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Linking Steam Account

OP DetachedLeader

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Is anyone else experiencing an error page when trying to link their steam profile?

None of my buddies in Chimera Corps had this issue

EDIT: fixed by switching browser.
just did mine, worked fine no problems. Using Chrome.
Mine wouldn't log into my account and gave no reason why, tried a good 15 or so times, didn't even get a log in time out from it. I linked mine using a mobile and it worked first time no issue. Give it a shot on a phone see If it helps
I had to do it twice because I have a family lock on the steam linking page and that has discard the linking process but after a second try it work fine.
worked fine
If you're having trouble due to adblocking then open the sign in page through a new tab instead of clicking on it which just opens it in a new window. You can allow what you need there to sign in & once you've done that you can close the tab & click the link information button again normally to have it saved.
What kind of error are you getting OP?
If logging in from the popup doesn't work, try logging into the normal steam website on a new tab in your browser, and set it so it remembers your login. My guess is that the whole steamguard thingy sometimes won't work in the popup.
I had no problems signing in with my steam. I was using chrome. Try a different browser, clearing your cookies/cache, and try again.
What kind of error are you getting OP?
It was HTTP ERROR 400 with Chrome.

Tried Firefox as suggested and it worked fine.

I assumed it was an issue with the number of people trying to access the page but obviously not.

Thanks guys.
Worked fine for me in Chrome, maybe try clearing your cache if you're having trouble.

EDIT: I see you've fixed it
Just try to restart chrome and see if it works then because mine went through perfectly.
Using Firefox and it worked fine. Just took a bit of time.
I used the steam app
I know this isn't really adding much, but it worked fine for me. Using Chrome & a bunch of ad-blocking extensions too.
How do I know that everything went fine with Steam? I logged into my account and everything like it said but I never got a confirmation with Steam.
Only thing I had to do that was "extra" was my two step verification for Steam.
Only tried Chrome and it worked fine here
Used Firefox and it went through without any issues.
Did mine on Edge to keep it “Microsofty” and it went through, lol.
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