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[Locked] Halo 3 Armor Feedback Thread

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Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for Halo 3 Armor and Undersuits.

This thread is intended for the following feedback:
  • Armor Customization options Feedback
  • Updates to Legacy Content and inclusion of New Armors
  • Areas of Improvement you want to see
  • Misc/Other Feedback relating to Armors and Undersuits
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to Halo 3's Armor and Undersuits in MCC's February Flight on PC and Xbox One. When posting, please include as much detail as possible.

Thank you,
Just a few~

  • Make the Katana it's own separate piece/move it to the back armor category
  • Grunt backpack, Grunt backpack
  • More indepth options for the toggles? Such as first person viewmodel only, or third person only, undersuits only, armour pieces only? etc etc
  • Adjust UE4/Menu models to better fit/represent the ingame ones
give the security helmet back its antenna
Halo Online Elite armors and allow me to use said Elite armor with the Halo Online Spartan armor toggled off.
An option for people who love the new weapons and skins, but are iffy on the Halo Online armors. My suggestion would be an option under Techsuit that gives you the original Halo 3 undersuit, but disables the ability to use any of the non-original armor pieces added via the MCC to prevent weird clipping and misaligned meshes/textures. I'm aware through datamines that the original body is coming back for the Toggle Off feature, so this could technically be possible(?).

That's not to say I'll be using it, I'll definitely be rocking those new Fireteam Raven sets when they go live in Season 6.
  • Personally, I think that instead of having preset techsuit colors, why don't you just implement the option to customize the color of your techsuit? It could be just like customizing the color of the armor itself.
  • Now that back accessories are an option, it would be nice to make the Katana a separate accessory. That way, players aren't forced to use the Hayabusa chestpiece if they'd like to use the Katana.
  • I'm not sure if this one counts, but perhaps you could add some extra colors for armor customization. Maybe some better shades of orange? (This seems like a longshot, but I figured I'd put it out there. Just in case.)
I love the back pack design for halo 3, would it be possible to add an ODST backpack and jorges backpack into halo reach??
Similar to last season's additions, these newly added Halo Online armor sets are completely and utterly foreign in appearance and art style compared to anything else in Halo 3.

One of the Halo community's biggest requests following Halo 4&5 was the return to a simpler, cleaner, classic-inspired art style, and it has been refreshing and encouraging to see the Halo Infinite art design take this approach. But what's happening with Halo 3 right now is having almost the opposite effect.

Furthermore, the technical quality of the assets are a total mismatch with the original Halo 3 armors. Texture quality, model quality, lighting and colorization are all over the place - leading to a bit of a frankenstein appearance when mix&matched with OG options.

I know it's too late and too unrealistic to expect these Armors to be added to a different game where they might be a better fit, such as Halo 2A or Halo 4. Personally, what I would like to see, and what other people have demonstrated in the community with skillful art, image edits, and youtube videos, is a future update where these sets can be reimagined and touched up to fit into the Halo 3 art style more neatly. Rather than being left as the rough, artistically contrasting, & slightly janky ports we see now. Maybe you can even add said redone versions as new variants to unlock. I think it's something worth considering.
new armor looks fantastic, currently liking the variety of selection given to halo 3 (the ODST armor in the flight is something I think I speak for everyone when I say we all wanted something akin to it since 08)

only suggestions for improvement I can think of is to fix the visors so they match the in-game colorations more, clean up the og sets some more so that the "pyramid" backs to the biceps are properly hidden again and so that their coloration is in line with the new sets (currently they appear paler in game), and to add the H:O Elite armors with a revamped biped much like what the Spartans received in season 5 (I definitely speak for everyone when I say that 29 new spartan sets is more than enough for now, we need those 10 finished elite sets from H:O so as to not have half of the customization fall to the wayside).

(it'd also be nice to see the hornet pilot helmet from Halo 3's campaign get added to multiplayer, and maybe a gen 2 techsuit where the chromatic is linked to the tertiary color selection)
Fireteam Raven armor is fantastic! Rhine armor looks pretty cool too. Backpacks are great as well. You should make the Katana a Backpack. Also, I’m sad that the Elites didn’t get any new armor again. This is a great Season
Add the new ODST armor to H3: ODST and Reach!
The ODST looks great and much more in line to the H3 art style. The animated visors are really cool, and would love to see more like them in the future.

The armor with all the blue lines looks a bit goofy and out of place, but I'm not personally losing sleep over it, though their texture quality is a bit rough.

Also, it would be really nice for the Elites to get something, anything, by this point. All this cool customization comes out, then I'm like "looks cool, too bad I can't use any of it (on my preferred species)".
New hands look terrible. I’m using the “classic” under suit and yet the original hand visuals in first person are gone? I’d be ok with it if the hands looked good but they’re a downgrade
More techsuits like the azure and maroon in the flight. Having a consistent secondary color is super nice to have and makes queueing with friends a bit easier in game imo. They need to represent themselves more accurately in menu tho.

More halo online armors if there are any left

More new halo 3 armor in general

update base halo 3 armor textures so they dont look as low resolution as the other armors

Fix the geometry issue with the default halo 3 shoulder armors even if it means clipping the part that is sticking out please!
The new armors are great! only nitpicks is the color maps for the Raven armor sets can be improved. for one the pouches on the backpacks and the knife sheaths get colored in when choosing primary colors so it looks odd but asides from that it is a welcome addition to MCC and looks great with the other customization features.

For the back accessories I was wondering if there will be plans to have it apply to Elites as well. A lot of the recent H3 MCC additions have been focused on Spartans which is understandable due to majority of the assets from Halo Online been made for them primarily. But it will be a nice touch for some back accessories to be applied to the Elite harness, or to see Splash create Covenant back accessories for Elites which will work to also please the Elite playerbase in Halo 3 who do feel neglected and have voiced a lot of concern as of late. Unsure if any of the Halo Online Elite armors will come to Halo 3 as well but I feel if there is plans to do so, it will require a similar treatment as the Halo 3 spartans to make the customization work better. But I am well aware that will require more time and resources to make possible. Regardless, I am content with what we have so far as it is a dream come true for Halo 3 to get new maps and armor options, things Halo fans back in the day used to joke and dream about but is now a reality. Thank you!
Make it so the new hand and arm first person models also toggle off when not having the new armour toggled on, I want the original hand models back please
Allow the flaming helmet with all chest pieces.
Katana with every chest piece.
  • The Sword and Shield backbling is sick but it would also be neat to have another variation that is just swords no shield.
  • Katana as a backbling option
  • Techsuit having their own colour option rather than red/blue/grey/your own primary colour option
  • More backpacks cosemtics, they're awesome an a great additional to Halo games! (Have them on other halo games too?)
  • Elites definitely needs some love, new cosmetics for them please!
  • Elites should have their own backpack too!
  • Improvement: would like to see the secondary weapon that stored on your back (For example Sniper, Gravity Hammer and so on...) adjusted by having it appears on the back of the backpacks rather than clipping through it
  • Bonus: SPI armor from Ghost of Onyx/Headhunters for Halo 3/other halos please? :)
Mjority wrote:
New hands look terrible. I’m using the “classic” under suit and yet the original hand visuals in first person are gone? I’d be ok with it if the hands looked good but they’re a downgrade
100% agreed, Make it so the new arm and hand models toggle off with the rest of the new armour, I want the originals back
Make the Halo Online armors with their respective artstyle of Halo 3.
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