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[Locked] Halo 3 Flight - Feedback Thread

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Halo 3 Campaign: Some performance issues involving stutters, frame rate drops, and freezes during scenarios with explosions or deploying of the bubble shield. I noticed the auto-aim while using the mouse is so much more aggressive than the rest of the MCC. I'd prefer to have an option to turn off auto-aim completely especially since I'm playing with higher sensitivities than the defaults.

Forge: The budget is extremely low especially with the limits of how many of certain items you can have. At this point I'd rather run a mod that gets rid of the limit than use the in-game Forge. The controllers are kind of weird on this as well as the navigation. Would be great to just have Halo Reach or Halo 5's Forge interface for navigation. I feel like right click should work as a back button in the tool selection. Holding "Del" for deleting an object isn't ergonomic, I think spacebar would've worked better. There is also a severe need for quality of life improvements for PC users as I first started forging using ElDewrito's controls and system that let you highlight multiple objects to create a prefab that you can save and use again. Also let you copy and paste and easily duplicate objects. I would also like easy console commands such as something like "Canvas" to clear a map of all objects so I can start from a blank slate to Forge.
2 Pieces of Feedback
1. Allow us to disable Motion Blur. It's not that bad but I would like an option to disable it, as it makes it hard to see when moving the camera.
2. Allow us to disable the "Visor" part of the hud, the extra blue stuff around the edges of the screen. It's very distracting for me to constantly see it.

Thanks for considering this feedback!
I seem to have a keybinding/mouse detection issue. Mouse is not centered to actual location and I have two missing keybinds (3rd person & descend), with the buggy mouse location, I'm unable to fix the keybinds.
Area of Game: Campaign

Please please let us disable motion blur completely (or remove it altogether) like the other games. If you move slow, it's not there, but if you start to move/rotate the camera fast, it kicks in. This is at 1080p/4k 60fps.
  • Area of Game: Forge
  • Feedback:

    Default Forge Controls feel awkward. I think to have consistency among controls they should be as follows:
    Left Ctrl: Descend
    Space Bar: Ascend
    (this keeps it similar to the falcon and just feels more natural in general)

    Right Click: create objects/properties
    (like any other program on a computer)

    F key: Delete Object
    ( reaching all the way for the delete key is not ideal for this at all )

    Navigating the menus: Q/E
    (using page up and page down feels awful for doing this and as Jnukkau has said unintuitive. Q/E would be much better Forge )

    Quality of life improvements:
    Allowing players to disable map boundaries/guardians and allow forging as far out of the map as they would like and have it so it applies to all players so that whenever that map is played on boundaries are ignored for every player.

    God Mode ( my reasoning for this being sometimes you can spawn objects and it will shoot the player out of the map or into a kill ball and they instantly die and it also keeps other players from interfering with your edits or killing you mid edit )

    Higher Forge Budget/No limitations

    Allow us to spawn items from any map (example: like foundry walls or crates on sandbox.)

    Allow us to Boost while holding objects

    Allow us to manually enter numbers into dialogue boxes like spawn times, rotation coordinates, etc.

    Allow us to make a copy of an object we are hovering over so we do not have to keep going into the menus to spawn it with middle mouse click

    Allow us to use A/D when changing properties for objects rather than arrow keys/mouse or let us rebind it

    Bring Back Forge content and capabilities from Eldewrito

    Bugs Encountered:

    when an object is set to phased and you are moving with it and let go it will continue to drift and Desync with other players

    sometimes adjusting your view with objects will freak out and clip you into a wall and then you die.

Please nerf aim assist on controller! We KB&M players understand that you want to make Halo cross-platform and that's all well and good, but the controller has a clear advantage at the moment. I'm not saying "Remove it", but nerf it so they're still able to stand their ground but not have an advantage over KB&M players. Try to balance it out as best as you can so both parties can enjoy the game. And I'm not saying there are bad controller players and all KB&M players are good, but for the majority of the people who played this game say what I'm basically saying right now. If you guys want to treat PC players as first class citizens like you said a year ago when the PC release was announced, then please don't cater to controller players. That's the very reason why the population for MCC on PC tanked within a month.
Fully disagree as a PC player. I've tried to hop on with a controller to find this "advantage" people are talking about, and I just get stomped heavily when I switch to controller, even with magnetism and aim assist. I'm not a bad controller user either, I grew up with halo 1-3 and have been using controllers on pc my whole life. This issue is genuinely blown way out of proportion and there is no advantage to xbox controller users. Just stop with this.
My overall impression on this flight has been fairly positive well except for one big problem, which I will state in the following feedback report:

1. The loading times are blazing fast on my 4 year old hard drive.
2. The Audio sounds amazing.
3. The matchmaking time in multiplayer was amazing compared to the last flights which were around 15 minutes or so but now it's less than 15 seconds.
4. Controls work quite well apart from some certain actions.
5. The armor customization is just as good as they said it was.
6. Absolutely zero crashes in my playthrough.

1. The one glaring issue I've faced is that the performance isn't very good for a 2007 game running at 720p. I've had Halo 2 anniversary run at smoother consistent 60. But Halo 3 unfortunately, jumps from 60 to 20 and then to 40 etc, it hasn't been very consistent. I expect this to be fixed by full release.
2. I find it odd that there's no option to bind the same key for the reload button for both left and right weapon while dual wielding. <Or maybe I'm just dumb and haven't figured it out.>
3. An option to disable motion blur is a must have.
4. I've seen some objects randomly floating in forge mode.
5. Not sure if this is a bug but Master Chief's flashlight is pointing downwards as if the crosshair wasn't centered.

