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Invite , no instructions

OP vormundknight

I got my invite, said go to waypoint for instructions and nothing. Is this a joke? On top of that pages take forever to load or keep getting error messages to try again.
I'm having the same issue man. I know its disappointing but just be patient. From what I can see on all my feeds and on twitter they are working to fix it ASAP
Hate to say it, but every time I come to this site it takes about a minute for a page to load if it does or I get an error message about a problem on their side. Really hope they are not going to be a Bungie. The is a common problem with most companies these days. Problems that should not be. It is just going to suck I gotta tell my son another company is letting us down. He was so excited when we got this invite. Wish I could have it not together and still keep my job and customers.
Been having the same exact issue. Got the email, no instructions on the download. Been waiting for several hours now.
I have the same issue. I have an email and a message on Waypoint. When I open the message, it states “You have not been selected for this flight”.

At this point, after five hours of trying to get onto the App or website, I can honestly say, disappointing is not the term…
Check your insider profile, the code will be linked next to the Infinite flight under the my flights section.
Unfortunately it doesn't fix the problems with Waypoint but it should help.
At least you got that much, I have been trying to get in for 12 hrs and no messages period, no instruction nothing, and when I trying to load the original message I get an oops we have a problem on our side error message.'
Kordarion6229 I see nothing that says " Infinite flight under the my flights section." Their Halo channel isn't even working, and their website takes forever for pages to load if they load. This is all BS
Did you get an email saying to log onto Waypoint a find the code in your messages? If you did I don't know what you should do, all I know is that's what I saw someone say in a different forum post and when I tried it, it worked for me.
This man is correct the link he posted had the steam code at the bottom
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