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[Locked] Halo 3 Armor Feedback Thread

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Definitely agree that the new armor should be toned down in design to gel better with H3's existing aesthetic.

Also not sure if anyone else noticed, but having New Skins enabled removes the emblem from a players' shoulder as well, which should obviously be corrected.
I've said it before in a previous post about season 5 feedback, but I thought I'd reiterate my two main points here:

  • "I had a look at the customisation for the original halo 3 and I discovered why the problem with shoulders occour: because the new undersuit is actually a full on model replacement (from h2a's campaign, I presume) where the body is overall thinner, it doesn't match the mesh of the bicep arm pieces properly. The only thing I could suggest is modify the undersuit proportions so it fills in the space properly and perhaps make the bicep arm texture."
  • "The big issue with the halo online armor is that they stylisticly do not fit with halo 3. A way to greatly remedy this problem would be a retexture effort to simplify the level of detail. Doing this would definitely help make the armor fit into the stylistic world of halo 3 (see link below). Was a little dissapointed that halo online's elite armors didn't appear, but I'm still hopeful that those appear later down the line :)"
  • Also I'd like to add to this the idea of creating an undersuit variant that is more faithful to the Halo 3 version, as well as restoring the original undersuit when the armor/skins (which should be renamed to 'legacy mode') option is disabled.
Lastly, I'd like to say that the elite armor is SO GOOD, and that you should add them in season 7/8. Show our sanghelli pals some love!

Link (not the one I had in mind, but gets the idea across):
The back accessories are an unexpected but welcome addition. My only gripe is that they have clipping issues with almost every chest piece that isn't from the new ODST set with the flat back. Most of it is minor but it still looks funny. The Pulaski has the opposite issue as others have pointed out, where it sits too far away from the back and appears to float in the air.

I do not like the Sword and Board. I think it looks gaudy, tacky, and out of place, and it has the worst clipping issues of all the back accessories. It surprises me that it's been getting generally positive feedback, I think It's just so needlessly showy and over the top compared to anything else.

As for Halo Online armors, I think they are acceptable they way they are now but I agree that they are a bit overly detailed and could use a simplified redesign to come more in line with Halo 3's artstyle. I don't know how likely that is to happen, I'm sure it's much easier for them to recycyle the existing models vs. redesigning and remodeling over a dozen armor sets. But if they did, that would be really cool.
Backpack shields and other armor features would be a great opportunity to reward players for some of the more challenging achievements... Legendary shield for completing all campaigns on legendary, legendary shield with skulls for beating LASO Master, etc. still waiting on a 700/700 reward.

I don't mind locking some skins/armors behind achieving matchmaking ranks, but do not put a time limit on them. Maybe allow players to purchase the challenge (the opportunity to unlock them, not actually unlocking the item) with points in the MCC store.
  1. It would be nice if we have the armor from Halo Reach for all games ( if possible).
  2. I would like armor for all games. In multiplayer and in the campaign. Playing the H3 campaign as ODST or as Kat would be more than cool.
  3. Custom campaign mod browser. :D
On the techsuit side of things, I think more color customization is good. However lock colors in team based modes to prevent people from making their undersuit the color of the enemy team and confusing players. Thank you for bringing back the classic undersuit though. It's removal felt contrived and unnecessary.

I and many others would like a separate toggle to separate armors from skins/visor colors. As many of the skins and visor colors seem like something that would fit with the original Halo 3 design. Maybe have a light toggle that only toggles off armor and a heavy toggle that toggles off everything except the original stuff.

Elites need more love. Adding the Halo Online Elite customization options along with expanding backpack and visor color options to them would be nice. In the case of armors with no visor, maybe if it's feasible, make the visor color change their eye color instead.

I'm glad Edge is being looked into as the map just doesn't flow well with Halo 3. It feels like a map made with sprint in mind so the lines of sight are too long with too little cover in my opinion. Maybe add cover to places or shrink the map down by like 5-10%. Maybe even 15%. Adjusting power weapon spawns would be a nice thing to look into as well. Waterfall is fine except you guys need to add some barries as people are glitching and exploiting their way out of the map.

