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[Locked] Halo 3 Armor Feedback Thread

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Orion Lyre wrote:
Hey 343 MCC team! The new recent ODST variants are INCREDIBLE, and because of this it's just a shame we can't put the right ODST/HVY shoulder piece on both sides. Is it possible to make it so the two different ODST/HVY shoulder variants are available on both sides? I think the right ODST/HVY shoulder looks truer to the classic ODST look, so would love if you guys could add that in as a feature! Thanks :)
I like the left ODST/HVY shoulder, but having a copy of the right side one marked as another variant (maybe with a [a]) would be quite nice and would complete a nice ODST/MKV look.
I think y'all should add a toggle that gives players a choice to go from the newer models to the classics, and I also would love to have the katana's as their own separate back accessory.
Overall everything was smooth and working great. There was one bug though. Under mongoose customization skins, there was a file name and when I hovered over it, it was a blue hornet. Pretty sure a hornet customization skin shouldn’t be mixed in with the mongoose, but that was the only bug.
  • The only thing I would change is put back the antenna on the security helmet
  • More undersuit colors/customization such as all colors and maybe some camouflage colors.
The textures for the halo 3 armor need to be better upscaled to match the better armors. Something I notice a lot is people using the new armor pieces like the arms, shoulders, chestplates, leggings, but still use the classic helmets. This is something I do myself and you don't even need to be really close to see the old h3 textures looking dated next to the new armors. Picture for example:

Something that also should be brought up is the low quality first person textures when compared to the textures used in H:O Picture for example:
Great work on the Flight! Here is my feedback:
  • Weird alignment issues persist with the original armor:
  • There is some color disparity between the old and new armor:, The Halo Online armor is tinted lighter and the "Raven" armor is tinted darker.
  • The positioning of the "Axe" and "Legendary Shield" Backpacks are a bit weird, I'd suggest moving them up: (Axe), (Legendary Shield)
  • An inverted Katana from the Hayabusa armor in the Backpack section would be a great addition:, I'd leave the original armors alone for the sake of the "Toggle".
  • I think the Techsuits should be kept simple, and in line with the existing color system:
I'd like to see the back accessory option get added to Halo Reach, and with that, I have a few ideas for variations for Halo Reach
- The AI Containment pack seen in the level Pillar of Autumn
- Jorge's Backpack
- ODST Backpack (With variants)
- Marine Backpack (With variants)
- GRD Doll
- Sword and Board
- Katana
- 343 Guilty Spark
In regards to what's currently within Halo 3 I think it would be good to add the ODST armours under one tab for the ODST armour, like what exists in Halo 4 and Halo Reach's customization UI It would save people scrolling through all the armours.
  • Armor Customization options Feedback

    I think it's perfectly fine if people love the new armors, different strokes for different folks after all. But to me, the new armors are such a radical departure from the classic Halo aesthetic. Most look garish, ugly, and are totally at odds with the levels and assets that surround them. These are essentially Halo 4 Spartans traveling back into Halo 3, they do not look in place. So for me I use the cosmetic toggle. Happy to hear that the original techsuit will be returning soon as well.
  • Areas of Improvement you want to see

    1. Right now in the flight, I can turn on the toggle, see no Halo Online armors, have my original techsuit too. However the new first person arm and leg models remain. All I could ask is that if possible, make it so the toggle also keeps the original arm and leg models. Then people who want the pure 2007 look can have just what they want, and no longer have to voice their complaints.

    2. This part is the least likely to happen, but I will voice my opinion anyways. I may not care for the new Halo Online armors, but the visor colors and weapon/vehicle skins were perfectly fine by me. Because to me they seemed like something that would be feasible in 2007 for Bungie to implement if they wanted. It's more believable, less jarring, and less obvious than having a Spartan running around in a totally mismatched alien armor set. If possible, I and many others would like to have a separate toggle for armor and skins. So we can have our nice weapon skins, but keep the classic Spartan armors intact.

    This way, everybody wins. People who are crazy for the new stuff, people who are in the middle, and the 2007 purists can all have their Halo 3 look the way they want it to.
honestly i'm not a big fan of edge, the map is unfortunately a bit too basic, if it does get added I'd really like a way to opt out of playing it. Also, I really like waterfall, definitely a good choice to bring it in.
More options for toggles. toggle the backpack and armor separately and stuff like that!
More variety in undersuit colors would be neat.
Seperate the "disable skins" option into 1. armour 2. Visor, weapon and vehicles skins. This gives players more. Control over their experience.
This is my feedback based on halo 3 Armor and Undersuits: New tinted Undersuit selection should have a side tab to which the player can access and choose the color of the Undersuit tint they want, in backpack attachments there's only the sword and board (aka the legendary difficulty) but could add the other difficulties as backpack attachments and also Elites could get some love with some of these new options, for example the back piece of a Sangheili Ranger. There's some bugs relating to some of the armor options: Visor Color Neon, Cool Depths and Another sunrise do not appear to be animated in game, I tested all of the visors in all maps and different lighting I tried checking my teammates visors but they are static in game and that's pretty much as it goes.

Everything other piece of armor I enjoyed there are few things like some specific parts of these armors looking a bit low res in the texture side I saw this on ODST/HVY Left shoulder piece at top part of the shoulder piece but other than that everything else looked pretty good. I want to close off by saying this though as some of it is not related to halo 3 but it is important and would be really good to see and is that these customization options and some of these armors actually translate over into infinite and please give Elites some love, keep up the great work you guys are killing it and thank you for your commitment.
The new Visors are bugged on Console flighting. I don't know if anyone else has reported this problem but I'll do it just incase.
Some suggestions i have:

-Add backpacks too for Halo 3 ODST
-Remove katana chest and add the katana in the backpacks section
-Make backpacks for Elites
-Backpacks for halo reach, for example: jorge backpack or cortana storage device

Customization in general:
-Choose custom colors for undersuits
-Choose custom colors for Spartan Armor lights
-Multiple "undersuits" or "skins" for elites like, legacy one and the halo online elite skin
-Skins that make weapons & vehicules of Halo 3 legacy look like Halo Online ones, example: chopper

-Recue the active camouflage for vehicles of Halo Online (at least for forge or custom games it will be so fun and awesome, pls)

-More maps of Halo Online, bring the most you can

-Add Spartan poses for the menu of MCC, like in Halo 4, this was awesome in the day
I get that a lot of people have problems with the aesthetic of the Halo Online armors, but I think for legacy’s sake it’s important to include all of them just like it’s important to get all the Halo Online maps in even if they don’t flow particularly well with Halo 3’s gameplay.

Also add the Elite armors please number company.
Why not put in the ODST armor from Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST?

the legendary one clips a little bit thought

It would be nice if you could have a all color board customization for armors, tec suits, visors, etc
It would better if it have a bit more personality for colors instead of a pre-set color scheme.
Just thought I throw my hat in the ring considering I’m new to the Halo Insider thing.
I'd like to see black techsuits for Halo 4.
And for H3 I'd like to see more back accessories, such as the duel swords minus the shield and elite skull. Plus I'd love to see some Banished Vehicle and Weapon Skins.
For Halo 3 especially the ODST helmets when I am in Inside games the visor is removed and you can see the inside of the helmet, this happened to me in 3 games
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