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[Locked] Halo 2 Flight - Feedback Thread

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The Campaign is working Great but I am having yet to be able to get into a Multiplayer match.
Seems like with the new anniversary graphics the battle rifle impact effects are invisible past about 100 feet. No sparks, blood, bullet holes, etc. Noticed the same thing on the Gauss cannon. Compared it to the classic graphics and it's not great on those either, but it seems like the distance is noticeably smaller in the remastered graphics. I don't remember this being an issue in the original version, but I could be wrong. (This was on Metropolis)

Also, the switch weapon button is not dropping my left hand weapon when dual wielding, so the only way to drop it is to throw a grenade or pick up something else. In campaign at least, not sure if this is always happening.

It would also be very nice if there were better support for scroll wheel weapon switching. Preferably I'd like to be able to switch to primary with up and secondary with down, but the current keybinding options don't allow for that. I've set it switch weapons to scroll wheel down, which kind of works, but scroll wheel up still does nothing and I have to be very careful not to scroll down twice or I'll just re-equip the weapon I have out.
The driving AI seems much stupider than I remember it being. Could be a nostalgia thing but on Metropolis the AI just drove around madly flipping the warthog and bashing directly into walls and enemies. And in the tunnel when I came across the warthog, the marines just drove away from me as I approached, then slammed it into a wall, got out, fought some enemies, and then when I got there they said "Hey chief, use this instead" but wouldn't get back into the warthog. Seemed a bit strange.
This is from my twitter and my specs and video are in this link. To sum up what happened is i was just playing and when i loaded back from a death the lighting just freaked out.
I was playing the Halo 2 Flight via Steam. I was pretty much just in the solo campaign.
Campaign Feed back: Game handled very nicely and to me it felt natural having it on PC. Worked well. Customization also was really good. Delta Halo bit with warthog felt stuttered with frames.
Halo 2 via Steam; only been playing solo campaign, most weapons seem to have their aim off. Clear head shot hits a wall next to me to when scoped with the sniper. Been the same with every weapon used so far. Walls seem to have a bigger hitbox than the enemies.
I haven't seen anything about an extension, so I'm gonna take it this is ending tomorrow. So here's my feedback from my time playing.

Halo 2 Classic & Halo 2 Anniversary | Multiplayer

  • Some aspects of the HUD are huge. Everything seems like it's all in my face even though my FOV is 120. Text for picking up weapons on the floor is huge. The crosshair (for any gun) is huge. The ammo count display is huge.
  • Textures/models are really muddy and it's generally just difficult to visually process what's going
  • Uncapped framerate doesn't work at all
  • Seems like Motion Blur is on by default with no way of turning it off?
  • Grenades need their blast radius decreased. I feel like I'm playing dodgeball. Other team lobs nades at me, I lob nades at them, and we go back and forth throwing and dodging nades. It's more prevalent in this game than any of the other Halo games.
  • Crouching while walking doesn't work at all on both Mouse & Keyboard, and Controller.
MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2 Classic Campaign, Halo 2 Classic Multiplayer, and Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer

  • Gameplay-wise, all 3 seemed to function well most of the time. Halo 2 Anniversary did stutter a few random times though.
  • There are a number of visual things in the Classic Campaign that are way off compared to the original Xbox version and detract from the experience, but I won't detail those here. I've submitted bug reports for them.
  • The multiplayer chat box is difficult to use. It pops up and disappears during gameplay and in the lobby seemingly at random, and the only way I've found to scroll up or down is with the Up and Down arrow keys. I suggest changing it so the mouse scroll wheel can scroll it as well as dragging the scrollbar with the mouse. I very well may have missed it and perhaps it can already be done, but it would also be nice to be able to make it stay open permanently if desired.
  • A more in-depth selection of video graphics options would be nice.
TEKERON wrote:
The multiplayer chat box is difficult to use. It pops up and disappears during gameplay and in the lobby seemingly at random, and the only way I've found to scroll up or down is with the Up and Down arrow keys.
If that's actually how they have it, that's just hilarious. Hilarious in a way that it's so stupid that it's hilarious.

