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Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for February's Flight on PC. Please leave feedback on your experience here if you are a flight participant.

Please do NOT report technical Issues here.
If you are experiencing a technical issue, please first visit the Insider Halo Support site and review the Known Issues list. If not present, please make sure to Submit a Ticket.

Please leave feedback relating to the following flight content here.
  • Campaign Feedback
  • Multiplayer Feedback
  • Misc/Other Feedback
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to February's Flight on PC . When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify if this relates to Halo: Reach or H:CEA you're providing feedback for
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • REPRO STEPS: If it's a bug/issue, please head on over to the Insider Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
Hi, thanks for putting this thread up.

So far, I only encountered two things in Halo: CE that weren't on the known issues list:
  • Zooming does not seem to work at all with M&KB (tried rebinding keys, didn't help. Playing on a German QWERTZ layout)
  • Cutscenes (or parts of them) play at 30 FPS when playing with unlocked framerate
-Halo CE
-Vehicle auto look centering

Auto look centering when moving in vehicles is way too strong. Specifically it makes the Scorpion tank almost unusable when moving and shooting, you spend more time adjusting than anything else. It's really noticable on other vehicles too like the warthog because of the way the camera controls work.

I don't remember how strong the auto look centering for vehicles was in legacy CE or if it even had any. I know it got really strong in the gearbox PC port and that's why it's bad now. In my honest opinion i think it would be a good fix and quality of life improvement to just remove it completely to put it things line with the rest of the Halo games where there's no auto look centering for vehicles at all.
CEA Feedback

(For reference this will largely be a comparison between the flight build and the 2003 PC port)

  1. Higher framerate animations make combat feel and look much smoother. The original 2003 PC port has them at a low (by modern technology standards) FPS cap which defeats much of the point of higher framerate capabilities.
  2. FOV options are a huge quality of life improvement not found in the old port except through modding.
  3. There are some subtle differences (such as the Sniper scope overlay, Jackal shield colours, etc.) that bring this port closer to the original game. They're small changes but they make a huge difference.
  4. Double click zoom. That's in bold because it was such a hindrance (aka a colossal pain in the asterisk) earlier in the flight when it wasn't an option. I and many others I've talked to are incredibly relieved that it's been re-implemented.
  5. The ability to disable mouse acceleration.
  1. There isn't a true 'Classic Sounds' option for Campaign. Instead, players are stuck with a strange mix of both new and old audio which is incredibly jarring and detracts from the classic experience.
  2. Many of the Gearbox visual errors are still present.
  3. Map geometry has been changed dramatically. Some maps have collision based on OG map geometry, some have it based on Anniversary geometry. This results in invisible barriers, floating weapons, broken tricks, and likely other issues that I haven't yet come across.
  4. Cutscenes are still low-framerate.
  1. Classic Sounds option for Campaign
  2. Framerate slider
  3. Map geometry based on Classic visuals, not Anniversary
Campaign Feedback -

  1. Cutscenes were rendered at 30fps
  2. Hitbox registration was weird when toggling between Remastered and Original graphics filter. Source:
  3. Can't skip beginning of cutscene
  4. Animation Transition feels smoother & responsive at high framerate (200fps+) in Halo: CEA, compared to Halo Reach
  5. It's missing dynamic color change of Transparency Shader for Covenant's Shield and Jackal's Shield in the Original graphics filter which unfortunately was able to replicate the same issue with Gearbox Software's PC port (2003).
  6. It's also missing Toggle Weapon Swap which I want to press E once to instantly pick up/swap different weapon to save time.
  7. Needs to have independent music and weapon sound for in-game menu, whether it's Remastered and Original rather than just Save & Quit the game, go to Options, manually select Visuals (Remastered (Default)/Classic) and Audio (Remastered (Default)/Classic), otherwise it wastes time.
Multiplayer Feedback -
  • Spawn point system is unbalanced which doesn't give players enough time to study the map and acquire targeting acquisition. e.g. There are like five enemies spawned directly in front of me at the beginning of Social Slayer Match 8v8 [Big Team Battle] which is physically impossible to have enough time to take cover or dodge bullets, regardless map design.
  • Source:
  • Map is too big
  • MP is all about scoring a headshot due to Magnum Pistol as a start weapon meta (less TTK/good accuracy & range). It should start with Assault Rifle as a start weapon.
Misc/Other Feedback -
  • Missing Double Keybindings
  • Transparency Shader, Bump Mapping Texture, and Fog effect still needs improvement for Original graphics filter which unfortunately uses the same original code from Gearbox Software's PC port (2003).
  1. Source:
  2. Source:
  • Original and Remastered Weapon Sound and Dialogue audio sound is alright but it still sounds a bit muffled, quiet.
  • Audio sound for Halo Reach still sounds too quiet, too muffled.
  • I love the new Crouch-While-Moving-Behavior for Mouse & Keyboard which improves momentum as well as QoL (Quality of Life), but still doesn't work for Gamepad Controller.
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out keybindings was fantastic for Mouse & Keyboard players to easily ADS in and out via Mouse Scroll Wheel Up & Down.
  • I also like Gameplay Profile per game for keybinding. e.g. (Halo Reach - Halo 4), though it would've been nice to add Halo 5 as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection (PC/Steam version)
  • Please consider bringing back the Original Audio sound for Halo 2: Anniversary, whether it's in Original or Remastered graphics filter, especially for Flight #5 (possibly around April or May 2020)
  • Consider adding Text Resolution Scale (100% Default - 200%) to make text size bigger but clearer.
  • Missing report system
  • Missing Ping Number
  • Missing Framerate Limiter Slider
  • Missing Independent Vertical and Horizontal FoV Slider
Campaign was very fun. I played alot of LAN coop with it. It worked pretty well. I have a suggestion for classic sounds. I actually really like having the classic sounds with remastered graphics, but I know some do not. I would suggest having it as an option with three settings: "classic"- exclusively uses classic sounds, "remastered"- exclusively uses remastered sounds "automatic"- switches between classic/ remastered sounds based on the graphics.

