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[Locked] Halo: MCC Insider won't start up on Xbox One

OP SakuraUchiha630

I was invited for the Halo 3: ODST flight on Xbox One and I joined the insider from the insider hub.
After joining I installed the Halo: MCC Insider on my Xbox One. Everything worked well until I tried to launch the game.
When I try to start, an error promt appears with the error code (0x8b05033) that says that I need an update which is not available at the moment.
And it tells me to try again later. I wonder if anybody else experienced this issue as well.
I was looking forward to test ODST firefight an the new Halo 3 content. But now I can really forget about it.
Link to the screenshot:
press home go to to very right then settings , general , power mode and startup then full shutdown. i had same issue
Thanks, it works now!
Glad to see you got your issue resolved OP :)