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Welcome back, friends!

For today’s Flighting & Development Update, we are going to talk through our most recent game release on PC, our recent Xbox update, future flighting, and how you too can get in on the action via the Halo Insider Program. No big intro is needed today, so let’s hit the ground running as we’ve found a weapon!

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary PC Release & Xbox Update
Last week, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary joined the ranks on PC for both Steam and the Microsoft Store. In case you missed it, there is an entire blog relating to H:CEA’s launch that can be found HERE. We have watched, read, and witnessed many people’s excitement to get in on the action for the first time or relive memories of the past. Whichever camp you come from, it’s something I’m happy to be a part of.
Right now, the team is hard at work, reviewing feedback, and pouring over the support tickets that players have filed from both flighting and its retail release. The team is currently working on an update for H:CEA and Halo: Reach for previously discussed Known Issues. Though we don’t have a date for that update just quite yet to share, it is in the works.

For those that are unsure about where to go to find our patch notes, known issues, and relevant technical documentation for players – I have the place for you! By navigating to, you can find these Knowledge Based Articles, commonly referred to as KBAs, by using key words in the center of the page’s search bar. Some articles, which we believe will help you the most, will even be pinned near the bottom of the page. This is the place where you’ll go to learn about what’s what in the world of updates, known issues, and everything support related.

Last week wasn’t only just a PC release, Xbox players also received an update to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Since its update, we have heard a lot of positives relating to quality of life improvements and seen reports that some areas have regressed. We have heard feedback relating to performance issues across several games within MCC and are actively investigating the matter. If you are experiencing any performance issues on Xbox, please make sure to head over to the Halo Support site and submit a ticket to help us narrow down the root cause. The more information we have, the better we can understand the problem.

As many have come to learn over the past several years with MCC, we are eager to continue working with the community in identifying ways we can improve our process. The entire studio is dedicated to having a player first mentality. We have a dedicated team that reviews them and shares issues directly with our developers. Part of this from our side involves regular updates to our KBAs on the Halo Support site. But we can’t do our best work if you don’t help stay informed. So, in order to make sure the team can focus on identifying new reports, please make sure to find out if an issue is on the Known Issues list prior to submitting a ticket.

We will continue to listen and make our best efforts to react to hot topics within the community. If you are reviewing the Halo Support site because you are experiencing a technical issue, but can’t find information, don’t hesitate to submit a ticket. We appreciate your time and in doing so, it helps to inform us of any problems you are encountering that we may not be aware of. Though we may not act on each individual issue, we will prioritize them and work to account for many in future updates and releases. Speaking of future updates and releases, lets take a look at our next set of flights for MCC!

Future Flights
Many of you already know this, but Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary are now on deck for the next release to PC. With that in mind, the team is heads down on creating the spec for the next series of PC flights. We’re currently planning for our next flight to include content for Halo 2, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo: Reach’s Forge & Theater for PC, and potentially some Halo: Reach audio fixes. These fixes are still in progress, so currently they may or may not come in for our next series of flights.

As a reminder, flighting is a way for us to get early access builds out to our Halo Insiders before they reach the public. Often things are rough around the edges and truly represent a work-in-progress. Building these games is a process and things can change. All of the content listed above may change and so may the timing, but if all goes well, we are targeting our next public flight for the end of March. If we remember back to earlier this year, we aimed to start flighting in January, but it ended up rolling into February when those kicked off. Please be patient as we want to get these out as quickly as possible, but in development: things happen.

Keep your eyes on this thread every week and we will do our best to provide the details of exactly what is coming and when. But, before you can flight, have you heard of the Halo Insider Program?

Halo Insider Program
As discussed above briefly, the Halo Insider Program is an early access program for getting work-in-progress content into your hands for feedback, reporting issues you encounter, and helping us make sure we’re able to release new games and updates things are ready to go ahead of releasing new games and even game updates. This helps us identify if things are working as intended, need a little more time to bake, or identify new features we may need to build for future updates.

if you haven’t already registered, please check out the Halo Insider program for your chance to participate in future flights. As reminder, not everyone will be able to participate as we look for a plethora of hardware configurations for each flight. We do still regularly invite folks who have not participated in previous flights to help make sure everyone eventually gets a turn. If you have previously registered, don’t forget to stop in and update your profile to tell us about that fancy new graphics card you got or the Xbox One X you picked up. Knowing what hardware you have helps us select the right variety of players with different PC and Xbox specifications. Effectively, keeping your profile up to date helps us make even better games.