Multiplayer was OK. It was less infuriating than Halo Reach. The pistol makes for very quick kills and the spawns are abysmal. Hang 'em high is a terrible map. Sometimes hit detection is terrible. Sometimes I can waste someone in 3 shots, other times you empty your whole magazine into someone and they're still walking. Big team was more fun because it was less grindly and had less spawning right accross from someone.

I would like independant controls/ graphics settings for each game. It is annoying having everything use the same settings for each since it is possible not all games are going to run the same on some computers. "Classic" crosshair position for CEA should be centered. I would like to see the Gearbox problems fixed.
Cutscenes and other effects seemed to still be running at 30fps which looked kind of weird.

When the setting to change aim mode to either "Hold" or "Toggle" was removed.
I really prefer to just use the "Hold" function, and I don't like the new Hybrid aim.
I really enjoyed this flight. But there were some things I came across. Spawns are little on the crazy side. Especially in team Slayer. There's been times where red team will all of a sudden start spawning on The blue team side. Even though there's more blue team on that side. Also vice versa. a lot of times when I was loading up my livestream software the game with crash.also whenever I use the FN key and tried to raise or lower my volume the game will crash also. I also felt the shotgun needs a buff. several times when I was shooting people point blank with the shotguns they wouldn't die. I also noticed that the banshee really didn't fly all that high off the ground. That's pretty much the things that I could come up with. But I will say the game was really enjoyable. And it brought me back to a time when I was a lot younger. and at the end of the day that is what the Master Chief collection is all about. I really do look forward to possibly being a part of another flight.
I only played Halo:CE in the flight so everything I talk about is related to CE.

So before I start talking about the negatives, I just want to say that I was impressed with how good this game ran. I had almost no issues and everything went very smoothly. No FPS drops, audio sounded great, mouse movement was PERFECT. I can only say, good job 343! If the game was released in this state, it would be fine for me (but I can live with some bugs that others can not). Most problems I encountered are also not really MCC but more related to how the game was originally made. Now some problems I encountered:

  • Cutscenes still ran locked at 30 fps, not sure if this was intended
  • Missing OG xbox graphics. I can live with it if this never gets fixed, but some parts of the original game just looked way better... As I grow up with Xbox Halo:CE, this is just me being very nostalgic. This covers most of the issues:
  • Spawn points are awful. Enemy team starts spawning next to me or I spawn at the same location causing people to camp me. Of course, this isn't a problem related to MCC, it was there before. But we are 2020 and having these kinds of spawn points in a game is really bad. This is a reason why I would not play H:CE multiplayer, even though it is my most favorite game out of all. This has to be balanced or I'm 100% sure the population will be low. Game modes like CTF don't have this problem, so maybe it's worth looking at those spawn mechanics.
  • I remember in H:CE slayer you started with a plasma pistol instead of a AR + pistol combo. Pistol is a nice gun, but just like reach with the DMR, every game just ends op being a pistol war. Vehicles aren't used as much because a pistol easily shoots them down. Maybe balance vehicle vs pistol a bit? Or don't do AR + pistol starts? Of course, this is once again a problem that is not from MCC, but from the original Halo:CE
  • Dying after being hit just a little bit from a vehicle is horrible. Sometimes a player just spawns right in front of you or they just walk without looking, causing you to kill them and eventually causing you to get temp banned. This actually happened to me yesterday, in combination with the bad spawn points I got temp banned because I was killing too many teammates with my scorpion on blood gulch. Vehicle damage to teammates shouldn't be more then bashing shields to 0 or shouldn't do damage at all. The way Halo:CE works with vehicle collisions is just so outdated and not optimized for multiplayer.
So once again, great job. All I did right now was some nitpicking, except for the spawning issue, that has to get a fix in one way or another. Thank you for inviting me to the flight! Had a great time and can't wait for the release. Good luck!
Just ran a campaign mission and here are some issues I have found:

- Key binds are correct but not working in gameplay.
- Frame rate is below what I would expect (sub 100fps) on 1080TI
I found the menus for controller setting to be unintuitive. I would prefer if it was more like the Xbox one version of the game where you could change the selected game with the right and left triggers.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Combat Evolved
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Disabled weapons in passenger seat.
  • REPRO STEPS: 100% reproducible; stand beside a passenger seat so you receive a prompt to enter, shoot, melee and then enter the vehicle - after which; weapons will cease to function whilst positioned in the passenger seat.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a grenade on hand and throw it, your weapons will be re-enabled in the passenger seat. Exiting the vehicle will also restore your weapon functionality.
  • OTHER ISSUES: Shotgun audio not on parity with other weapons.
On Halo: Combat Evolved Flighting:

Vehicle splatter exploiting in the CE beta makes you a target for certain teammates to purposefully get in your way causing splatters which are far too simple to happen. In the tank for example, I have, on multiple occasions, been kicked out of a session for teamkilling despite the 'teammate' driving their warthog under my tank, ejecting the vehicle and being instantly splattered. After 3 times, you are auto-kicked from the session. This takes away from the experience as a player and also from that of other players in the session. I'd hope this exploit is resolved in a timely fashion.

An additional issue I've encountered are my keybinds being ignored during gameplay. In the settings menu they are correctly displayed as the desired key, but in gameplay they remain the default keybinds.
Whens the next flight?
On every mission I experienced some occasional weird drift with the left stick (used an Xbox One gamepad) seemingly at random. Rare occurrence.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Some crosshairs aren't correct in how they look compared to others
  • REPRO STEPS: 1080p
-Halo: CE

1. Cutscene rendering animations at 30fps
2. High fov + CEA graphics + picking up camo rendering two viewmodels
3. Minor audio caveats (Some original audio not used or some audio just randomly playing like the plasma pistol)

1. Awesome mouse input
2. Original audio settings for campaign
3. Coop campaign latency a lot better than Halo reach (Not sure what is actually making this feel different)
4. Multiplayer feels really good

Great work so far guys!
General Feedback not pertaining to any one game:

  • The new crouch behavior works perfect on M&K, but on Controller you can't crouch while walking at full speed. In fact, you can't even do this in any of the other Halo games. Can we pls get it working on Controller as well.
  • Remapping the Text Chat button is nice, but we need the option to completely disable it. It also should work to where the key to open it is the same key to close it. If I have it on J I should press it once to open, then press it again to close it.
H:CEA Feedback | Multiplayer:

  • There definitely needs to be a more modern HUD with team scores, voice chats, etc. Currently in the game you can hear people but you have no idea who you're talking to because there's no icon for the person talking. As well as no team scores. Now, the team scores can be displayed if you view the scoreboard, but imo team scores should just be displayed at all times. [Here is my terrible first draft mockup of what I think it should look like: Of course someone with actual graphics talent could make it look so much better, but you get my intention. I would say maybe make it into a toggle option for people who want it and people who don't want it. I know some people are fussy about these things and they would want to play the game in its original state.
  • The weapon pickup (as well as vehicle enter) text needs to be brighter and bolder. Look at how it just blends into the environment:
  • Spawns seriously need to be worked on. In 8v8 on a big map like Blood Gulch I'm literally sharing spawns with the entire enemy team.
  • Distant sounds are muffled. I often die and I never heard the other person's gun/bullets. I also never hear their footsteps even if they come up right behind me.
  • Unlimited FPS works pretty well in CE but I think people might still opt for 60 FPS because Unlimited makes auto centering with vehicles more annoying because of the high refresh rate, which results in the auto centering happening more consistently.
  • The removal of Bloom for the Magnum in Ranked just makes it not fun. I'm getting shot from across the map from people that peak, shoot, peak, shoot, peak, shoot and w/o Bloom they don't have to worry about bullets deviating. It makes it so that skill isn't even a factor because anybody can drop high kill games considering bullets go in a straight line. It also makes it so that people can camp and pull it off successfully because they can just sit behind a wall and shoot me and their bullets will hit me every time.
  • When being shot your screen flashes white. Here's a clip: It needs to be toned down a bit if possible. It's very distracting.
Loving the experience on PC. Haven't noticed really any input delay or stuff like I heard was in the Reach flights but I'll list my pros and cons

- Pros
  • Extremely smooth mouse and keyboard input.
  • Multiplayer is great (takes a bit to find people but that's just because of Insider population)
  • Haven't noticed any audio issues
  • I can backpack reload
  • Have had some random game crashes
  • vehicle crosshairs acting a bit funky
  • no customs browser yet (sad face)
Overall great work! I think you guys are doing a great job of listening to player feed back
Halo Game: CE Anniversary

Suggestion: Would like to see a Coop upgrade to 3-4 player coop (from the 2 player limit) in the Combat Evolved Anniversary campaign. I saw a mod video that was done on the Xbox Original and 4 players is doable and can work. If this can be done for Halo 2 Anniversary as well, then 4 players can experience every FPS Halo with 4 people then!
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