Unrelated stuff I'd like to mention though. H2A needs attention. It's very content light and really needs some addition to make it worth playing. Halo 4 is also missing the promo armors and the champion's bundle. We get Halo 3 is the most played and popular Halo in the collection, but part of the issue is the lack of content or missing content from other games in the collection. Also if it is at all feasible please fix the classic graphics in CE to better match what the Xbox version looked like. The broken effects and bump mapping is really distracting.

Otherwise I want to thank you guys for all you are doing with these games. I hope you guys aren't crunching to keep up with the seasons and I hope you all are in good health over there at 343i. You all are doing good work and I hope you know that the MCC community appreciates what you are doing even if they may not agree with the armor additions and such. Here's hoping the rest 2021 and the release of Halo Infinite will go smoothly for your team.
A list of things I'd like to see get added to H3:

- The original Mark V armor from CE (preferably not the CEA version), though probably with a facelift to match the same visual quality as the other armors in h3. I would not mind if it was just the armor being added, since the helmet already exists, but a full set with a new rendition of the helmet would be neat too.

- Mark V from Reach. Ideally, the base set + a few arm/leg variants to cover the wrist and utility attachments, like how we got the different ODST sets in the insider build. I would be fine with a few of the Reach helmets and chest armor variants also showing up in Halo 3. Like for example, a Mark VI helmet variant with the FC-I[2] attachment

- Mark IV from Halo Wars

- SPI Armor. I feel like this one has been a long time coming for any halo game.

- Some new customization options for the Elites. My first pick would probably be a) the cut Halo Online armor for them, and my second would be adding some of the Reach armors to H3, though the elites use an entirely different model/anatomy between 3 and Reach, so I can see how that isn't feasible.

- Maybe a holographic flag back cosmetic? Like the ones the Brute Captains had in Halo 2. Or other holographic/hard-light back accessories; I feel like these would mitigate the issue of things clipping through eachother.

- The remainder of the Halo Online cut armor. Things like the Venator set, or like the cut GEN2 Rogue armor, with the Hard-Light parts on them. Despite how I've complained in the past that it clashes with Halo 3's aesthetic, there *is* a toggle for a purely classic experience, and there are still plenty of cool sets to add to Halo 3

A couple of things I'd like to see get tweaked with the existing customization options in the game + insider build:

- The Warrior helmet. I know it's from the Halo Online unreleased armors, but the helmet just looks unappealing compared to it's appearances in Halo 4 and 5. If there's any way it can be replaced with it's proper helmet from those games, that would be great.

- Warrior gauntlets. Maybe a minor nitpick, but the plating on the fingers seems sort of misaligned. It may just be an issue with the GEN1 Techsuit, though that's another thing entirely.

- Some of the new ODST legs seem a bit bulky. I can't tell if this was the intended effect, since the Demo legs seem to not be too large,and actually fit onto the techsuit instead of seeming like an extra set of pants worn ontop of the techsuit. Mind you, I still think the new ODST armors are cool, I just wonder why there's a difference between the demo variant and the others, to where I can actually see my techsuit in some places on the Demo set, but not on the others

- The GEN1 Techsuit hands. I am glad that the issue with the Mark VI legs got fixed, and I can appreciate that this is something new and will probably take a few iterations to get right, but the hands as they are right now seem off.

- Finally, more options for colour customization. I like that armor detail/tertiary colour has been repurposed to add more options for the newer armors in terms of patterns and colour mixing, but I'd like to see a) an option for customizing armor lights (especially since sets like Infiltrator and Rhine will have a ton of light strips running along them), and b) an rgb colour picker/wheel alongside the preset colours we already have

Besides all of this, I think the odst armors being added is definitely a good choice and despite how much back accessories might change things in halo 3, i think they're really cool and give us more options for making ourselves really look unique. I also really really like the animated visors, and would like to see more of those two tone/animated visor options in the future.
Thank you everyone for providing feedback on this topic!

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