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[Locked] MCC Season 8 Flight Feedback

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Wow these new World of Warcraft armors look so much worse in-game than I could ever imagine. How did you put in something that somehow looks more horrifically noisy than literal halo 4 armor?

Also why put post game poses in H3 lobbies when you weren't gonna make them compatible with Elites?
Y. Y didn't they just add the poses to all the halo games instead of being so specific with CE and 3? It confusing me head
Halo mcc halo 3 multiplayer and custom games browser my experience playing it was great the new map was great the poses at end game is different it’s new the Skyrim armour is I love it I had a blast with everything I love that there’s finally a report player in game now in custom games browser
Overall really great except for the Reach and 3 Armors, they really don't fit the aesthetic of Halo. Other than that, I really enjoyed the flight. Also wondering on why it still shows the flight as active on my profile and why I haven't received the nameplate yet. Keep up the good work 343!
The Firefight against the flood is in awesome, but the flood with rocket launcher just suck - their aim is just too good. If you don't notice it in time and react very quick to get out of the range you're dead immediately.
The sentinels also sometimes suck, sometimes when they hit me I couldn't escape their beam no matter in which direction I went, there was nowhere to hide and I died quickly.
This is my first MCC flight. I really enjoyed the new contents introduced in season 8. The new spartan helmets are great, it would be really nice if we can use the armor sets in Halo: Reach as well. The weapon skins in the campaigns looks awesome too !
The latest Halo 3 ODST firefight mode with flood is truly amazing, although it got quite difficult with the flood when they are shooting with range weapons. I would like to see the flood horde mode charging towards the players instead of shooting at the players from afar, it will add more intensities for the experience.
Really like the season 8 flighting experience overall. Looking forward to the release !!
Halo 3 and Reach.
The approach of the new armors seem to me quite interesting. Some helmets like BELOS HERAN and BELOS SYNTROFOS are beautiful, finally we can be a "Spartan". Other helmets like DRENGR and BLACKGUARD and their variants look great too. On the other hand the BELOS STHENO, LEONTOKARDOS, WARFEAST, and CERBERUS variants are not bad but not my favorites either. I think they could have a better impact with a visor, because having a metallic face seems a bit weird to me.
In Halo Reach the size of the helmets is too big affecting some cinematics.
The new armor pieces for chests, legs, arms, etc. I find them incredible and bring a fresh air for a new customization, although some pieces could be a little more polished to not leave the Halo universe.
The new visors, skins and poses are awesome but some of them don't look good for a soldier with previous military training, I would prefer them to be more formal and mature for a Spartan. I also hope these will be implemented in other games like Halo 4 and Reach in the future.
Halo 3: ODST Firefight:
Putting aside some AI issues and bugs during the firefight. It's great to have a firefight against flood, elites and sentinels. I would like to have a playlist specifically against the flood. Still it's great that you implemented this new option for the game.

Finally. This is a request from me and many other players. Please, if you plan to add more content in future seasons, consider other games, not just Halo 3. This one has an impressive amount of content when other games in the collection are practically forgotten. Thank you :)
I am leaving another chirp of feedback regarding Halo MCC as a whole.

I am appalled with the non-sensical decision to give such a massive aim assist boost to controller users, to the point that using M&K is akin to playing multiplayer on Legendary difficulty. The only game that aim assist for controllers isn't the king of kings is in Reach, where bloom helps to somewhat control the burn, but no one from either input usage groups likes bloom. It is pure punishment to versus controller players as an M&K due to their ease of getting headshots, whereas I must not only lead my shots, but also aim them perfectly for the head 100% of the time to even graze the potential effectiveness of aim assist.

This needs to be remedied not "at a later date," not "when we gather enough feedback," this needs to be remedied immediately.

There are two choices to fix this issue:

1. Nerf aim assist on controllers
2. Give a less powerful (25-50% strength) aim assist to M&K

There is no in between of these, these are the only solutions that will make the disparity between the two input methods fair, and one of them needs to be implemented immediately.
Wow these new World of Warcraft armors look so much worse in-game than I could ever imagine. How did you put in something that somehow looks more horrifically noisy than literal halo 4 armor?

Also why put post game poses in H3 lobbies when you weren't gonna make them compatible with Elites?
Fireflight with the Flood is great. I had some issues setting up waves in custom games as menuing the settings for each wave can be unclear at times, but eventually I got it working. Matchmaking times were really long.

I loved the customization options and although I understand the hesitation from the people that don't like it "as it isn't true to Halo", I'm leaning towards the crazy customization. It looks cool. Overall, I feel a bit split whether it belongs in Halo games. Usually I don't customize my spartan as 'usual' customization options mostly don't appeal to me and with these crazy options I spent more time trying to make my spartan appeal to me.

The custom games browser was working good, and the games played (especially the new map) were a lot of fun. I noticed that during the posing in the end of the game, #1 and #2 players were swapped a lot of the times. There was something wrong with the order (1,2,3 vs 2,1,3 as in Olympic games).

Overall, this was a great flight and Season 8 will be fun.
Overall i loved the flight! Elites, Sentinels and Flood on ODST Firefight were amazing, it really breathes new life on that gametype. The OG hud for Halo CE was also great to see again and the new Halo 3 map is a blast to play in!! The only thing i wasn't a big fan of are the new armors for Halo 3/Reach as they really dont fit with Halo's overall aesthetic and it breaks my immersion of being in the Halo universe, but other than that this flight was amazing!
Flood in firefight was pretty freaking cool once the major bugs get worked out I can only imagine the enjoyment as I struggle to survive. Some of the armors were pretty cool as well overall was pretty satisfied with the flight looking forward to season 9's flight in the future.
This is my option from a different forum post. I have added more quoted someone who had the same take as I did further my explanation. I've tried to make my criticism constructive.

