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[Locked] MCC Flight – February/March 2021!

OP snickerdoodle

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It looks like this is a trend, but I'll throw my voice into the chorus anyway.

I was very excited to hear that view model adjustment would be coming to the MCC, but it's implementation in this flight is rather disappointing. I would like to see a much wider range of offset on all axes, think up to 100% or higher, including forward and backward. Let the player decide if he or she wants to deal with distorted view models or not. The whole point of view model customization is that the player can decide how he or she wants to experience the game. The default will always exist for the purposes of vanilla presentation, but when I play a game on PC I want to play at a high FOV (110 degrees) and I like to push my view models forward significantly so I don't feel like my chin is glued to my wrist.

Additionally I would like to suggest you implement reticle customization or at least resizing options. The reticle might be fine on a television, but on PC I find that the reticle across all games tends to be too large for me to comfortably acquire and accurately hit distant targets. Halo 2 Project Cartographer has a reticle resizing option and it was a godsend for playing Halo 2 on PC prior to the MCC's PC launch.

Additionally, Project Cartographer links view model FOV to real FOV (as do most games) and as a matter of reference that is what I am looking for in my view model customization. I want to push them way forward.

I was also very excited to hear that double key binding was coming to MCC PC. I really appreciate that you are implementing more user customization as time goes on and I hope it continues. However, I would like to suggest that you implement the option to assign multiple functions to the same key in addition to offering multiple keys for one function.

For example, in Halo 2 I would like to configure Q as both my switch weapon button and my dual wield button to emulate the control of the Original Xbox release where Y was both switch weapon and dual wield. Alternatively, in Halo 3 I would like to use F to both pick up a dual wield weapon and reload that weapon once equipped, again much like the original Xbox 360 release, so that I am not spreading so many functions across different buttons. It's great that the option to spread functions out like that exists and I would like for that to stay, but I also want the choice to consolidate functions. You can give the player a warning or notification that they've assigned multiple functions to the same key. The reset default option always exists if someone confuses him or herself. Give those of us who know what we're doing and what we want the option to customize our interface as completely as possible.

Thank you for the good work.

EDIT: I forgot to add that I would like to see my view models as I am customizing them. Some mods for the original PC release of Halo: CE did that. Open Sauce was one example.

EDIT 2: I would also like to suggest adding a set of Master View Model FOV sliders so that I can customize everything at once instead of individually.
More tertiary color on the new odst helmet and new armor in general. The chest can have more flare with that.
  • Area of Game: Waterfall
  • Feedback: First things first, I love the map as a whole. Love the look and the flow during SLAYER game types... Although I wish there were 2 BRs at spawn during the AR start games. Or at least one maybe leading down to bottom mid past the Shotgun... I also enjoy that the Rocket only has 2 shots and to get an extra reload you have to fight down to bottom mid to get ammo, it's really refreshing. I found the gameplay to be slightly awkward during ASSAULT games. Seems like if you've wiped the enemy team it becomes easy to steamroll from that point on. That's based on where the team respawns, which from what I've noticed only gives the team that plants the bomb an advantage to defend it. Almost too much of an advantage.
  • Area of Game: Edge
  • Feedback: I don't have a lot to say about Edge. It's one of the most fun maps in the entire franchise. That's my opinion of course. You're so vulnerable to get power weapons and the Overshield which creates these long fights and big plays to acquire them. And CTF games are just a good time plain and simple and feels so natural on that map.
Just my opinions of course! I can't wait to see the rest of the content this Flight and Season 6!

Thank you for reading
Very impressive stuff everybody, I haven't been able to weed out a single bug (besides the already-reported Mongoose skin issue), and it's certainly not for a lack of trying.
The Update has delighted me, I have only had problems in the new map with many lag problems and low FPS frequency when being close to enemies, that is the only problem I have had. The new Team Raven armor is perfect and I love the new additions like the backpack. I love the way the Battle Rifle works now being more accurate even though the Assault Rifle doesn't do that much damage.
Having the ability to switch teams in the middle of a custom match is nice to have on the mcc, and I love that there is still new content getting added to the older halo games. Keep up the good work.
Waterfall is very unoptimized for Base Xbox Ones at the moment. It is very apparent when you switch from playing on Halo MCC the main build and go to the insiders edition to try out Waterfall, I love the way it looks but it doesn't play well due to much lower framerate. I think it pushes Halo 3's Engine too far graphic wise and feels like a advanced Halo 4 or even Halo 5 map and I think this could be part of the reason it feels sluggish. If they tested it on 360 level test hardware so it would be an exact Halo 3 map being made for Halo MCC I doubt this would be too much of a issue for 343 to iron out and would make it more enjoyable to play on.
I don't know if this is intentional or not, but the techsuit on the first person viewmodel is always the new techsuit, even when you have disabled Halo 3 skins. I think it would be better if the first person techsuit was reverted to the original, if you choose to disable Skins.
  • Area of game: Waterfall.
  • Feedback: found a secret spot players can get to. It isn't intentional. Already made a post of it
Itz P1nky wrote:
So glad I finally get the invite to flight testing thank you 343i. Ive noticed you can crouch while full speed with keyboard which is great but its not possible with controller in H3 I think it should be implemented or taken away with both inputs its actually a pretty big advantage (even tho controller is king in halo 3). On the map Edge I think rockets and OS placement should be swapped, I feel it would make the map flow better. Right now OS feels less of a priority given its out in the open right between both power weapons that make it even more useless. Fight for OS on the side then use it to get the rockets. Gives OS a purpose instead of a get out of jail free for running across the middle lol. Sniper is probably fine where its at because it will be a counter to rockets (OS should be melted by the time you grab rockets with its purpose fulfilled).
Also plz give us a better mouse experience its sloppy right now and I'm not sure if its because its just halo or if its not optimized yet
(Accidentally posted in wrong forum thread, so I copied and am moving this here.)