I have a tenkeyless keyboard (the right side with the arrows and keypad is gone). I guess f*ck me? Lol...
Found that when using controller with vibration the rumble sometimes will linger longer than usual. I find it in random situations. The small solution to the problem in the moment is to unplug the controller from the PC. It's a distraction and should definitely be looked at.
For the love of god please turn down aim assist it was bad enough in reach but in H2A its insane how controller users can just snipe you from across the map (all headshots btw) with a BR and im talking about blood gulch it just isnt fair that amount of help they have.

sure mouse and keyboard can make sick flicks and all but in a regular situacion with the same circumstances if you are using mouse and keyboard you are more likely to lose that fight

I`m not saying they have to remove aim assist but to balance that aspect about controllers (thats if 343 wants this games to be competitive and relevant
again) but honestly I doubt that, and its gonna cost them the majority of the player base and its gonna be all for naught to do this amount of effort to put together all the halo
franchise in PC.
And that honestly make me and probably alot of players sad beacuse we love Halo and we want halo to return at its full glory.

For the multiplayer and the campaign it has been great and all stuff, i just have one issue and that is the fact that when you are playing multiplayer in the anniversary version when you press TAB and see the scoreboard you can't move at all and sometimes it really is quite frustrating, but all and all the game has been really well optimized, better than the CE flight i might say. I am really looking forward to collecting all the achievements and that those are not as bugged as the ones in CE.

Also, the Aim assist in this one is way more frustrating to play against, all the shots from the BR go directly to the head, as a Mouse and keyboard player it really feels unfair.
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ya hay lanzamientó ?oficial todo el mundo habla y habla y a mi no me aparece nada para descargar en Xbox beta.. ni microsof store De halo 2 😔😔😔😓
Halo 2 MCC PC feels great but please could you fix death animation for the Covenant transport in Halo 2 MCC, by death animation i mean that when you destroy any covenant transport it was supposed to shake and fly uncontrollably before final explosion like it was on og Halo 2 Xbox and Halo 2 Vista. This feature made destroying covenant transport really satisfying and seeing this feature being broken saddens me, please i beg you fix this feature or at least acknowledge this problem
Here is a video which shows death animation in Halo 2 Vista -
And here is the second video that shows how it's broken in Halo 2 MCC -
Halo 2 MCC PC: Feedback
I've played mostly campaign and a bit of multiplayer. The overall experience is great. Some loading times are pretty big, but i've seen that's already been pointed out. In multiplayer, if you plug in the controller and play with it, the aim assist feels like an aimbot to me, though. It sometimes tracks players even through walls and across the whole map. Also, the same problem I used to experience in Halo CE (the original PC port, not the MCC one) seems like it's happening again. When I shoot at the enemy, I actually have to aim a bit further than where the enemy is moving. Else I see the sparkles of the shoot hitting the enemy, but I'm not actually hitting him, thus the enemy's shield animation is not activating (and I'm not doing damage to him) making me lose some fights I clearly would've won if hits had landed properly.

In summary: The aim assist and Multiplayer's target acquisition need to be fixed. Keep it up! You're doing an amazing job making the Halo Franchise last forever.
The multiplayer never looks for games for me, neither in the Steam version nor in the beta of Halo 2 in the Windows Store, would someone know how to help me?
Awesome flight 343i! My experience has been really smooth in general, maybe just a few things popped up:

-Campaign has a few visual bugs in anniversary graphics mode, which I submitted a ticket for (most/all of these appeared on The Oracle in the early sections). I noticed the energy sword model vanished looking at the flood container at the start of the level, a door leading out of the first area with the heretic hologram didn't render at all and I could see through it, and the sentinel beam's beam appears to be off-centre. There was also some extreme transparency in the first corridor where you hear the flood beneath you but I'm unsure if that's my hardware or the anniversary style? They remain obscured in shadow and smoke in classic graphics.

-Multiplayer, I had the occasional issue finding a match (slayer modes, non traditional, swat/snipers, and flag/bomb modes) but this could just be general matchmaking (it works 99% of the time but rarely I find 10+ minutes of waiting with no connection and then, once I leave matchmaking and return, it just finds a game soon after). I was dropped from a couple of games but nothing major, and in one match on Midship, someone killed me with a sword, causing my body to drop through the floor and into the space skybox with extreme speed, only to rebound back to the map and have stretched ragdoll limbs bouncing around, all during the death animation. No footage or screenshots unfortunately.

Otherwise, fantastic to see Halo 2 run so well on PC!
um, why i can't find any multiplayer match in MCC insider halo 2, it is just no one is playing that is near me?
Colman1014 wrote:
um, why i can't find any multiplayer match in MCC insider halo 2, it is just no one is playing that is near me?
I have the same problen in the Steam MCC and in the MCC Insider in microsoft store
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