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[Locked] MCC Flight – February/March 2021!

OP snickerdoodle

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Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for MCC Flight Nine on PC and Xbox One. Please do NOT report issues or bugs in this thread. Issues should be reported at the Halo Support Insider Site. This thread is intended for the following feedback:

  • Customization options Feedback
  • New maps and features Feedback
  • Misc/Other Feedback
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to MCC Flight Nine on PC and Xbox One. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:

  • Area of Game: please specify which are of the game you're providing feedback for
  • Feedback: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Insider Halo Support site and find out if it is a Known Issue. If not, please submit a ticket
EDIT: And fixed it was.
Original post:
Customization options Feedback
I am so happy to see customization options for the FOV in the game. However, I can't help but feel like it is lacking. Allowing users to move the guns forward, as well as side to side, would be wonderful. I understand that this may cause some visual issues with the game, but I can assure you, anyone messing around with an FOV slider is more than willing to see a wonky reload animation that be limited to the visibility on screen.

Other than that, loving the flight so far!
Miles3298 wrote:
Might want to fix that first Insider Site link; that's a Discord URL.
Fixed, thank you!
Viewmodel adjustment feedback:
- It would be nice to also have negative offset options, as well as lateral/left-and-right adjustments.
- Being able to move them per-weapon rather than per-category would be nice (ODST pistol vs Halo 3 pistol comes to mind; I might want to move one, but not the other.)
hey im sorry if m dumb but when u announce crossplay dont take away the abilty to play campain crossplay multiplayer is great and all but please add CROSSPLAY TO CAMPAIN I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH
hey im sorry if m dumb but when u announce crossplay dont take away the abilty to play campain crossplay multiplayer is great and all but please add CROSSPLAY TO CAMPAIN I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH
Hey Pika, this thread is primarily for feedback on the current MCC flight. You'll want to leave this feedback over in the MCC forums, there are dedicated threads pinned at the top of the MCC PC and Xbox forums
hello, have two doubts:
-After the flighting is done, do we get to keep the game on steam?
-Is it ok to stream gameplay on twitch?
Please let me know

Thank you
Will the other Halos such as Reach and Halo 4 be playable in this flight later with their FOV and Crosshair Positioning?
With the view model offsets:
  • I need to see my adjustments taking effect as I am making them. If I want to save them, prompt me for that when I'm done. I should be able to clearly see the effect my adjustments is having on my viewmodel as I am changing it.
  • Allow me to offset my viewmodel on all axes
  • Allow me to have negative offsets. I should be allowed to go forwards, back, up, down, left, right
About the *new* team changing option:
  • First, it's nice that a feature that was standard originally on pretty much all the games in MCC is finally coming back, however can we get a UI for team changing that just isn't clunky? Right now you have to open roster > select your player > choose change team > choose the team you want. That is just ridiculous! The option to team change is so burried it isn't obvious that the feature even exists. In the original games, team changing was an option right on the pause menu. All you had to do was select it then select the team you wanted. Can we get a button for this right in the pause menu?
Would it be possible to remove the katana armor and make the katana sword itself into a backpack, kind of like the pulaski? Thank you for your time.
I'd really like to know I'm banned from matchmaking in the insider builds. I don't see the point of letting me in them if I'm still unable to play matchmaking.
I have some feedback regarding the new customisation options and armour, and their interactions with existing permutations.

First, I'm glad that the Mark VI foot armour has been restored. The positioning of the shoulders is still off however, and certain shoulders make parts of the armour clip and jut out awkwardly, most notably CQB. This issue persists from the previous techsuit changes. Hopefully this will be addressed as development continues.

As for the new armour, I really like the new ODST options. Really great job. But again, some of the ODST shoulders clip awkwardly with certain chest pieces, particularly those based on the original Mark VI armour (i.e. all of the original chest pieces).

The new backpack options I feel are very awkward when a weapon is strapped to the back of the Spartan model. Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, etc. Would it be possible to move the position of these weapons when attached to the back so that they appear on the outside of the new backpack customisations rather than clipping inside them? Presumably this will be a fairly simple matter of shifting the weapon model's location relative to the spartan model. Another particularly good option for backpacks specifically might be to put them on the side of the backpack, but I understand that might be more difficult to implement. I also understand that given that the player will rarely see these items on their own model unless they are in third person, it is only really of concern to other players. Not a priority, perhaps, but something I would like addressed at some point.
  • Area of Game: Customization options
Nameplates: The new animated nameplates are very cool, I think it is a good addition to the customization, I only have one complaint specifically with the name plate Glint, I think the flickering effect of the light on the helmet becomes annoying.

Armor: I loved the new Halo 3 customization options, the new legs section parts and the back accessories just loved it, The new visor colors are interesting to see, I think it's a great idea to incorporate more ODST options for customization. I also liked the new skins for the weapons and Vehicles. I only have the doubt if the ODST / HVY helmet is as if it were the base model, because it appears without color, or it is a bug, and with the shoulders on the left arm the ODST / HVY model is different from that of the right arm.

  • Additional Info:
* I play on an Xbox One X, a recommendation that I would like to make is that people always put their insider version of the game in English. Because some names appear with code names, and this does not help you to give the feedback correctly. (I say this because reading the known issues in Halo 3 it is mentioned that one of the techsuit appears as Maroon when it is red, but in other languages it appears as TechSuit_Colored3, and so there is no way for you to know if there is a bug like in this case)

Maybe to avoid this kind of problem, they should only release a unique version completely in English.
  • Area of Game:
    Cutomization options

  • Feedback:
    The new backpacks obscure the head from behind in some cases and its actually pretty bad. Usually you could give it some kind of leeway like with the katana but the screenshot below is pretty unacceptable

    We're on pretty level ground and that only gets worse as he moves up the ramp. If he were to try strongsiding away by looking down it would look even crazier
The new armor looks insane 😍
  • Area of Game: Viewmodel adjustments
  • Feedback: This addition is extremely disappointing. It does not address the fact that the weapon appears too low when using the centered option in Halo 3, nor the fact that the weapon appears extremely large when using high FOV settings. Adding the ability to move it forwards, upwards or side to side would be ideal. It's really unbelievably disappointing that they've been teasing this addition for over a year and now that it's finally here it's basically a miniscule adjustment that doesn't really do anything. I understand that it can potentially cause visual glitches if moved too far out of the range that the animators intended, but that should be our decision to make as the player if we want to customise it that way.
A sidenote, the UV mapping for the new ODST helmet visors appear to be broken, the normal map is not displaying correctly.
hello, have two doubts:
-After the flighting is done, do we get to keep the game on steam?
-Is it ok to stream gameplay on twitch?
Please let me know

Thank you
No, after flighting ends the build will be stubbed and no longer accessible.
You are more than welcome to stream and make content during flights :)
Loving the flight so far. The new armors look sick. I love the backpack options. Honestly been waiting for the shield since the katana very first freatured.
only thing I’ve noticed is that my visor is a strange reflective mirror color when I’m killed. It looks really cool. Just not the color it’s set to. Not sure what all bugs to look for. First flight! Last time I was early was the halo reach demo on 360. Got the red ring of death...
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