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[Locked] MCC Flight – February/March 2021!

OP snickerdoodle

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Ok so first things first
The new content: the new visors and the back accessories are really good ( despite some color visors are bugging the layout of the visor) and the new reskin of the legendary accesorie is pretty damn good and the animated banners are a nice addition,
The maps: Waterfall still has that fps drops in some parts of the map
The new shop sistem: in my opinion i feel this like a nice addition to add new content with out having to make another season, but i think some of the prices (more exactly the rhino bundle) are a little to high
In Conclusion: is a good flight with a lot of new cool content but it needs to polish a lot of things, btw thanks for always listening the community
Halo 3 Armor/Customization Feedback.

-Halo 3 Armor Toggle Debacle Electric Boogaloo
  • This is CRITICAL, the "Katana" chestpiece no longer exists and is not restored with the toggle! This appears to be in violation of the toggle's inception.
  • The Back Accessories also remain unaffected by the toggle, often creating weird alignment issues when a "new armor" is reverted by the toggle while wearing a Back Accessory:
  • I think the solution is to restore the "Katana" chestpiece and invert the "Katana" Back Accessory, so they can co-exist. Example:
-Rhine Armor Set:
  • I'm not sure if the blue lines on Rhine are supposed to be like the "Lights" other armors have. So if they are, they should behave the same way the other armors' "Lights" do and inherit the otherwise correct color (currently the primary color). Example of "Rhine" NOT inheriting color in-game:
-Halo Online armor with "Lights":
  • Currently the "Lights" do not inherit any armor color in the menu, something that should be changed/fixed. In-game the lights inherit the primary armor color (or in a team mode the team color), which is fine. However inheriting the secondary color would likely prove better for customization (while still being overwritten in team modes). Example:
-Low Resolution Halo Online Helmets:
  • Several of the Halo Online Helmets (and just a handful of shoulders) seem to have noticeable Low resolution textures both in-game and in the menu. Notice the "Lancer" Helmet especially:
-Back Accessory positioning:
  • Some of the Back Accessories have "funky alignment" and would benefit from another "Once Over". Particularly "Pulaski", which clips into the butt of the spartan on about half of the chestpieces: Another example on "Rhine":
  • I gather the intention of the "AZURE", "GUNMETAL", and "MAROON" techsuits was to add unlocks to the season and expand customization. However, I think this is the wrong direction for techsuits to take.
  • "AZURE", "GUNMETAL", and "MAROON" don't conform to team colors and therefore standout to a significant degree, so at the very least, they should inherit team colors in team modes. Example:
  • I think that "GEN1", "GEN2", and "GEN2 TINTED" are a solid foundation and should be expanded upon. Therefore, "GEN2 SECONDARY" and "GEN2 TERTIARY" should be added, renaming "GEN2 TINTED" to "GEN2 PRIMARY". This places the techsuits into the established color system and even greater expands customization(while still being overwritten in team modes). Visualized:
-Alignment Issues on "Legacy" Halo 3 Shoulders:
  • This issue is most apparent on "Scout" and "CQB". Example:
-Animated Nameplates:
  • Most of these are great additions, however, "NEW GUARD", "OLD GUARD", "RAVEN", and "GLINT" seem overly fast and/or busy and could use a slow down. Reference:
Hopefully all this helps, thanks.
Okay now that I have had the chance to play the new maps I can give a bit more of a detailed review to go with my customization feedback from earlier.

Played on Xbox One S

This map is visually stunning. It is easily one of my favorite maps in the entirety of MCC. The depth of the Forerunner details on one side of the map along with the Sentinels gives you the feeling you are in a Forerunner location. I caught myself stopping and appreciating the visuals several times throughout my matches. The gameplay is fun and the center bridge holding overshield etc gives incentive to go for it but it is not without risk. On the outside part of the map, the elevation changes give options for different tactics and overall the map is a blast to play on.

I had some performance issues on this one with framerate drop towards the center of the map. The map visually looks great and I appreciated the details such as the Pelican flying in the background and the holographic display. I also had some issues with spawning right into someone's fire making for frustration occasionally. The different levels of the map allow for flanking and other fun gameplay. Overall the map is good, but Edge was my clear favorite.

The Exchange
This is my favorite feature of the flight. I love the idea of giving players a chance to get limited time items they may have missed out on. As someone who is grinding to 152 on Halo 5, I haven't had the time to play MCC as much as I've wanted so i am excited to get a chance at some of the things I missed

  • The audio cue while matchmaking is a nice touch. Sometimes while waiting for matches or in someone's party I have been unaware the game is about to start so this is a nice change.
  • The sword and board back accessory change is much better than the 2 swords originally.
  • I enjoyed the option to change my reticle from lowered to centered.
  • The season 6 pass is missing a few logos for items such as one of the new visors. I'm sure this is known as this is pre-release though.
  • The animated banners are a great add, specifically the ring one.
On my last post I did not touch on the new weapon and vehicle skins. Black Rhine is a great looking skin and is very visually pleasing in game. The Fireteam Raven camos are also a nice add and represent each of the members of the fireteam well. The blue was specifically my favorite. Lastly, wow the Rhine armor looks GREAT. I enjoy having these Forerunner inspired armors in the game as they have such a distinct look and really matches the futuristic vibes of Halo.

Edit: I’m glad the gap issue was fixed on the sabatons on the tech suits.

  • Add elite armors. Arbiter, Honor Guard, or Halo Online armors would be a very nice add and please Elite players (like me) in the community
  • On loading screens, (for example playing Halo 3 BR) it would be a nice detail to have the icon of the Battle Rifle match up to the game you are playing.
Follow up tickets can not be created on the insider support site anymore.
  • Area of Game: Halo 3 Waterfall
  • Feedback: There is one more exploitable spot on the map I am aware of on the "enclosed" side of the map:
BecSon0 wrote:
add a weekly for both pve and pvp to earn like 5 or more points but a longer task
The weekly challenge for completing x PvE or PvP challenges would be great for this
I've been with insider for a long time and even till this day I don't have a insider nameplate
Great new weapons, skins and armor. Really enjoying the flight. Look forward to the next one. I'm not the greatest player but I'm loving being here and playing with some awesome players!! Thanks to the Halo Insider Team!!

Thanks T
I enjoy the new additions being brought to the Halo 3 customization menu. The maps are outstanding to just look at and playing on them feels like a Halo experience. Everything looks polished and clean but I only have one problem with the Halo 3 matchmaking whenever I include all of the game categories. Even after finding a game it struggles finding players and my network is perfectly fine.
The new stuff is cool but how about some bug fixing and QoL improvements?
First and for most I would like to say I really enjoy the new additions being brought in with this flight.

Firstly getting Fireteam Ravens armor is awesome I remember playing the arcade machine wishing we had these models in the game and we get get that plus more. It will be nice seeing a lot more ODST variants running around.

Secondly the two new maps starting off with Waterfall this map is a good face paced always something going on map it's well balanced in my opinion and it will be great addition to the game. Edge now I struggled with the one most of the time it was just a ring around the rosy match all in all though big complaint on this one is it would be cool if there was more powerups around the map.

Third and last thing The Exchange is a pretty neat idea I approve of it and I think it will be very great addition to the game.

All in all was a lot of good things coming out to the MCC and I'm glad you guys keep updating it and keep bringing new items and things to the game thank you.
Quick question is the Season 6 Flight Over?
Hey Friends,

Thank you everyone for participating in the flight and sharing your feedback! It has now concluded and we are closing the feedback thread.

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