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[Locked] Halo Insider MCC Flighting - Halo Support BETA

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Hey Friends,

Over the past several years, 343 Industries has had many people working to gather feedback from the community from various locations online. We have travelled far and wide to hear from as many people as we can to get input about our games. This sentiment is precious and helps us improve each title we work on. And, while your desired changes come from a variety of outlets like surveys, proactive outreach, and responses to social media posts, it is ultimately important to look at the community’s sentiment as a whole.

Over time we recognized that our old method of trying to scan the internet didn’t really scale to the sheer number of reports we receive. In order to improve the communication between our studio and you, the community, we have built an entirely new way for players to interact with us called Halo Support. This website is a centralized destination that can aggregate high volumes of comments, user reported bugs, feature requests, and will allow us to better partner with the community and improve how we take input from our players.

Read on to learn more about what Halo Support is, who it’s for, and how it works.

What is the Halo Support Site?
This is Halo’s all new customer service website for players. It is a place where you can come and read Knowledge Based Articles (KBAs) to find out known issues, gain insight on what the development team is investigating, and see what others want to see happen in our games. For technical issues and bugs, you will be able to report them and inform our developers of things you want to see resolved.

Who can use the Halo Support Site?
Eventually every Halo player will have access. For starters though, we are BETA testing the Halo Support site for players who are actively participating in MCC flights through the Halo Insider program. Eventually it will open to all players for the supported titles.

What games will be on the Halo Support Site?
As time goes on, this website will evolve to include other titles in the Halo franchise. For starters however, the goal is to have players use the BETA version of our Halo Support site for Halo Insider flighting while we partner to bring MCC to PC. Once MCC on PC is released, the Halo Support site will be online for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on both PC and Xbox One. Titles that are not in this Halo Support site’s umbrella will still be able to use our forums to discuss and seek help from other community members.

What is a Knowledge Based Article and Why Should I Care About Them?
A knowledge-based article, or KBA, is an article containing details ranging from fixes we have made, issues we have identified, frequently asked questions, and other insights into topics of interest to players. Searching for a KBA should be the first thing you do when you come to our Halo Support site for an issue you are having. In fact, it’s required to search before submitting a support request.

If a KBA does exist for your issue, you can read up and get up to speed on what’s currently going on. If not, let us know by submitting a request for support. The more people interact with the Halo Support site, the more we will be able to write the appropriate articles to help share relevant information.

To locate an article, you can simply use the search bar on the main landing page of and type out what you are searching for. If there isn’t an article present with applicable support information, please create a ticket on that issue and we can work towards addressing it (more on that below!).

As a reminder, in order to submit a request, you will need to search through our KBAs to see if the issue has been reported, discussed, or is a known issue. If you don’t find any information on your issue, please submit a request or leave feedback that the KBAs didn't answer your question.

What is Submit a Request?
Submit a request is a way to notify the team of a bug, glitch, or unexpected issue within the game.

How to Submit a Request
  1. First you will need to search our Halo Support site for KBAs that may be relevant to the issue you are having. If there are KBAs around it, please let us know that the article you found was indeed helpful or relevant!
  2. If your issue isn’t mentioned anywhere, please select Submit a Request located near the bottom of any KBA.
  3. Please select the issue type that best resembles what you are trying to report. Note: All fields marked with a red * are required.
  4. Please navigate through and fill out the report with all relevant information, attach screenshots, or links to videos of the issue. Providing as much information and as you can about the issue will better enable us to troubleshoot and address it faster.
  5. Submit your request
You can submit Requests on a wide range of topics that include reports of Audio Issues, Crashes, Game Save Corruption, Report a Player, General Bug Reports, and other types. The type of requests will grow and change over time as needed, but currently they will be limited to the scope of MCC’s flighting in the Halo Insider program.

Submitting a request is different from sharing feedback in the sense that a request is creating a new ticket for something that is technically wrong within a game, i.e. a bug. This is objective data to help our test and development teams understand and potentially address specific issues within a game.

Feedback is something you would like to see changed, improved, or done differently based on your own opinion. This is subjective data that often helps the development team understand the needs and wants of our players and helps prioritize potential work for future updates.

If a ticket is filed that is based on sentiment or opinions of what should be done, it will unfortunately be closed. Please ensure comments of this nature is only posted in the Community section, which we’ll discuss below.

What is Community?
Community is an area of our Halo Support site where players can give feedback. Initially, this will be primarily focused on games we are flighting through the Halo Insider program, such as MCC for PC. Discussions for Halo games besides Halo: The Master Chief Collection will continue to live on HaloWaypoint for the time being.

To locate this section of the site, simply click on the Community button at the top right of the navigation ribbon or click on the link near the bottom of the page titled “Join the conversation” underneath the word “Community.”

How to Share Feedback
Feedback will live under the Community section outlined above. To share and contribute to this section, please follow these easy steps:
  1. Enter keywords in the search bar of the topic you wish to discuss
  2. If a post in the Community area doesn’t align with what you wish to discuss, do the following:
  3. Navigate to the Community page
  4. Select the New Post button
  5. Name your post, fill out the details with your feedback, and then select the right topic it applies to.
Looking Ahead
As time goes on, the Halo Support site will continue to grow and evolve, improving our ability to keep players informed, learn about issues you are facing, and gather critical feedback from the community. This is but another step in our journey together and the continued partnership between 343 Industries and the Halo community.