So far I've played a few matches, and I have a bit to say.As for one, the new armor and customization options are absolutely stupendous. It adds variety and depth to the customization for Halo as a whole. The ODST test variants are very unique and fitting. The added animated effects to some of the player cards (Calling cards) is also nice and makes you really eager to obtain them whenever they're available. I really enjoy the new Rhine skins also, black and gold is such a beautiful combination. Overall I think adding more armor, backpack attachments (Really dope idea, the Legendary Sword one is stunning.) as well as more things to add for your specific taste when it comes to how you look like in MCC. Possibly more colors to choose from in the titles themselves? I really would like to have different colors that aren't so bland and basic whenever I choose my Spartan.Onwards to the new maps. The snow map is a very balanced map that is for sure. It's got a simple design but the multi-leveled surfaces and added boosters to gate you from one side of the map towards the middle is a great getaway from the straight b-line into the hectic center. The map is undeniably gorgeous as well. I've wanted a nice, smaller and snowy map to ride along the Halo 3 setting besides Snowbound and it looks like we're finally getting one. (Stoked without a doubt) The outside textures and indoor textures look and resemble what Halo 3 is, yet, stylish and a little more pretty than its preceding maps. I have only one complaint with it, that, the boosters weren't launching my grenades or utility. It may just be a problem I experience single handedly and not of an issue to anyone else, but if so, I would like the ability to utilize boosters with a plasma here, bubble shield there, etc etc etc...


For the other map, I played it during Halo Online I believe and it's a very balanced map for the most part. It's very reminiscent of Halo 4's maps in the looks of a Forerunner building or structure. It's a very clean map, the lighting differs on either side where one side is closed off by the structure and the other side is open and feels free. For being simple it doesn't get stale. Played Splasers on it for my first game and had an absolute blast.For an update as a whole, this is amazing.

You guys are doing great work, 343!

Much love <3
Seeing how there was a known issue regarding Waterfall's frame rate, why doesn't the insider program and later on actual MCC have a FPS counter you can turn on with Xbox?

Would just be a neat feature to have.

More view model adjustments like left hand/right hand as well as center/off center would be appreciated. If I can center my reticle I want to try and move the guns closer to how they appear in CE.
For the map edge: I mostly like the weapons and equipment it features. With that said I have some suggestions.

move equipment to less hidden places. For example place the bubble shield on the ramp platform that is directly above it.

also for the power weapons, how about having them spawn on a weapon holder so they are more visible? I think it would look better and provide better visual feedback for players. Especially the sniper which is flat on the ground.
For the map waterfall: this map is near perfect. Edge is good but waterfall is great.

perhaps for 2 flag modes disable the man cannons? Or at least make that an option? Perhaps by making them a forge object?

I think the cannons are fine for slayer but are too good for CTF.

also on the interior man cannon, I’f the flag falls out of the map it will land at the bottom and just sit there. Forcing players to wait for it to reset. This probably should be fixed.
View model adjustment :

The offsets only move down and back. But most of the weapons that need to be adjusted need to be moved up and forward (like the magnum)

I guess I could try to edit the config files by adding a negative number, ( ) but the sliders should start in the middle as the default, not at zero. That way view-model can be adjusted both ways from default view. Not just downwards and backwards.
I had created a topic before finding this one, so I apologize for repeating myself.

Since we now have backpack gear we can equip, the Katana (Chest) should be moved there.
- I've already made an earlier feedback form in this thread, but I just wanted to bring up how many people in the thread are mentioning the rather restrictive and consequently, redundant implementation of the viewmodel adjustment.

It's clear that the demand for more options/better adjustability are present, and this is a feature we've been waiting on for a long time. I certainly hope this issue is prioritized appropriately, because Halo 3's viewmodels on centered crosshair are stubby and nauseatingly close to the screen.

Anyways, I quickly wanted to add another problem that you might already be aware of: Spartans can get stuck in the window on Waterfall. I do believe that there is some footage from Ubernick's recent video that showcases this.
flight looks nice but where is the custom games browser.
The Network Settings are truely innovative.

Region Selection for low ping server connection, input-based selection, and or platform specific play are all everything Xbox players have wanted for a LONG time. I would love to see how Halo Infinite incorporates such settings and hope Halo MCC is merely a test bed.

The new Halo 3 Maps are refreshing although I don't recommend 2v2 team doubles play. The maps are bigger than most people would enjoy and matches will feature lots of crouching in corners.
Adjust the first person model for the toggle as it somehow only displays the modern H2A undersuit even when toggled off for classic armor use. This bug is 100% repeatable as it is occurring in every mode for halo 3. You’ve fixed the katana being effected by toggle, I hope you can fix this too.
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