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[Locked] Halo Insider MCC Flight One - Recap

OP Postums

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Good Morning,

On June 28, we had our inaugural flight of the Halo Insider program for MCC on Steam. This flight taught us a lot about what it means to bring Halo: Reach to PC players and we wanted to share some results from this flight. Today we’re going to breakdown how the flight went and go over key takeaways from our learnings.

Flight One Spec & Goals
The first public flight was designed to help test various amounts of hardware specifications and the delivery pipelines we are using for the Halo Insider program. Hardware ranged from various types of mid-tier to high-tier processors, graphics cards, and memory sizes.

This first flight has done its job in helping to fully validate the scalability of our system as well as the hardware configurations. With these learnings, we can continue to scale and progress towards our next flight which should focus on Firefight Matchmaking.

Flight One Results
Thank you to everyone who participated, with your help our first flight on Steam was a success! The team’s internal goals for participation and times played were met, and positive feedback was well received.
  • Participation: 60.7%
  • Times Played: 1,757
  • Survey Response Rating: 4.6/5.0
The user group invited to this flight was a very small slice of those who had registered with the Halo Insider program. Of those invited, we saw over 60% of users download and play. This number was quite high given the limited messaging on Twitter (the announce) and one invite email sent to the group.

Compared to the number of participants, the number of times people booted up and played was very high. With this being such a limited flight, we were not expecting this. When the next flight comes online, we are eager to see if this trend continues for firefight.

On conclusion of the flight, a survey was sent out as follow-up. Questions ranged from the more generic, ‘what is your s experience with Halo’ to more granular questions around how the game felt on PC using mouse and keyboard. One of the last questions that was asked was around how fun their experience was on a scale of 1 (“Not fun at all”) to 5 (“Very fun”). Survey responses were overwhelmingly positive with most players rating their experience very high. Some of the most common feedback we received was how much fun it was on PC along with hearing repeatedly, “Take your time on development.” Both of these sentiments have been very encouraging. All teams are hard at work on development and are looking forward to sharing more of our progress in future flights!

Key Takeaways & Learnings
Successfully executing on this first public flight was a big milestone for the team and everyone working on MCC for PC. Not only did this flight test the foundation for future flights, but it helped us to prove out our workflows and processes in support of the Halo Insider program. This was only the first public PC flight and our aim is to continually streamline and improve.

Communication – Since last year’s flights, we have built a new system to directly communicate with all flighting participants. This allows us to send invites, updates, and follow-up messaging to those who are in each flight. This has proved to be a very effective way to reach each person.

Content & Engagement – With the scope of this flight being one campaign mission, we were expecting to have lower numbers in regards to of time played, but we did see that many players played multiple times. With this being a small sub-section of Reach we are anticipating that future flights will have even higher engagement and participation.

Technical Issue Reporting – For this flight, there was a beta test of the new Halo Support site. One thing we saw was that many users were reporting issues in the feedback forums section called “Community.” This customer support resource is new for many, and we know it will take time for people to know where to report issues. We will continue to remind people who use the website to create tickets to report issues instead of posting issues as forum posts.

Thank You for Your Patience – We wanted to say thank you to all who participated and to those who are patiently waiting to be invited. This first flight was to a very small number of users compared to those who are registered. We will continue to grow the number of users that are participating in these flights. We wanted to say thank you for your patience if you were not invited to this first flight and we look forward to seeing you in a future one!

Next Flight – Coming Soon
#FireFlight is the team’s next flighting goal which will offer Firefight matchmaking to you on PC. While things may shift, we’re currently targeting this milestone for later this month. The team is beginning to review release candidates that have the core features to support this flight. Keep your eyes out for upcoming news articles in the near future!

Additional Bonus Reading
Stay up to date on the latest happenings with Halo: the Master Chief Collection and flighting HERE! To learn more about the Halo Insider program, including how to join and how to opt-out, head over HERE. And if you want to chat about what’s going on around MCC, please visit the official forums for Xbox or PC to stay up-to-date on everything that’s happening.

More information than I expected. Keep up the good work!
My schedule is clear.
My body is Reggie.
Give me fireflight.
I find it a bit surprising that 343i didn't expect people to play the flight so much, given that the announcement of the MCC coming to PC resulted in the fans sending them pizzas. If they were that excited about the mere announcement, they'd be even more excited to play the flight.
Either way, it's good to hear that flight 1 was a success!
Looking forward to flight two!
XLR8 wrote:
My schedule is clear.
My body is Reggie.
Give me fireflight.
Wait. Only 60%? That bit of info surprised me the most. Hidden Xperia is, unfortunately, part of those 😅.

Besides that, I have some question I hope are answered:
  1. When do you plan on starting console flighting?
  2. Aside from matchmaking, will Fireflight feature it's own room, which we can use to make our own gamemodes?
  3. What maps will be in Fireflight?
  4. Will we be able to play as the Elites?
  5. Will customization make it's debut here?
  6. Will graphical and control options be expanded?
I'm eager to play Reach again and rejoice my favorite multiplayer once again in it's best. Keep up the great work ✌.
Will Firefight flight have skulls implemented?
Looking forward to it!
We need to hold this area at all costs Chief!
Glad to see the first flight was a success. Thanks for the update, can't wait for some firefight!

Please pick me, please pick me, please pick me...
Great to hear the first flight went well. I will admit I was surprised at a 60% participation rate. Considering every second post and thread on the forums was about when the first flight is, I was expecting something closer to the 80% range. But when you mention the limited messaging it starts to make sense.

Thank you for the update!
Postums wrote:
XLR8 wrote:
My schedule is clear.
My body is Reggie.
Give me fireflight.
Very excited for the fireflight to begin and hopeful that participants of the first flight will also move into the second flight (fingers crossed). Either way good luck to all those who signed up!
Hope I get selected to join in this time round. Can't wait to test firefight again!
Man. I'm getting ready to PCS to D.C. I REALLY hope its before the 27th.
Open Schedule for the next two weeks
Glad to see the pretty overwhelmingly positive response! Praying to the hierarchs that I get in!
What I think could be a good addition for the team to add a button called "ISSUE REPORTING" (or something like that) on the Main Menu for these Flights that just opens a hyperlink in their default-browser for the CORRECT feedback page, in turn this will properly streamline the participants to where they should be reporting the found issues. Just a thought.
Thanks for the update. I was about to ask how it went since all i could find were articles about people pirating the flight lol. Fingers crossed to get into the next one.
Yay! :D
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