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[Locked] Halo 3 Armor Feedback Thread

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I have a few callouts I want to make:
  • To be honest, I really do not like the new colored techsuits (Azure and Maroon, for the most part). They make character models look way too busy, especially in team-based modes where team colors clash with the techsuit colors. At the very least, I think the team color should override the techsuit color in team-based modes so that players are not running around with the colors of both teams. Not only does it look visually displeasing, but it can also be confusing for players. One could easily think, "Is this player on Red Team or Blue Team? I can't tell."
  • Several weapon skins continue to suffer from the "lighting bug" where the weapons look too dark. This is noticeable when you equip skins like Jade Raven for the Shotgun: the barrel of the weapon is noticeably darker than it should be.
  • Another issue I have is with the Sword and Board backpack. The blue of the shield contrasts with player colors too much, and so I suggest coloring the board grey instead (kinda like how the Katana's sheath is grey), as grey is a much more neutral color that mixes better with other colors. Additionally, grey is the original color of the Legendary shield from Campaign, so this change would make the back accessory more faithful to the original concept.
  • You guys fixed the GEN1 techsuit for the Mark VI legs, but there are a few issues that remain with the torso/shoulder area of the techsuit when legacy/classic shoulder pieces like CQB and Scout are equipped. The shoulder pieces jut/stick out in an unnatural way. This needs to be fixed so that legacy armor can appear as it did in the original Halo 3 title.
  • The Security helmet's antenna would always appear on any chest piece the player had equipped in legacy Halo 3, and while this is certainly the case when the New Skins toggle is disabled, it is not the case when the toggle is enabled. This needs to be addressed so that the antenna appears on all legacy chest pieces when the Security helmet is equipped. Additionally, the 'Security' chest piece is redundant and should not be an option in the H3 customization menu, as it is basically just a Mark VI chest piece.
  • Lastly, the shading inconsistencies between classic armor and new armor really needs to be addressed. To be a bit more specific, new armor looks darker than classic/legacy armor, so mixing and matching the armors always looks really strange. If I'm to be completely honest, the biggest reason why I disable the New Skins toggle is because the shading inconsistencies are extremely noticeable and jarring. For the sake of consistency and a more seamless customization experience, I strongly urge you to clear up these lighting/shading problems.
I love the new armor options for Halo 3 in the current flight, keep up the good work.
I would like to see a tone of stuff added and fixed! In order of most wanted to least.
  1. Add a skip splash screen option after first load (I have wasted like years of my life watching the 343 logo flicker).
  2. Split screen on PC.
  3. A Linux build (all my friends who own MCC play on Linux so i cant play matchmaking with them)
  4. Allow us to us any HUD form any title in any game eg: halo 3 HUD in HCE or H5 HUD in H2
  5. Fixed H3 forge and bring it in line with ElDewrito's forge (the only reason I still play ElDewrito is the forge DewritoHub)
  6. All sandbox object items forgeable (even from campaign) on every map.
  7. Separate the armor and weapon skins toggle.
  8. Bots (I have no friends and don't like to get stomped on in matchmaking, doesn't even have to be good bots to be fun).
  9. Allow us to use all the marines, police, odst from H2A and even civilians from reach as armors for ODST.
  10. Helmet less Spartans and all armor like pilot form H3 campaign to be used Halo 3.
  11. A toggle option to see your MP spartan in campaign for all games.
  12. All around better treatment for elite eg: per peace customization in HR,H2,H2A,H4 add preferred species to CE,H4 and more armor all together
  13. Armor coatings eg: swaps the primary and secondary and tertiary colors around to different places on the model.
  14. Add all maps from every game to all other games such as Midship in HCE and retrace in H3... I don't even care u could just copy and paste it and not even edit the textures.
  15. Port all armor from every game to every other game so we can ware recon in CE and FOTUS in H3
  16. Female models like reach has for all the other games (halo 3 has the voice but would be nice to see the change).
  17. ODST MP for H3 you play as your ODST with the stats of an odst.
  18. A DLC for ODST witch adds flood levels in the style of COD Nazi Zombies (get kills spend them on buying weapons and custom power ups. Unlock doors, fix barricades, get to the Evac point).
  19. A DLC for ODST that is the story from the Mona Lisa short or something similar! to go with the above as its campaign.
  20. Forgeable AI (campaign AI so you can make mini campaign missions on MP maps).
  21. A tinted Gen 1 tech suit.
  22. Secondary, tertiary and maybe even a forth (that would change all the black parts of the armor) color in all games.
  23. Allow us to use skulls in MP in all games.
  24. All of the OG MCC nameplates should be redone because they are harder to get but look worse.
I believe that their armor should have been added to halo two anniversary.. that game has hardly any content whatsoever and can really use the love. I always joke about FOTUS Making its appearance in the all of the games, but honestly it would be awesome for it to be a thing. The Armor for halo online is too detailed for halo three, maybe even a halo four season it would be a great release.
I've already submitted a ticket for it, but the first person arm models are still the new GEN1 Halo Online techsuit even with the new skins/armors disabled. I've noticed that the legacy arms are present in the flighting files, so I'm fairly certain it's a bug and not intentional.
The new armours are not nice, I think they need some more work done. They look rushed!

