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[Locked] Halo Insider FAQ

OP Forum Team

Greetings, Spartans! Welcome to the Halo Insider program! We’re excited to kick off this new program to partner with the Halo community and make our games, products, and services the best they can be.

Below is an initial list of frequently asked questions that we’ll keep updated over time as new information arises. If you have a question that isn’t noted, please use the Halo Insider forum and let us know! Thank you for your support and interest in the Halo Insider program – we look forward to doing great things together!

What is the Halo Insider Program?

The Halo Insider program is the new way Halo fans and community members can partner with 343 Industries to improve our games, products, and services. As a Halo Insider, you’ll have the opportunity to regularly provide feedback and insights that help shape and inform current franchise initiatives and the future of Halo. You will also be given exclusive opportunities to participate in public flights of in-progress Halo game releases and provide feedback to the development teams.

If I was an Insider before, do I need to re-register?

Yes! The Halo Insider Program is replacing the previous MCC Insider Program and will be the overarching program going forward to support all Halo titles, products, and services. Please register again if you'd like to participate.

Why is there an 18 and over age requirement?

Since the Halo Insider program requires participants to share personal information and we are committed to protecting players’ privacy, applicants must be over 18 in order to give legal consent to the capture and storage of this information.

What languages will the Halo Insider program be offered in?

We welcome and encourage Halo fans from around the world to join, but for the foreseeable future all Halo Insider communications and information will be served in English.

If my hardware specs or availability change, can I come back and update my profile?

Absolutely! Halo Insiders can edit and update any and all fields on their settings page at any time. We highly encourage members to keep their profile up to date to ensure you’re able to receive information and have increased chances of getting into game flights. You can also opt in or opt out to one or all parts of the program anytime you want.

I never got the verification email – what should I do?

A valid email is the primary means in which our teams will communicate with Halo Insiders. Please check your spam or junk folder and if you still haven’t received a verification email, please select the option to ‘re-send’ email from your profile page.

My email address has changed – what should I do?

You can update your Halo Insider settings page and change your preferred email address at any time. Once a new email is entered, you’ll need to complete the verification process again and then you’re all set!

I’d like to change my Gamertag – is that possible?

In order to register a new Gamertag, you’ll need to create a new MSA, log in to Halo Waypoint using the new account, and sign up again for the Halo Insider Program.

How do I opt out of the Halo Insider program?

On your Halo Insider profile, you can unselect/opt-out of any and all facets of the program at any time.

What’s the best way for me to give feedback to the Halo team?

Halo Insiders will have a few different official means of providing feedback. If you’ve opted in to provide feedback, you will be sent periodic surveys to share your perspective and input on a variety of topics and initiatives.

If you’ve opted into console or PC flighting, you’ll also often receive surveys at the end of flights you’ve been invited to. These surveys will capture important input that aligns with the specific goals for the flight. With console flighting, the Xbox Insider “Report Issue” tool is often used as well and allows players to send helpful information about bugs and issues right from the console.

Typically, special forum threads are also created here on Halo Waypoint as a place for Insiders to share feedback. In the future, we’re working on additional systems to better facilitate bug and issue reporting.

What is and isn’t considered confidential?

As a Halo Insider you’ve accepted Microsoft’s general confidentiality rules which apply to the overall program and everything therein. It’s important for Halo Insider to pay close attention to the specific survey or flight they are a part of as each specific activation may have its own specialized requirements. It’s the responsibility of Halo Insiders to make sure they understand the specific rules along the way. When in doubt, it’s always best to assume something is considered confidential until told otherwise!

Where do I go if I have Halo Insider questions or problems?

The best avenue for additional information and help is right here in the Halo Insider forum on Halo Waypoint. While we do have 343 team members out on other forums and across social media, we’re not always able to be everywhere all the time and as the program grows, it will become increasingly difficult to capture high volumes of feedback from those unofficial channels. Looking further ahead, we are working on improved systems and paths to offer more robust support at a larger scale.
What is “flighting”?

