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Halo MCC Flight for Windows 7 when?

OP Floop1

So has the Window's 7 MCC flight already started or is it coming later? I don't know much about it but would like Windows 7 news.
. . . A lot of folks are asking if this means we’ll add more users to the current flight – that’s TBD at the moment but we’ll keep you posted. We do expect the Windows 7 blocking issue to be resolved with this patch so it stands to reason that at a minimum we’d likely add some Windows 7 users to help test Reach on that platform.

- ske7ch, Halo: Reach PC Flight Update 11/8/19
That's the most we have right now.

PSA: Flight has been updated and extended. Also I'm about to invite some additional users who are for the majority Win7 users. I will hit the button in the next 15 minutes.
. . .
Buttons were hit. Invites sent via the interwebs. Enjoy!

- Postums, Twitter, 12/11/19