the tech suits and visors look great!
Personally, I love the new customization options. The only real thing I’d suggest is give us some stuff for elites! There were some unreleased stuff for halo online that was just awesome, and with more unreleased halo online stuff coming it opens the door to it. And let us pick space diapers separately from legs, since the halo online one isn’t that great, but some of the legs are. Otherwise, I love the stuff being ported in!
I like the armor additions to Halo 3 (even if not all of them are my aesthetic taste) but I really wish that 343 would polish up the OG Halo 3 armors with better textures since they look rather muddy compared to the Halo Online ones. This obviously wouldn't apply to people who like legacy graphics, but I think if the Halo CE skins were improved even for the default variant then it would be nice to get texture updates for Halo 3 as well.
PS: Since there are now back options it would be nice to get the Katana as a back option for any chest piece!
Probably been mentioned already - but a subsection of toggles could work! This would mean game-specific toggles won't bloat the settings menu - and allows for additional armor toggles such as:-
* New Halo: Reach Armors Toggle
* New Halo 3 Armors Toggle
* Halo 3 Vehicle Skin Toggle
* Halo 3 Weapon Skin Toggle
any others like CE/ODST helmeted etc etc!

I'm sure using a similar method to the H3 Armor toggle would work well in defaulting AKIS/Mariner to Mk.V[B] / EXO/TSCS to Default etc to give players the opportunity to play Reach as it released - similar to how other games are treated. I personally love them being added in game but I guess it gives people an ability to revert back to 2010! Skin toggle different to the Halo Online armors too would be possible - just would need the reversions being separated into different toggles since the current one reverts both at the same time.
Personally I like having new armors, its always something I wanted, I like having more customization. But I do agree that some of the Halo online armors don't perfectly fit halo 3. There are some good ones though. I think if they received a touch up to help fit the style of halo 3 I think that would help. Something I would like to see to the online armor is have armor under the shoulders kinda like how the og shoulders do cause I feel they show too much undersuit.
Edit: the odst armor is solid.
I really like the content added to halo 3 both visors, weapon skins, backpacks, tech suits, armor, etc. What I suggest you add is the following:
1- New armor and accessories (legs, color of lights or backpacks) for elites. [please this si the most important]
2- missing weapon and vehicle skins (brute cannon, spiker, prowler, wraith, etc.)
3- all of the above but for halo 2 and halo 2 anniversary <3
Loving the new ODST armours. Not so much a big fan of the Halo Online stuff, but I'm loving the fact we're getting to see this content restored from the cutting room floor, and seeing the lore brought back into the canon again - the clash of aesthetics doesn't bother me personally, as I barely notice it in-game anyway, and I appreciate the increased options. My largest issue with the Online armours is the low texture quality of them, when compared to the Raven or even base Halo 3 stuff - the obvious pixelation in some of the normal maps and emissive maps is really quite jarring. I also very much appreciate the inclusion of the Halo: Reach helmet attachments on the Fireteam Raven helmets.

In terms of other misc feedback;
-ODST/HVY remains mostly black when other colours are selected. While this is how the original Fireteam Raven asset looked, IMO this clashes a lot with most colour schemes which is a shame.
-I'd love to get the Halo 3: ODST armours added to complete the ODST collection (IE Dutch, Romeo, Buck, Mickey, Dare etc's gear)
-Halo Online Elite armours would be amazing
-Security antenna and Katana as backpack pieces rather than chests!
-While not Halo 3, I'd love to see more Halo Reach helmet attachment options for helmets which don't currently support them.
So far, I am LOVING the amount of new armor we're seeing. Especially the Fireteam Raven armors, they go really nicely with Halo 3's pre-existing armor sets. Halo Online's armors are a bit of a mixed bag to me though. Some fit in nicely while others don't. I feel that while some players could simply just turn them off if it bothers them that much, some level of care still needs to be taken when it comes to adding in new content, it still needs to bond well with the original aesthetic and isn't just new content for the sake of having it. Again, the toggle is there for purists and I appreciate that a lot, but then there are people like me that doesn't necessarily mind new content, as long as it blends in well with the stuff that's already there.