Thank you so much for stopping by! For those of you that made it all the way to the end, here is a little tidbit of an update for y’all:

Since H:CEA’s release, we have seen several posts commenting on the bullet “spread” on both Xbox and PC. Though all discussions are not the same, we have identified and are investigating an issue that alters bullet spread for H:CEA on PC at higher frame rates. Although we don’t have a solution at this time, when we do, it will likely end up in a future flight.

With that, I must bid you a farewell and a happy Friday y’all! As always, thank you for stopping by, and we will see you online!

Hey Friends,

Welcome back to another MCC Development and Flighting Update! To start this update off I want to say that the only new information relating to game development and flighting since last week’s update is that if all goes well, we are planning to have our first flight build for internal testing next week. However, we will be talking through some of the key things ongoing as we move forward in development since there have been many questions regarding COVID-19 and its impact on the teams working on MCC.

Our employee safety is the #1 priority. My friend and colleague, Unyshek, talked a little bit about our studio’s all up strategy in this week’s Community Update HERE. To summarize what he talked to, our studio began working from home recently. The teams are continuing to rise to the unique challenges raised by this reality. While we navigate this change, we will continue to bring new news relating to features, flighting, bug fixes, and development plans as they come to light. That said, work is continuing as the teams are actively moving towards flight preparation for Halo 2, Halo 2: Anniversary, and additional features for Halo: Reach and CEA. Bug fixes identified by our community through our Halo Support channels, flighting, and internal test teams are also being worked on. More information on these topics will be shared in the future as we get closer to our next public flight.

Before signing off, it would be remiss if I didn’t mention that each day we continue sifting through tickets that you submitted on the Halo Support site. We are working diligently to investigate the reports and continue to aim at resolving known issues as well. We understand that there are many things in MCC that you are very passionate about. Our processes are always evolving and will continue to prioritize and act on the issues you report. Thank you again for submitting tickets and letting us know what areas you want to see improved on.

We could not do this without you, your love and support, and we will continue to bring you news and information relating to MCC flighting and development as we move forward.

As always, we appreciate your time, and will see y’all online!

Hey Friends,

Welcome back to another weekly Development & Flighting Update. The team has made fantastic progress over the past week for our upcoming flight, including branching the build and curating down the content. We are almost ready to begin testing in Rings 1 & 2. We are not flighting a build to them yet as there are a few blockers. Once those have been resolved and verified, we will begin flighting to the Ring 1 & 2 groups and then push to our Public flight for Halo Insiders in Ring 3.

In awesome news relating to flighting, we have begun testing out the latest evolution of how we message and invite flight participants. Going forward, we will no longer be sending out emails with all pertinent information surrounding a flight. We have been testing out our new information delivery system on Waypoint and will be putting it through the rounds with our Ring 1 & 2 folks soon.

Once all flight blockers are fixed, tests performed through Rings 1 & 2, and we get the green light that we are ready to go - we will begin our flighting for Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary to the public. Earlier this month we talked about additional pieces we were hoping to flight for Halo: Reach and Halo: Combat Evolved, but these changes need to cook just a little bit longer.

The scope of this upcoming flight will include content for Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary for Campaign, Multiplayer, Theater (H2A only), as well as some new features players haven’t seen yet! So, hang in there folks. We are heads down working to get things into your hands and appreciate your patience.
Also, please check out this tweet HERE. Thank you all for stopping by and as always, we will see y’all online!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone is staying inside, staying safe, and keeping it clean during this unusual time. That said, let's get to it!

Welcome back to another weekly Development & Flighting Update. This one is light on new information as we continue to work towards public flighting. Progress is still being made each day and our Ring 1 and 2 partners have been helping us identify several critical issues. We just provided an updated build to them yesterday with some improvements, and we’re prioritizing the handful of issues that we need to resolve ahead of Halo 2 public flights. We will keep hammering away at the various Ring 3 blocking bugs and let y’all know when we are confident public flighting is ready to go.

As many of you saw earlier this week, the monthly MCC Development Update for March 2020 came out. It’s full of details about changes to flighting process, insights into design decisions (that will be available in flight), and a complete breakdown of content for said flight. If you missed it, grab some of your favorite snacks, pull up a chair, and dive into it. There are also some pretty cool screenshots in there for some upcoming content for MCC on both PC and Xbox!