A flight is a work-in-progress game build and will often be on a small representative slice of the complete game. Each flight will have specific content aligned with specific development goals. How long a flight lasts and who gets into the flight will vary with each release. The flighting process, along with the scope of content, will grow and evolve over time with your help and feedback.

While the team has every intent to release builds that are as stable as possible, we fully expect a few hiccups and bumps along the way - which is the whole point of flighting. We look forward to your participation and feedback but we also ask for your understanding and appropriate expectations as we share work-in-progress builds directly with you.

How are flighting participants selected?

Different flights have different goals and areas of focus for the development team. When a participant pool is being assembled, the team will look at the specific needs and then look across all the Halo Insiders who have opted in to find players who align with those needs. In some cases it’ll be based on things like what kind of hardware specs you’re using – with MCC on PC specifically, the team is going to need to ensure they have specific representation across a broad matrix of PC hardware configurations.

Often flights require a critical mass of players online at a particular time, and maybe in a particular region, so your location and availability could also come into play.

Once flighting is up and running, the team will likely also focus on active participants who play and provide feedback as candidates for ongoing flighting while players who don’t actually participate may find they’re not included in subsequent releases.

How do I improve my chances of being selected for a flight?

Make sure your settings are accurate and up to date! For example, you don’t have a valid email on file, we can’t contact you to notify you about a flight. In the case of PC flighting, make sure you’ve included all of the required information – a DXDIAG upload is required to help the team assess hardware configurations and since we’re flighting on Steam, a SteamID will also be required (it’s the only way to actually get you a game build).

We know everyone is super eager and excited to get started but please be patient – tweeting at the team and posting in the forums asking to be included or demanding to know why you’re not included won’t help the process.

I opted into Halo Insider and flighting… now what?

If your profile is complete and all required fields and information is there, you’re all set! Now just stand by. As the team starts building out flighting plans, they’ll pull from the Halo Insider database and assemble a pool of participants. Everyone who is selected for a flight will receive an email with additional instructions and we’ll generally keep some information updated here in the Halo Insider forum as well. Please be patient – if you don’t get into a flight, don’t give up, this is a long journey with numerous opportunities ahead.

Why is a Steam ID required for PC flighting?

We’re excited to bring the Halo saga to Steam for the first time and since it’s a relatively new platform for us, this is where our MCC flighting efforts will be focused. A Steam account is free to create and your SteamID is the way we identify you on the Steam platform and is the way in which we’ll actually grant access to download the game builds.

What is the Xbox Insider program and why do I have to sign-up for that also?

Xbox flights will utilize the Xbox Insider Hub as a means of delivering the game content and important information thus participants will need to be a member of the Xbox Insider program and have the app installed on their console. You can get more information about the Xbox Insider Program along with instructions to sign up HERE.

How is flighting feedback captured?

A lot of critical data will be gathered by our team on the backend. Pay attention to the particular focus for a flight and jump in during the specified playtimes and voila, you’ve just helped us immensely.

Halo Insiders might also receive surveys following a flight that captures additional information for the team.

During a console flight, if you encounter a bug or something that doesn’t seem right, you can use the Xbox Insider app on your console to “Report Problem.” To do this, go to the screen you’re giving feedback on (in this case, somewhere within the MCC flight build, press and hold the Xbox button on your controller, and when you see the power menu, select “report a problem.”

Please make sure to check the “Known Issues” tab on the Xbox Insider HUB before you report a problem as it may be something the team is already aware of!

The MCC Forums here on Halo Waypoint are frequented by the team and are a great, official place to share your feedback, suggestions and more. You will usually find specific pinned threads that tie into specific flights.

How will we get details and specifics on a particular flight?

Once a flight is kicking off, Halo Insiders who have been selected will receive an email with specific instructions. Additionally, we’ll mirror some of this information here the forums on Halo Waypoint.

On console, the Xbox Insider hub is also sometimes used to relay important information and known issues to players.

Once you have the game build for a flight, pay careful attention to in-game messaging as we will often use that to deliver quick, real-time information about upcoming play sessions or sudden changes of plan.