That said, now that I know completely changing armor from head to toe is now possible for Halo 3, I'd love to see other armor sets from the Halo universe brought in. A few ideas would be:
  • Older suits of MJOLNIR armor, such as Mk.4 and Mk.5.
  • Armor sets from Alpha-Nine (Halo 3 ODST's squad, honestly I'm actually surprised Fireteam Raven's armor came before these guys)
  • Other suits of armor from Halo's expanded lore, such as the Spartan-III's armor from Ghosts of Onyx, SPI. If I remember correctly, SPI was actually planned to be an option in Halo 3 during the game's development, but sadly never made the final cut.
Finally, I think we really need to address the lack of content for the Elites. Once Season 6 and all of its juicy content launches, Spartans will be fully customizable from head to toe, while Elites will still be stuck with the same 5 options from legacy. It doesn't feel right that almost every update so far has almost benefitted Spartans exclusively, as there is a LOT of potential when it comes to customization options for the Sangheili. To name a few examples:
  • Councillor, Honor Guard and Heretic armors from Halo 2.
  • Combat harnesses from Halo Online.
  • New Elite skin tones/faces to choose from, since they actually have some open-face helmets and this could be a good way to counteract the Spartan's new techsuits.
Furthermore, I also believe that in one of the previous MCC blog posts the possibility of adding the ability to mix and match armors for the Halo Reach Elites was discussed, would it be possible to receive an update regarding that at some point soon? Again, I just can't help but feel bad for Elite players at this point, it must be really disappointing for them to see all of these new customization options for Spartans and for them to not even get a spec of content, so I hope that changes soon.
In the recent flight released on Feb 26, 2021, when turning off the new custom skins for Halo 3, it still shows the newly updated fingers in First Person View. While I don't mind this, I believe when turning off the new skins, everything including the fingers should revert to the old appearance to maintain a vanilla experience.
Orion Lyre wrote:
Hey 343 MCC team! The new recent ODST variants are INCREDIBLE, and because of this it's just a shame we can't put the right ODST/HVY shoulder piece on both sides. Is it possible to make it so the two different ODST/HVY shoulder variants are available on both sides? I think the right ODST/HVY shoulder looks truer to the classic ODST look, so would love if you guys could add that in as a feature! Thanks :)
I second this, the right ODST HVY shoulder is my favorite one in all of Halo 3, but they're asymmetrical by default. It's be nice if we could have both variations available for both shoulders :)
Perhaps it's only a problem for the Insider MCC, but some of the visors are out of place for certain helmets in h3 such as the Mk V.

However, I really do adore the new ODST and Rhine armors. The techsuits are also wonderful (though I feel as if the red and blue ones are a tad bit dark) and I appreciate how you could see your armor customization in first-person now (for the new armors added to h3) .

On a side note: I think it would be quite nice to have the old visor design back for the original h3 ODST helmet.

I think that's all I could say for the new customization. Thank you so much for the new content, 343. Keep up the good work! :D
and also hope you guys have a great day.
Undersuit options are great and would love to see them expanded upon. Different camo patterns, tinted Halo 3 suit, maybe even different textures all together would be awesome
Halo online elites armor

H2a armor

more Halo online armor (for cut content and options)

a better version of the Armor toggle that you can select armor that you don’t want to see, original 3 armor, fire team raven armor and halo online armor options to turn them off or on
one of the new underarmors looks ok because it hides all the details and just looks muted. rest of them are ugly, personally id like the original underarmor back.

Odst armor sets look great! though one critque would be to make them less busy on certain parts so remove some additional items like the grenade belt or at least make it on set of grenades.

color changing visors DOPE, honestly should do more.

Armor pieces don't look ok, there are these weird black areas on the shoulders for no reason and there are really stupid af gaps, give us back the og looks of the armors and stop making them halo 4 like. Straight up put a new model in and didn't put in the effort of adapting it to the old armor!
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