Two other bits of news before I go:
  1. MCC on Steam is currently marked down 20% off regular price! Don’t sleep on that great deal if you have been on the fence. If you haven’t picked up MCC on Steam, now is the time!
  2. Double XP is ongoing in both Halo 5 and MCC! More XP means more progress, so you won’t want to miss it!
Thanks for stopping in and checking out the latest info as it relates to MCC development and flighting. For now, stay home, stay patient, and we will get these bugs fixed up so we can kick off flighting soon!

Catch you all next time!
Hey Friends,

Welcome back for another weekly rendition of the MCC Development and Flighting Update. This past week has seen several build updates, numerous bug fixes, and lots of iteration across the board for all titles coming to MCC. This update we are going to focus on 2 key pieces: the current flight status and the new flight invite process!

Flight Status
We are still currently in Rings 1 & 2. Over the past few weeks, we have been releasing updates regularly to fix various issues that have been found by our early access rings. Our current target is to begin public flighting in the later half of next week once our last Ring 3 blocking bug is resolved. If and when it is fixed, and no new blocking issues are found we will let folks know and get the next one out the door!

New Invite Process on Halo Waypoint
During the MCC Development Update – March 2020 blog we talked a little bit about the new flighting process. This move to improve the overall process has been based on feedback we have received from you, the community.

If invited, you will receive a standard email at the verified email address you provided in your Halo Insider Program profile. Here on Halo Waypoint you will receive a notification informing you that you have been invited to a flight. You will also receive a message that includes key flight details such as your Steam Key, a link to installation instructions, and other information piece related to your flight. All of the information will also be accessible via your Halo Insider Program profile page. This includes links to your flight’s instructions, details (whether it’s Steam, Microsoft Store, or Xbox One), and this page will also include information about the status of the flight (if it is Active or ended). If it’s a Steam flight – your Steam Key will live here too.

With this being the first time for this new process, we will be sending out an information email to all invitees to reiterate these changes. We look forward to feedback and hope this is smoother for players that participate in the next flight!

Closing Time
Before we go, we wanted to share a great note to folks! An additional bug fix for H:CE has been added to the list that was shown off from last week’s blog as well. The spread on the Magnum when played at higher than 30fps has been resolved internally.

Thanks again for stopping in for another MCC Development & Flighting update. We look forward to getting this as well as many other improvements out to players in our next game update. Until next time, thanks for stopping by and we will see y’all online!

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to another weekly MCC Development & Flighting Update. Today's is a very light update with some great news; we are now flighting Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary on PC! This flight will run from now until the 27th of this month for both Steam and Microsoft Store participants. Each day participants will have access to rotating matchmaking offerings, custom games, a handful of Campaign missions, Halo 2: Anniversary Theater, and all-new Campaign Challenges for the first time in MCC. We are very excited and look forward to all the feedback from our flight group!

Thank you for stopping by, and we will see y'all online.

Hello Friends,

Welcome back for another MCC Development & Flighting Update! This one will be brief as we are all very heads down this week. Last week, we kicked off the Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary flight on the Microsoft Store and Steam and invited over 100k players to participate. This flight has continued through the week and today we are including an update to the flight build. Additional invitations are also getting sent out shortly, so we’ll have a larger group playing through this final weekend of flighting!

Halo Support & Development
As a reminder, creating tickets using the Insider Halo Support site during flighting is one of the most important things a flight participant can do as it relates to issues that you find. During flighting we have numerous agents going through tickets and creating groups based on what comes in. From those we generate new backlogs of bugs we would like to address and often prioritize work on based on the volume of issues reported.

The short and sweet of it is this; if you are choosing to not submit tickets through the Halo Support site and instead are talking about it elsewhere instead – you are doing it wrong. Below are a handful of tickets that were discussed during flighting thus far that we have been able to address for today’s patch to the Halo 2 flight build:
  • We have taken a 1st pass at the behavior for crouching while moving in Halo 2
  • Resolved zooming in while dual-wielding
  • Muzzle flashes appear appropriately when swapping from Anniversary graphics to classic
  • Crash before reaching the last area in Delta Halo
  • A bug that was setting graphics to “Performance” on initial launch has been resolved
  • H2A Bomb icon is too large in multiplayer
  • Stability was improved in several situations
  • Dual-wielding key binding was displayed as Change Weapon/Dual-Wield
  • Melee and Fire Secondary could be mapped to the same key binding
  • Some button layout had missing, or incorrect actions displayed
  • Switch grenades didn’t function while dual-wielding in H2A
  • Spartan model was missing visor lines in Halo 2 customization
  • Restarting and skipping cutscenes can cause Covenant character models to become disfigured in H2A graphics
  • Ending Custom games early can cause an error and loss of access to multiplayer
  • With cross hair position set to centered, when using binoculars, the reticule moves to lowered
For those who have been actively participating in flighting and submitting tickets on the Insider Halo Support site, thank you. Please spread the word to your friends and others, use to submit tickets and read up on Known Issues from flights.

