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[Locked] Halo 3 Flight - Feedback Thread

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Control Binding with official Xbox One controller. When i change it to universial zoom and shoot option i get a error saying one or more actions are not bound to a key. (HALO 3) and can not proceed to save my control configuration. I have no idea what button isnt bound as it doesnt show me or inform me of what.
Hi Had the same just go in to keyboard setting and select default after you select what controller config you want. Fixed mine strait away. Not sure what keys are unbinding but seems to be a less than common problem.
Game runs smooth. Sadly if have not played on an EU server so far, because of the small playerbase I guess. Performance and general feel is great though. Thanks <3
Especially with Hardcore settings, aim assist needs to be tuned down. If you’re playing Amplified TS, at higher levels of play, you’ll get 4’d more consistently than using a mouse.

Social is fine to have aim assist for Halo 3, but in a competitive environment, it’s not feasible. Pros and top players can manage without it fine, with decent shot placement and game sense already.

Most of the time in Hardcore, maps are generally smaller and are in favor of “red reticle range”.
The audio mix seems pretty off on Halo 3 so far. Overall the whole game is noticeably quiet, even compared to the main menu. Playing with headphones I have to adjust my volume up during game play and back down in the menus. Also some character voices in campaign missions can be hard to hear or understand, such as Arbiter on Sierra 117.
Didn't run into many issues during my playthrough with the flight, Dual Wielding and the Monitor HUD were offcentered in a 21:9 aspect ratio and a large FoV can lead to seeing some arm sockets but not gamebreaking in any way just very minor stuff.

Forge - Suggestion
Now building on the old halo 3 Forge, I do love that some features have been added like rotation snapping and coordinates, my suggestion here would be to also have duplicate object as an option, it's tedious to constantly click a bunch of times to place down the same blocks, magnets would also be pretty cool at somepoint too.
my experience on halo 3 campaign
mission: HALO
difficulty: NORMAL
skulls: NO
scoring/time: NO

very few annoying parts like while your driving onthe exploding ring some of the flood bone spike shooting forms can slow you down alot if they hit you with a couple of spikes and driving into the flood carriers (the suicidal ones) you basicly get forced back / tip over real easily


compared to halo 2 flight there were very few glitches and i liked it ALOT more its alot more fluid then previous flights and in general it is/was a solid flight experience only bug fix needed is t/he reload on the left hand duel wielded weapon (as stated in previous posts of mine) and i also found no bugs considering challenges/ rewards on my end (all tho they are campaign challenges)
in my opinion it was a 8/10 flight experience!

thanks for the opportunitys to let me help with the development of my most adored and favorite series in gaming :D
Late to the party with this build (blame real-life obligations with a hint of Persona 4 Golden), but I haven't noticed any glaring flaws that weren't noted pre-flight. Antialiasing for some of the in-game fonts seems worse than I noticed in Reach or H2, but that could be my imagination.

Haven't noticed any new input issues with M/K, but with a gamepad I'm getting random 'pauses' where input isn't acknowledged for up to a second or two at a time. The game's not hitching, and it seems like the inputs are being dropped, not buffered. I'm not going to file a ticket because it might just be my controller being janky; I'd have to test whether it's just the game dropping inputs or the entire PC failing to capture them.
No issues on my end. the game runs surprisingly smooth for a pre release build, I hadn't encountered a single bug in either single or multiplayer.
I finished playing through the Flight Campaign levels, and it played very well.

The only two bugs I noticed not in the Known Issues post are:

- Headshots didn't always seem to register on the first mission. I'd have a red targeting reticule with the dot in the middle, and Grunts would still survive the shot!
- Lip syncing in many of the cutscenes were extremely off.

In terms of suggestions, the one thing that oft frustrated me, as it does with most of the franchise, is the Checkpoint only save system and how it often doesn't Checkpoint enough even when you're completely safe. That's not an issue with this port specifically as it's part of the base game. It is frustrating though when you've progressed nicely, only to die because the game decided not to Checkpoint you at a handfull of opportunities.
I've waited a long time for a Halo 3 PC port, and I'm very thankful to finally have one. I have had some issues with the game crashing every 15 minutes or so, however, and there have also been some audio issues in the Covenant's opening cutscene. I have already created tickets on the Insider support site for both those issues; I was just wondering whether or not anyone else has them.