That's just all what I have to say for now, and thanks 343 for bringing this to pc.

Edit: My pc specs are i5 7200u at 2.7ghz - 3.1 ghz cpu and a Geforce 940mx gpu with 2gb DDR3 vram and 8gb DDR4 ram. Not sure if anyone on this forum can answer me regarding the performance issues.
two buttons for reloading is unnecessary (akimbo)
Please add more video settings
Motion blur toggle
AA options
Texture quality
The in game notifications for challenges should be smaller, they take up too much space on the screen and can sometimes prevent me from seeing enemies, also, motion blur should be an option
Many people have stated it already, but the motion blur feels really distracting and in my opinion hinders the experience quite a bit, being able to disable it would be awesome.

I'm really impressed by how the mouse feels for this game, it's so fluid at 144+ FPS and makes the game very enjoyable. The viewmodels also scale really well with the increased FOV and fit nicely on the screen compared to the other games when using the centered crosshair. Big fan so far and looking forward to release!

Here's to hoping the game doesn't release with weird bugs that pop up after the flighting like Halo 2 did!
  • Area of Game: Gameplay/UI
  • Feedback: Ability to turn off in game notifications of challenge progression
To some people, notifications about what progress you're at on a challenge can be annoying and especially competitive multiplayer.

Also it be nice to add challenge progression status displayed on the carnage report
First of all it runs super SMOOTH great job!

The only thing i would love is the possibility to VETO!
You can't rebind the keys used for navigating the Forge spawnables list (PGUP/PGDN). As some small form keyboards omit these keys entirely, this would effectively make Forging impossible on certain keyboards.

The default M+KB control scheme for Forge is pretty bad, because it forces you to constantly take your hands off the mouse (to hit Delete or PGUP/PGDN), which slows down workflow.

  • Ascend/descend should mirror the Hornet control scheme and use Space + CTRL, which is ergonomic and keeps both hands on KB and mouse.
  • 'Delete' should use a readily-available key like F or Mouse 2, instead of a key that usually requires you to take your hand off the mouse to press it.
  • Navigating the spawnables tabs should be done with Q and E, which is far more pleasant than having to constantly hit PGUP/PGDN (which is usually on the far right end of the keyboard)
I'm mostly a Multiplayer player, so my notes will be Focused there.

1.) The first thing I spotted was the crosshair. Whether you are at 70 FOV or 120 FOV the Reticle stays the same size. Making for more inconsistency at range.
2.) The ability to just switch back and fourth between M/KB and controller whenever should be taken out. You should have to select one or the other before starting up matchmaking. I realize there is a slight delay in the game while it recognizes which is giving input, but you shouldn't be able to switch back and fourth mid game.
3.) In Oddball, while holding the ball, the character(spartan only) models left arm seems to be "disconnected" from his body, at any FOV. Seems to be fine in bomb, and CTF.
4.) In CTF, the flag is just missing. Its the flagpole and that is it. I thought at first it was because I was in performance mode, but even on Enhanced its missing.
5.) While spectating a Player when you are dead, watching the player seems unstable and glitchy.
6.) At the end of match, as the announcer say "Game Over" and the scoreboard pops up, if you are walking forward the game thinks you are scrolling thru the post game scoreboard and makes that noise.
Halo 3 PC Campaign

I am playing on my TV and in 4k resolution with subtitles enabled. The subtitles however are very small and hard to read in this way it would be great if there was an option to change the text size.

I've been having a blast so far, mainly playing campaign missions, but the KB+M controls for forge are driving me insane...
Maybe I'm just not used to the new forge system, but rotating objects should not be this hard... instead of having the zoom out/in bound to W and S respectively(which should be the other way around IMO), I would much prefer to have it bound or be rebind-able to scroll wheel allowing W and S to be used for an additional rotation axis. Instead when I want to rotate something towards me I accidentally press W which will occasionally send me flying across the map my camera flying through a wall and I die. Which goes on to the next thing.

Unlike original H3 forge, instead of the object moving closer to the player when something is between it and the player a constant distance is kept from the object causing the player to suddenly teleport if even the slightest thing happens... On smaller, more cramped maps like The Pit, this can either send you through walls (killing you) or just push you up into the kill-box at the top of the map. This can happen so fast there really isn't a way to react to it.

On a much smaller note, I don't like having page-up and page-down for menu navigation as they are not exactly conveniently placed on the keyboard, though rebind-able controls here and possibly making the control prompts clickable buttons as you have a mouse cursor while in the menus.

I do like the inclusion of more modern forge features such as fixed and phasing as well as rotation snapping. While H3 forging was it's own art form, resetting the round every time you wanted to phase something was very time consuming. I spent the majority of my time in Halo 3 in forge, racking up thousands of games, so to have it feel good on PC is very important to me.
One issue that I've noticed in campaign is that sometimes when you are in a Vehicle with Marines they will just randomly hop out for some reason and then just get back in like a minute later. I don't know if this is a bug but I don't think its supposed to happen.
I posted this on Reddit, but the challenge UI needs some work. Right now it's too big, obtrusive, and poorly organized/placed.
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