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MCC Insider App brings me back to the Store

OP Vincentius rex

I play on Xbox, I got an email invitation to join the Halo 4 flight, by Halo Insider Profile is up to date, and I have both the Xbox Insider Hub and Halo: MCC Insider apps installed. I've followed the install instructions to the letter. I've installed, uninstalled, reinstalled and restarted. Despite all of this, every time I attempt to launch the MCC Insider app, I'm taken immediately back to the store page. I click on the box that says, "Launch Game/You own this," and every time I do it just resets the store page.

What am I missing?

EDIT: Fully shut down my Xbox and turned it on to finally find the prompt to updatr my app. Thanks forum friends!
Unplug Xbox for 10 minutes and them plug back in and power on
Shouldn't need to wait 10 mins just do a hard reset and that should kick the update into starting
Well ya but that not as much fun😈😈