work.
I'm having this exact same issue. My Elite v2 won't work at all. Really frustrating.
I'm also Elite V2, hmm.
Transplanting some of this from another thread I posted in...

I want to test H2A and the competitive playlist is only H2C. Don't get me wrong, having H2C on PC is great but I (and probably many others) wanted to at least have one option for a competitive H2A playlist. So, that's why I've personally stopped searching in H2C modes. The queue times to play H2C aren't worth it to me so I'd rather play social H2A in the meantime.

One last thing to add, H2C still has all of the original glitches which are very hard to do on kb/mouse unless you macro (and that's against the rules I think?), which was a turn off for me. I'm not here to complain about auto aim or anything like that, I don't care, It's just a lot harder for me to use the RRX YY RRX combo's that all of my opponents were using when I'm using a keyboard so I feel like I'm forced to use a controller. I don't feel that way in H2A and I can use whatever peripheral I feel like at the time.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2 classic multiplayer
  • FEEDBACK: When using mounted turrets on maps like sanctuary and containment there is negative mouse acceleration on the x axis. I got a chance to try this on halo 2 vista and it happens there so it appears to be working as intended, though much like trying to crouch while moving an awkward interaction with kbm. It just on the x axis though, you can aim up and down as fast as your settings allow but to aim left and right you need to move your mouse quite slowly. Warhog and spectre turrets are unaffected by this
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: I took a quick recording showing my mouse settings maxed and using both a mounted turrent in containment and comparing it to a warthog turret. I feel this is something that needs to be addressed like crouch behavior as mentioned above. The turrets already work like how vehicle turrets to where your aiming is independent of the turret but you have to allow the turret to catch up to your reticle.
  • MCC HALO GAME: ANY Halo RANKED playlist
  • FEEDBACK: Harsher punishments for people quitting early in ranked playlists. Its incredibly annoying trying to increase you're rank, specially when team mates quit early making the game extremely unbalanced. Instead of having a 1 minute/ 3 minute/ 10 minute bans, instead perhaps if you quit a ranked game mid-game, you lose 2-5 ranks from that playlist and are not allowed to enter that playlist again for at least another hour. Harsher punishments should entice people not to leave early and just play the game out. AFK'ers should expect the same type of punishment if caught.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: I don't think I need to post images of people quitting, i'm sure most people in the community have seen it and have had enough.
MCC Halo Game: Halo 2 Anniversary on PC (Steam)

  • Audio: Cortana (and other character voices) sounds much quieter compared to the other audio in the game. This makes it hard to hear her (and other NPCs) while in a firefight. Also, the shotgun reload animation feels like it is missing a sound clip? I only noticed this in the anniversary edition.
  • AI: The AI on Cairo station appear to just be unaware or not working. They won't shoot at me, and just stand there until I'm an inch away from them. The game feels extremely easy even on normal, all the way up to harder difficulties. Also, the marine NPCs would not go into my warthog in Metropolis, but they would load onto the tank. They also got into the warthog on Delta Halo. (Bug Report Filed)
  • Other misc: There was no Elite with an energy sword when you assault the Scarab, there was always one in the original game.
The Campaign ran fine at a solid 60 fps on both OG H2 and Anniversary edition. The only real issues I had with it was the AI being rather lucrative, such as getting shot by allies while boarding vehicles, allies getting stuck on the geometry of certain levels (Mainly ones as the arbiter), and the overall pathing/spawning of the AI being not so great, like seeing a literal tower of flood coming at me. While both extremely amusing and terrifying at the same time, I doubt it's meant to be that way XD

The multiplayer ran perfectly fine in both my runs. I had no noticeable issues.

I didn't get to using it ever, as it seemed grayed out for me.

All in all, I'm excited for more to come, keep up the good work boyos.
MCC Halo Game: Halo 2 Anniversary campaign on PC (Steam)
  • On the level - The Oracle: On the elevator just after the room where you first encounter the flood and a grunt says they have a bad feeling: using the beam sword on the sentinels flying around the elevator bounces me clear off the elevator even if the sentinel was in the center of the platform and nowhere near the edge. This doesn't happen when using the beam sword on the flood.
  • This is an observation, not a bug- It would be great if the subtitles applied to all of the dialogue and not just the cutscenes. I'm hearing impaired and have absolutely no idea what any of the other characters are saying during gameplay (i.e. Cortana or Sgt. Johnson). It's frustrating because I can hear that they're speaking, but not what they are saying and I'm fairly certain Cortana's dialogue is important.
MCC Halo 2 Campaign Feedback:
  • The AI on Cairo Station seems to have some problems where Elites will hide, almost as if they are waiting for their shield to recharge except they just stay there.
  • There is also the issue of general sound imbalance but that is known.
  • Lastly, I noticed on metropolis right after the scorpion part, the marines would not enter the warthog. This also happened on Halo 2 Vista, but it's still a weird issue.
MCC Halo 2 Classic Feedback:
  • There are some issues with the size of the BR crosshair when aiming with mouse. It will go red when you are aiming very near to the enemy, but not directly at them and therefore they will not hit. This is probably because of how the aim correction would work on controller.
  • There should really be a option to resize the crosshair, because the default setting is just not precise enough for mouse aim. If crosshair settings are added and the controller aim assist issue is worked out, then competitive play might be possible.
Let me start by saying that Aim Assist on Reach & CE does not bother me one bit. I'm able to be perfectly competitive & feel it works well to bridge the gap between KB/M players.

Halo 2 Insider(both) however... It's literally unplayable in multiplayer with KB/M. I really don't think it should be removed completely, as that would give the opposite problem, but SOMETHING needs to be done about it before release. Whether that be input based matchmaking, or simply tone it down to the same level as Reach & CE, I really don't care.

I will not be touching Halo 2 on release if nothing is done about it. It's simply impossible to compete with the literal aim bot that controllers get currently.
I spent most my time playing the campaign for Halo 2 Anniversary on Steam.

  • In the campaign when you zoom in with a scoped weapon or non-scope weapon and pause the game, the game zooms out and shows the weapon but keeps the scope displayed on screen.
  • Definitely an issue with audio balance.
  • On The Oracle in the part of the mission in the room where the portable turrets are set up I couldn't trigger the checkpoint to advance even though I had killed off the flood in the room.
After playing lots of the beta, I just have one piece of feedback that hasn't already been mentioned. I have an ultrawide monitor, and Halo 2 Anniversary cutscenes are letterboxed with black bars on all four sides. This should ideally fill the screen with very little or no black.
Halo 2 classic feedback:

Can we please get a volume reduction on the water sound effects. Sanctuary and Warlock it's so loud.
H2A multiplayer, graphics appear darker than they should be. Gamma is set to 5 (I believe default). Comparing to H2C and H1, H2A is much darker.
I've been spending most of my time in this flight playing campaign. So far, other than the known issues, I've been having a great time. The new crouch behavior is a great change that feels much more naturl than the previous behavior.
Audio is definitely still an issue.
After hitting "enter" right after the menu screen all audio just cuts out and you only hear just an audio static background noise and occasional tapping sounds.
Loading in multiplayer or restarting campaign missions doesn't fix it.

I've just switch my audio driver with my bluetooth headphones to using a generic BT dongle and it fixed it.

Apparently Creative Sound Bluetooth W2 usb dongle is having problems with MCC PC at the moment.
I think the devs might want to contact Creative about it.
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