Words and Stuff
Development updates on Fridays have been very brief as of late for several reasons. To be honest, this has been quite intentional on my part. Working from home is a very interesting change and my goal has been to minimize my asks on already busy teams while still delivering tangible and quality updates. Many previous posts were deemed too lengthy with too little information, so I’ve adjusted my style of writing to address this feedback.

I’ll continue to deliver longer development blogs though, so if you like the longer reads, be sure to keep an eye out. As always, thank you for helping us make our games better, and we will see y’all online!

Hey Friends,

Welcome back to another weekly MCC Development & Flighting Update. Yesterday, we did a large data dump of information as it relates to development and a flighting recap in our monthly MCC Development Update blog. It contains the latest and greatest info as we move towards Halo 2’s release and the future Halo 3 flighting. We will be back next week to talk through more news as it comes to be. Happy Friday, and as always, we will see you online!

Hey Friends,

Welcome back for another MCC Development and Flighting update! As some of you may have heard earlier this week, Halo 2 (H2) and Halo 2: Anniversary (H2:A) are coming to PC players on May 12th, at 8pm PT (UTC-7). With this comes many new features for PC players including Theater for Halo 2: Anniversary and Halo: Reach, Customization for H2 and H2:A, and Weekly Campaign Challenges. Below we are going to talk through the upcoming update for Xbox, the Known Issues for H2 and H2:A, and then look ahead to Halo 3 flighting.

Previously, we had talked a little bit about an update called “Thorage” and this update has been split up into separate ones as Theater is ready for PC while Forge is not. Great progress has been made on Forge, but we still have several supporting systems we are working through before this feature is complete. As we get closer to completion and it is ready to make the Great Journey to PC, we will keep y’all in the loop. Now, let’s dive into what folks can expect next week!

Xbox Updates
With the upcoming update to Xbox on the 12th, we have several improvements the team has been working on which includes performance for Halo 3. As we have talked to previously, our goal is to bring Halo 3’s performance on Xbox back to what it was prior to our update when Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary launched on PC. In great news, the team has been conducting internal tests and they are showing positive improvements for the experience which you will see in this update. But, the team is not done and will continue more extensive testing and listen for community feedback on any additional areas of improvements needed for Halo 3’s performance.

Unfortunately, with the good there is a small bad. Our test teams identified a newly introduced issue in H2:A where the reticule is off centered when playing split screen multiplayer. The team is working on a fix for this and we will be targeting a hot fix build update for this in the coming weeks ahead.

Halo 2 Launch Known Issues
With each new game that comes out, there will inevitably be some bugs that are present. Below is the current Known Issues list accompanying the launch of H2 and H2:A. Several of these are already pending fixes or in progress and will be resolved in future updates.

