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[Locked] Halo: Reach MP Xbox Flight - CONCLUDED

OP ske7ch

UPDATE - October 10:
  • Nameplates - If you played the required # of matches during the 'stress test' on Saturday, October 5, you should now have your nameplate(s) available. As a reminder, completing 5 games between 5 and 9PM on Saturday earned you the "MCC Insider" nameplate and completing 12 matches earned you the "MCC Insider Plus" nameplate. FYI that it sounds like only some participants will be sent a post-flight survey (we have constraints on the number of survey respondents the system can handle). We will prioritize players who played the most.
  • Surveys - FYI that only a random subset of flight participants will receive the post-flight survey (we don't have capacity to accommodate everyone). The survey emails are going out today (Oct. 10) - please keep an eye out and if you get one, we'd love to get your feedback!

Thank you to Halo Insiders who participated in the Halo: Reach MP flight on Xbox this past week! With your help, the team surpassed their concurrency / stress test goals and was able to get some great data and services insights and validation.

As of 1PM PT today (October 9), the servers have been deactivated and you're free to delete the "MCC Insider" build from your Xbox console.

If you participated in the flight, please be sure to report any issues you may have encountered over at the official Halo Support site (reminder only people who were invited to the flight will be able to access that site for now). Feedback and comments posted here in this forum likely won't get picked up by the team - or best case, will only be partially accounted for. The best official way to share your bug findings and any issues is to hit that support site and file a ticket (see the link and instructions in your flight invite email).

Additionally, please keep an eye out for a post-flight survey coming to you via email. This is another great opportunity to give us quantifiable large scale input to help the team assess what worked and any areas they need to dig into further. For example, we've heard from numerous players in the EU (and some in NA) that hit detection and general online latency felt bad - we'd like to hear more and better understand how widespread this issue was. This is one issue the team is already starting to investigate further.

What's next?
As the dust settles on this Xbox flight, the team will shift focus back to PC. The next Halo: Reach flight is intended to be multiplayer focus for PC. We don't have timing to share yet, but stay tuned for additional details once we have a locked plan.

In the meantime, remember you can opt-in, opt-out, and update your preferences any time by visiting Make sure your preferences are up to date, particularly your PC DXDIAG info if you are interested in having a chance to participate in a future PC flight.

Also please make sure your Halo Insider email is valid and that you've completed the email verification process - otherwise we can't send you a flight invite!

Thank you for your support!