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[Locked] Halo 3 Flight - Feedback Thread

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It's been a blast playing both the campaign and multiplayer. Combat feels clean and how I remember it on 360. Haven't really had any fps drops in campaign or multiplayer so overall it's been a really good experience. Other than the pistol feeling very slow
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Oh wth... My tickets are on the first link but not the second link. Did they move tickets to a new site?

I want to say that some thing is not right. The shotgun is ineffective against the flood. Br seems ineffective against jackals and a burst from br killed 5 grunts. What is happening here.
Since I finally got an invite to the Halo 3 flight but a bit too late dont you think 343? Anyways since I cant test much, I stand by my point earlier about the audio. It sounds nowhere near as good as the original Xbox 360 version which has more bass and clarity. It is very noticeable that the pc flight sounds compressed with very low bitrate when using headphones, and muffled when I use speakers.. Halo 3 with better hit reg is amazing with PC, but the lack of proper audio quality like the original doesnt make this game feel whole to me and it ruins the immersion after playing the xbox 360 copy for so many years. I hope this gets addressed on the final release.
I would love the option to map reload left and reload right to the same key.
I’ve only done multiplayer and have zero complaints so far, I’ll be testing campaign tonight for a few hours when I get home. I‘m trying to cram in as much game time as I can being that I was invited a few hours ago today.

But so far a positive experience I must say.
Give the option to hybrid zoom, hold zoom, and toggle zoom. I don't understand as to why those two options were removed in the first place especially when we had the option before. It's a good idea on paper but it hinders the gameplay for me especially in situations with a lot of tension and I'm sure it does for many others.
Not sure if this is a bug or just an issue on my part, but i can see my talk bubble, but i cant see or hear anyone else and they can't hear me, if this doesn't belong here i apologize
For the UI I think it's really annoying that you have to configure ALL of the commands in order to actually save your settings. It's also especially annoying when you can't use multiple keys, when Theater mode and actual gameplay are different things, so I can't understand why I can't map the same button to multiple commands there.
*Add the ODST silenced SMG and Pistol.
Multiplayer: Hit registration on multiplayer feels inconsistent and outright broken sometimes. My tracking and aim is solid, but I've noticed that every now and then, bullets just do not connect with your target. I've counted three instances when I've been in melee range of somebody, only to have my bullets phase through my target. This has happened twice at medium ranged fights. Worrying.

Elite Armor: All pieces of Elite shoulder armor clip through and stack on top of each other. Not a huge issue, but it is fairly off-putting.

Misc: Been awhile since season one started. With the influx of challenges rewarding seasonal points, perhaps it's time to add a few cosmetics to the seasonal challenge list. Nameplates, emblems, helmet effects, maybe even a new helmet for both species in multiplayer.
  • Area of game: All modes
  • Feedback:
Overall, this flight feels the most polished and bug free. I looked for issues while playing and could not find anything outside of the known issues list.
It's been pretty great so far, easily the best port yet.

I've so far done two of the campaign missions on Heroic with a few skulls on (Tilt, Thunderstorm and the mandatory Grunt Birthday Party) and around a dozen multiplayer matches, mostly team slayer and action sack and messed around in Forge.

The only issue I've come across is that completing challenges do not seem to register or don't reward experience after a multiplayer match. If it's the later than they probably haven't had their values implemented. Other than that the forge controls took a bit to get used to.
It runs pretty smooth and i gotta say, i like it more on pc than on Xb1. So far i've only encountered marines vanishing out of mid air in the campaign, and the energy sword not registering upon impact in matchmaking.
Area of game: Campaign
Just finished the campaign, everything seemed very polished except in the Halo level the first two cutscenes were a bit glitchy the first scene it was an all white screen plus the pelican and the elites' carrier and the second scene where chief's pelican is going through the ring the textures were overlapping thus the you can see the portal and some random black splashes.

The voices, are too quiet even if I lowered the volume of the music and effects sometime I was not able to listen some lines of the characters in-game it would be nice if there was a separate slider for voices volume.
Customization. Changing armour seems fine. Nothing looking weird. Hoping what is available right now isn't going to be the only armour pieces that we get when finished. unless I'm forgetting this is actually was available back in the day.

CHALLENGES... YES, YES, YES! So far, they seem reasonably achievable with a nice XP reward for starting levels. Finally playing campaign is rewardable in some fashion when working towards leveling up. I do pray this feature comes out sooner than H3 being released.

That is all I have to say for now. Thanks for the opportunity to be one of the many to flight H3!
I never got the initial email. Was definitely looking. Wasn't in spam either. But I got the email on Wednesday telling me it was almost over and that they had emailed me earlier. Did this happen to a lot of folks?
Other than a couple minor bugs like some out of sync audio in cutscenes, this flight has run the best for me compared to the last few. Game runs for the most part like it was meant for PC as far as I can tell (not a huge PC gamer). The best thing though that made me the most happy was the new additions in forge as well as the addition of a physics system in forge! I loved Halo 3's forge but the lack of that system as well as an edit coordinates system was definitely a big drawback (first game with forge so not a huge complaint).

I only did one match of multiplayer just to test it and for what I could tell it ran pretty well for what I could tell.

I rate this flight a solid 9/10
Stocked for h3 on pc but I signed up late 343 is there anymore flights invites coming soon ?
  • Area of Game: Multiplayer
  • Feedback: If you change the scoreboard key, the key doesn't change and the button you bound to tab won't work
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: For example, if you bind Tab to change weapon and F1 to the leaderboard, Tab opens the leaderboard and you can't change your weapon. The tab button, in this case, being used to change weapons instead of open the scoreboard works fine in singleplayer.
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