  • Settings saved in the flight are saved in the same file as used with retail MCC on PC
  • On Xbox in Co-op multiplayer, the HUD will become off centered when zooming in
  • Terminal videos default to English only
  • In-game audio plays while viewing terminal videos
  • Subtitles are not present in campaign gameplay
  • Subtitles are out of sync with audio when viewing cutscenes
  • Users on AMD hardware may encounter missing and/or flickering textures across campaign (such as the Elevator on Oracle)
  • Oracle in has several graphical issues including around glass flood tanks, clouds, and lightning effects
  • Cinematic audio for in Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary is affected by different audio option sliders.
  • Enemy Elites do not dual wield in the Campaign
  • Campaign cutscenes are much louder than gameplay
  • Some Campaign missions have FPS drops on first launch of the mission
  • When having multiple audio devices and swapping between classic and remastered graphics in cutscenes, audio can change output devices
  • When using a Ryzen 5 and AMD GPU, large rectangle volumes appear on the mission Oracle
  • Blur Cinematics and Terminal videos can have visual issues in non-16:9 aspect ratios as they were rendered at 16:9
  • Gunfire sounds are missing from multiple weapons with the Scarab Skull active
  • With the Scarab Gun skull active, a hardlock can happen when firing a plasma rifle after swapping weapons with an Elite
  • Sentinel lights will display for a short time after death before disappearing
  • Some environmental textures appear in lower than expected resolutions
  • Music will loop incorrectly on Metropolis while in the Scorpion tank
  • Using Nvidia GPUs on Classic graphics, various foliage environment LOD textures are missing
  • Gravemind on co-op has hitches and with poor network conditions disconnects can happen
  • When swapping between Classic and Remastered graphics music will change to different parts of the track
Halo 2: Anniversary
  • Pixilation on shadows can be seen in Anniversary graphics
  • Forge map lighting is not appearing correctly
  • Performance lowers during games of 3 plots
  • Texture resolution is displaying in low quality through various parts of the title
  • When looking at the fan on Stonetown, FPS sometimes drops to 45
  • Audio is missing when reloading weapons when done quickly
  • Primary weapon audio decreases if you are shooting while picking up a secondary weapon
  • Decals on the Gauss Warthog turret will detach from the model during the firing animation
  • When using newer Intel drivers with onboard graphics, you cannot launch
  • Performance in theater films is capped at 60 fps when framerate is set to unlimited
  • There are no inversion options in the Settings Menu for dual wielding
  • Lighting is inconsistent between Elite and Spartan armors
  • There is visible stuttering on objects when strafing with Unlimited Framerate enabled
  • Sound effects do not play for the player holding the oddball when playing Hot Potato
  • The Hoplite armor is missing a rear armor piece in gameplay
Halo 2
  • When using voice chat there is no notification that players are talking
  • The music mixing is much quieter in MCC compared to the original
  • Team Spawn system does not have parity with original
  • Bullet registration is not in parity with the original
  • The respawn timer is hidden by the territory capture meter in multiplayer
  • Gamma values are excessively blown out compared to legacy
  • Super bouncing does not mirror legacy
  • Snow VFX do not match legacy behavior on snow weather missions and maps
  • The sun is not rendering on most maps and missions
  • When playing at higher field of view, textures will appear to pop in more frequently as the LOD distance is shortened
  • Banshees turn faster when using Mouse and Keyboard
Halo 3 Flighting
Prep work is already well in progress with early testing beginning in the coming weeks with our Ring 1 folks. As it progresses and we work through our process we will make sure to keep folks apprised of when and where to expect the next series of PC flights to take off! But, before that happens, if you have registered, please make sure you have updated your Halo Insider profile. If you haven’t already registered, please check out the Halo Insider program for your chance to participate in future flights. So, take some time right now, head on over, and get involved!

Thanks for dropping in and we will catch you again in the next one.

Hey Friends,

Welcome back to another Friday MCC Development and Flighting Update! This week we released Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary on PC as well as updated MCC on Xbox One. We have a handy dandy launch blog you can read HERE. Since launch, we have been investigating a handful of issues that the community has brought to our attention relating to Halo 2 on PC and Halo 3 on Xbox One. This is our current focus right now and we are giving updates on these investigations daily. You can read more about our current status in this article HERE.

Next week we are aiming to be back to normal development and be able to give more updates on flighting as well. For now, thank you for your patience and we will continue to give updates on development and flighting in the future.

Hey Friends,

Welcome back to another MCC Friday Development and Flighting Update! We are into the second week post Halo 2’s launch and still as busy as ever.

MCC Hotfix 5/21
Yesterday we released a hotfix that addressed several issues players had been encountering relating to Halo 2 projectiles, Halo 3 stability, as well as a specific crash on Valhalla. To read up on the patch notes, please check out this article HERE. This patch also fixed several bugs from our list. If you see any new issues from this patch, please be sure to report them over at We will continue to resolve issues reported by the community and include them in future updates.

Halo 3 Flighting
Halo 3 is next up on the menu for coming to MCC on PC and we are already underway with early stages of flighting in Ring 1. Next week, we aim to get the completely paired down flight build into our partners hands, which is much sooner than usual. Our goal is to have the Halo 3 public flight kicked off in the first half of June. We can’t wait to get the community involved!

But, before that happens, if you have registered, please make sure you have updated your Halo Insider profile . If you haven’t already registered, please check out the Halo Insider program for your chance to participate in future flights. So, take some time right now, head on over, and get ready!

Hey Friends,

Today we don't have a small update. We have a BLOG. Please go forth and read it. Happy Friday!!!

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