One aspect of the flight I do want to give feedback on is the challenge system. First off, I think the challenge feedback pops up far too often; perhaps it should only display at 10% increments instead of every few kills. The location of the pop could also be placed closer to the bottom right of the screen, just like the original challenge system in Reach. As it stands, it covers up your ammo every time it pops. An option to disable the pop ups entirely would also be welcome.
On the subject of challenges, there is one quirk I forgot to mention. If you set something as an active challenge, the progress for that challenge appears on the main menu. However, when you first start up the game, it won't load the challenge properly - it shows a box with lorem ipsum text with the title 'Challenge Name Goes Here'; once you enter into another menu and return back, the challenge shows up as expected. Not sure whether to report this as it seems to be a debug placeholder, although it doesn't actually have the debug strings attached.
Halo 3's FFA player count is too high for the maps. In Halo 3, FFA was 6 players and for very good reason. In MCC it's 8. You get spawnkilled constantly on most maps. Desperately needs to be fixed, it's not very fun at all currently except on the Pit.
I have been playing the halo 3 flight for a bit one thing had bothered me is that the weapon audio is quiet even on 100% audio is this intended?
Campaign Feedback: Scarab Leg animation incredibly off, looks like its sliding around the level The Ark.

Game FPS capped to 60 fells really stuttering and not smooth at all.

Game FPS capped to 90 feels smooth, i think something on the cap to 60 is broken on my end (GTX1060 6GB playing on 180 Hz G-Sync active

If im dead the player model from other players are totaly blurry if they move.
Dunno where else to out this as it's impossible to contact you guys

But I've gotten a email saying I was invited to a flight but never played it ? (Wake up john email)

Yet my waypoint has never got a notif or messege about being invited into one of them yet

I've been singed up since before reach but never gotten a insider invite as of yet
I even just recently opted out and back in
And now getting this email ?

Have I been getting invited but yet no notice on here ?

Insider feedback site is still access denied so idk anymore
Dunno where else to out this as it's impossible to contact you guys
This thread is for submitting feedback, please follow the thread below for the time being
NapKnack wrote:
The audio mix seems pretty off on Halo 3 so far. Overall the whole game is noticeably quiet, even compared to the main menu. Playing with headphones I have to adjust my volume up during game play and back down in the menus. Also some character voices in campaign missions can be hard to hear or understand, such as Arbiter on Sierra 117.
This is why I made this thread.

I hope 343 industries makes statement on this issue before the Halo 3 release.
The following Feedback is from an individual who has never properly played halo 3 properly in the past.

There seems to be no prompt to pick up a skull when standing over it. (Unsure if intentional or not)
Chieftain AI in Siera117 got stuck a few times when attempting to attack Player on a shed.
The Flashlight seems to be attached to the torso or legs when turning, and there is a delay when turning with the flashlight, i am unsure if intentional or not.
Rare occasion of dead bodies getting stuck in mid-air.
Sometimes the energy sword will overtly lunge into a wall when targetting an enemy around a corner or peeking over a wall.
Fire from the flame thrower blinds you if you're hit by a bit of fire.
Armor pieces clipping for Elites.
Emblems don't seem to appear on armor, instead replaced with random ones every life.
Unable to move whilst in buy menu (Unsure if intentional)
Snaps player in build mode to an object when selecting object.
No option to disable motion blur.
Area of the Game: Misc/Other - UI


1) The challenge notification overlaps with other parts of the UI, specifically the ammo/weapon indicator. It would be nice if the notification was moved down a little to not overlap with your weapon/ammo indicator. (playing the game in 4k, in case resolution affects the positioning)

2) While tracking a challenge you can see it in your menus, but clicking on it doesn't do anything. It would be cool if you could click your tracked challenge and it would open up the challenge screen.

Area of the Game - Character Customization

Feedback: It'd be nice to have more control over the position of your spartan in customization. Specifically the ability to zoom in and out during armor customization.
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