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[Locked] Halo 3 Flight - Feedback Thread

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Game: MCC PC

Add a reticle size slider. Playing on a 27in/1440p monitor and the BR reticle is like the size of a nickel. The problem is compounded when playing at higher FOVs when more area fits inside the reticle at the same distance. Below is an image of the 70/100/120 FOV BR reticle layered on top of a 70 FOV image to demonstrate the point

Also, would like an option to disable the goggle outlines and blue tint around them. It just seems ginmicky especially when playing multiplayer (it might add to the campaign experience and was part of the original)
MCC for PC:

I'd like to also back up the ongoing feedback about taking a look to hit registration in multiplayer. Sure anyone can say "it's been like that since H3 released, get over it", but I don't see why the MCC version CAN'T be a more polished and better made version of the original game....
Also, I think a point that will always be brought here (and another I'd also like to support) is to give less power to controllers and aim assist, if possible.
There is a clear issue as shown by a few people on reddit recently, showing there is indeed issues with hit detection in H3 multiplayer. I too have experienced this over the years playing the console version, also backed up by watching other peoples streams. I don't know if it's an issue with desync, but this seems almost as bad as halo 2 pc release hit detection, which also had an obvious issue.
Just downloaded the Halo 3 Flight on steam and I am unable to play the game. It launches on a small window and just shows the MCC title screen with the ring background. No start button and doesn't load past that. Any ideas on how to fix this?
The halo 3 flight has ended
Ahhh I was late to the party. Thanks for the reply!
No major issues were encountered during the flight.

I don't think the hit registration issues were worst than it used to be on Xbox 360. Sure it was annoying back in the days, but the game was still fun to play.

As for the campaign, it brings back some memories. I never liked the last part of the last level (Halo) because driving the warthog never was easy given the circumstances.
I don't really play Multiplayer games anymore but the Campaign side of things, yes there are a few bugs but I submitted all of my Bug reports for the ones I came across, (no game breaking ones).

Apart from that, everything was awesome.
H3 campaign overall seems pretty good. Everything seems a little blurry and the updated graphics are a little disappointing compared to H2s. I'd imagine this is because of resolution scaling. Games runs smooth though so it's not a big deal. My only complaints are: A The control scheme in all of the games are weird (F to throw grenade, really?), B some sounds such as voices are too quiet compared to other things and C You have to adjust sound settings from game to game, updated and classic graphical settings.
Other than that though it's great and I can't wait to play ODST.
Game: MCC PC H3
Feedback: Overall I had to say that the flight went very well for me and I had no major issues outside of one crash that occurred when I launched the flight for the first time and had to link my Xbox account. Game felt great on my rig with no noticeable frame drops and resource usage wasn't excessive. I did notice in some cutscenes that there were some blurry (low-res) models, but I also did notice some other models got a nice facelift (most notably the Sniper Rifle, it looked very nice). This leads me to think that the low res/blurry models that I saw will be addressed in the final release. Other than that, there were some hit registration issues, but others here have explained it better than I could. Another thing is that it's annoying that the game will not allow you to leave settings without all bindings having an assignment. That sums up my current thoughts on the flight. The final release is shaping up to be really good considering how well the flight ran, but if you need some more time to polish up the game to ensure a smooth release and not repeat H2A, then please do so. Thank you for giving me a chance to participate in the flight.
- i got the halo 3 beta for a second time in mylife

- its gone
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