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[Locked] Halo: Reach Multiplayer Matchmaking Flight (Xbox)

OP Unyshek

Today we are kicking of the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Matchmaking Flight for Xbox One users. If you were invited, you should be receiving an email today. Please be sure to check your spam folders, read the mail carefully, and follow all instructions outlined below.

Once the flight has concluded, a survey will be sent to gather your thoughts and feedback on this experience. Thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you online!

Please read through and follow the steps listed below in order to participate in this flight:
  1. Use your Halo Insider registered Xbox profile: This is the Xbox profile you registered with over on Halo Waypoint when signing up for the Halo Insider Program. You will not be able to access the content if you use a different Gamertag.
  2. Delete old Halo Insider builds. If you have participated in previous Xbox One flights using the Xbox Insider Hub, you must delete any old “Halo: MCC Insider” builds on your console before installing the new flight build. We’ve seen issues arise and consoles get into bad states when these older builds are present - it will prevent you from being able to play in Halo: Reach flights. Make sure to not delete "Halo: The Master Chief Collection.” That is the actual game for MCC. You will want to make sure to delete the "Halo: MCC Insider" build specifically. Seriously. Do it. Please. These deprecated “Halo: MCC Insider” flight builds serve no further purpose and will impede your ability to play in new flights.
  3. Install the Xbox Insider Hub. If you have not participated in previous Xbox One flights, you will need to Install the Xbox Insider Hub app. Once downloaded, launch the Xbox Insider Hub app and navigate to 'Insider Content' to find and install the Halo: MCC Insider flighing build. Please wait for the installation to complete before moving onto the next step.
  4. Hard reset Xbox console. Once previous “Halo: MCC Insider” builds have been deleted and you have unenrolled from old Flight Rings, please hard reset your Xbox. To perform a hard reset, hold the power button for 10 seconds while the system is on. The system will turn off.
  5. Download the correct build, 1.1106.0.0. Once all previous steps have been completed you will navigate back to the Xbox Insider Hub application and download the Halo: MCC Insider flighting build. If you have issues obtaining the correct build, please walk through the steps listed above again to make sure you delete, unenroll, and hard reset your console before attempting again.
Please read this post on how you will submit bugs during the flight. We value your feedback and want to make sure we get to see it! If you follow the steps in this breakdown of how to report bugs you encounter during the flight, we will see it. Please read through it and learn how to submit a ticket on the Halo Support site!

Before we get too far, we wanted to be crystal clear that there are no rules against streaming or creating content for this flight. Please feel free to stream, share, and create content to your heart’s delight! However, do keep in mind that this is not a final product – it is a work-in-progress, limited build and will likely include a few rough edges and missing features. Please note that while you are free to share streams and create content, the build itself is intended solely for you and access to others is not permitted.

The primary goals of this flight are to test our multiplayer matchmaking on Xbox and gather feedback from players on the experience provided. We are looking to hear from you regarding areas we can continue to improve on and gather your precious feedback. Please take a look below for scheduled play sessions to participate in the flight's content.

The limited content in this build includes six multiplayer maps and five playlists that will rotate on the Xbox version of Halo: Reach in MCC. The playlists will rotate and change as needed based on the population on each given day.
  • 2v2 Social: Slayer will be played on maps Countdown, Powerhouse, and Zealot.
  • 4v4 Social: Slayer, Flag and Bomb, Zone Control, Asset Denial, and Action Sack will be played on Countdown, Powerhouse, Zealot, and Tempest.
  • 8v8 Social: Slayer, Flag and Bomb, Zone Control, and Asset Denial, will be played on Tempest, Breakpoint, and Ridgeline.
  • Halo: Reach Team Hardcore: Slayer and Capture the Flag will be played on maps Countdown and Zealot.
  • Halo: Reach Invasion: Invasion will be played on the map Breakpoint.
With the content of this flight being Multiplayer matchmaking only, you will want to be online during the scheduled play sessions for your best bet to find a match. The duration of the flight is from October 2 through October 9. After 1:00 PM PT on October 9 matchmaking will become unavailable. Please enjoy and take a look at the below play times to get in on as much of the action as you can.
  • October 2, 4v4 Social: 5:00 PM PT - 9:00 PM PT
  • October 3, Halo: Reach Team Hardcore: 10:00 AM PT - 1:00 PM PT & 5:00 PM PT - 9:00 PM PT
  • October 4, Halo: Reach Invasion: 10:00 AM PT - 1:00 PM PT & 5:00 PM PT - 9:00 PM PT
  • October 5, 4v4 Social: 10:00 AM PT - 1:00 PM PT & 5:00 PM PT - 9:00 PM PT
  • October 6, 8v8 Social: 10:00 AM PT - 1:00 PM PT & 5:00 PM PT - 9:00 PM PT
  • October 7, Halo: Reach Team Hardcore: 10:00 AM PT - 1:00 PM PT & 5:00 PM PT - 9:00 PM PT
  • October 8, 2v2 Social: 10:00 AM PT - 1:00 PM PT & 5:00 PM PT - 9:00 PM PT
  • October 9, 4v4 Social: 10:00 AM PT - 1:00 PM PT
This flight isn’t strictly about MCC, but also a Beta test of our new Halo Support site. This site is a place where you can come and read Knowledge Based Articles (KBAs) to find out known issues and submit bugs or issues to the team based on your flight experience. If you want to be sure our developers see your bugs and feedback, please report issues using the create a ticket function which is explained in this KBA. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this website. An in-depth explanation of the Halo Support site can be found HERE.

Along with the Halo Support site, a new Twitter account has been stood up to help share important news around support for Halo. To stay up-to-date, please head on over and give a follow to the new @HaloSupport account on Twitter.

To talk about everything Halo, we also have the official Halo Discord. A special channel to discuss the flight has been brought online. To join in on the conversation simply click the following link HERE.

As a final note regarding the Halo Support site, only Halo Insiders who are selected to participate in this and future flights will have access to this site until it is moves out of beta and is ready for the public in the future.

We have compiled a full list of Known Issues over in the Known Issues KBA for this flight. Please be sure to read through these before submitting any issues when reporting bugs. With this being a work in progress build, there are some bugs that we are aware of. The most common known issue is that upon exiting the progression screen, the audio for the bar filling can play continuously. To avoid this, do not skip the progression screen. If you encounter this, you will need to reboot the game to resolve it. Please feel free to report issues you encounter and we will make sure to properly track them.

Thank you for stopping by and we will see you online!