Season 8 armor: I find that, even if these armor designs were cannon, they do not belong in a legacy game. To add such a different art style to such old games with a specific art style feels like the game is being defiled. At the very least let us turn off certain armor pieces so that we don't have to see them in matchmaking. The "turn of new content" button or whatever it is called is not enough, some seasons have new content that matches the art style, others don't. Much of the h4style armor in h3 feels the same. Below is someone who explained this well.
Cmdr Kit wrote:
Middling changesIt's the worst change that is a bit more frustrating than usual this time around.
  • First and foremost, these new armors are horrible. They don't match the art design of either Halo 3 OR Reach, and while the modeling work is actually quite good, they do NOT belong in Halo. I appreciate some of the newer Reach models like Akis and Mariner, but these new fantasy designs just look like they've been ripped straight out of world of warcraft and I honest to goodness just straight up hate them being in the game. The very thought that these Warcraft asset flip looking armors would be considered for a game with a historically very utilitarian and hardy looking approach to armor design is baffling beyond belief. Who greenlit this nonsense?
  • On the topic of these armors, an additional note I would like to make is that the Halo 4 style armors from H:O never should have been added to 3 in the first place either. I would have thought that the bad practice of poorly mixed art styles would have been well understood by 343 after their work with Sabre on CE:A.
Reach Armor "type":
I do not like that armor is now labeled light and heavy. With the way the geometry and design is it clearly male and female. There is no way that a male can fit into the "light" armor pants due to the codpiece being designed for female anatomy. The "light" armor is simply not unisex because of this and the hip to waist ratio. I'm not advocating for voices to be linked to body type like they were just a relabeling of armor types. Is it jarring to hear a female spartan with Master Chiefs firefight voice? A lot of work went into designing Halo Reach's different sex body types, not just with shape of the armor and pieces that don't change with the armor, but also with the way the armor fits. Don't throw that away.
I do not like any of the poses, they are all very flamboyant in the sense that they all feel cheesy or over the top. If would like the option for a default pose where the character is just standing there like it was before or for more relaxed poses to be available.

Below is a quote from the same person that touches on both poses and armor types.
  • Being a woman I don't really get the whole idea behind changing the very obviously male and female spartan models to be labelled "light" and "heavy". It.. doesn't really make any sense to me. No longer limiting male and female body options to their corresponding voices is fine, but why the erasure? It seems like it's trying to please people that don't exist, at least not in this fanbase.
  • I actually quite like the post game poses idea, but the poses themselves range from fine to looking more like they belong in Fortnite or some other cartoony game. This is sort of a problem with all games nowadays I think, and I would like to note that it's possible to add personality to an animation or pose without making the character look like they actively frequented Deviantart in the early 2000's.
If season 9 doesnt have Halo 2A content and forge fixes. I think im gonna cry. I will certainly be frustrated it is all focused on halo 3 too.
343 Industries, please consider devising a method of implementing singleplayer/splitscreen offline bots into all six games in the Master Chief Collection to allow for solo multiplayer.
This is important because in 5 years, matchmaking may be dead.
Going to start by saying the changing of how you hold your weapons is awesome, nice little customization.
I hate hate hate the new armor. This is not fortnite, this is Halo, that garbage does not belong in halo. It's abomination, I'm sorry. It needs to go. Makes me want to vomit.
Love love the floodfight. Sooooooo cool! I've been wanting it for over a decade! My brothers and I have thought and talked about this for a decade and it's finally coming true! But there are alot of glitches. 4/5 times the flood just stopped coming. The battle was not over, and once we ran around for 40mibs with no flood. Finally you have to end of killing yourselves or quitting. So please work out the kinks there. But I am sure it will be great!

Very much side note: I am very disappointed in 343 releasing only half of Halo infinite in December. You are making all the same mistakes you did with Halo 5. I was very much looking forward to infinite, now you've dashed any faith I had in you. I will not be buying Halo Infinite until you release the entire game. Do not be a disaster like cyberpunk. Delay the game if you have to, but give us the full game. If I do not have couch coop, this game is garbage to me. So it is garbage until you put it in the game. I will not be buying it until the whole game is available.
Postums wrote:
Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for the Halo: The Master Chief Collection's Seas 8 Flight.

Please do NOT report issues or bugs in this thread. Issues should be reported at the Halo Support Insider site.This thread is intended for the following feedback:
  • Season 8 Customization Content Feedback
  • Multiplayer Feedback
  • Custom Game Browser Update Feedback
  • Halo 3: ODST Firefight updates Feedback
  • Misc/Other Feedback
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to Halo: The Master Chief Collection's Season 8 Flight. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support Insider site and find out if it is a known Issue. If not, please submit a ticket
This post has been edited by a moderator. Because we are not currently equipped to provide moderation in other languages, we must ask that all messages be posted in English. Feel free to use an online language translation service, and then create a new thread with the translated text. Sorry for the inconvenience.
me gustaron los cascos pero siento como si fueran de otro juego, no los veo como cascos de spartan
Overall, I enjoyed the season 8 flight and found little to no complaints. H3 browsers also deserve an A plus I might add.

My only disappointment is the lack of Halo 2/Anniversary support. Should coding be as fragile as they say for H2, I can understand why 343 would want to steer clear of it. However, H2A could absolutely use more map packs. It honestly could even be a better game in the franchise than Bungie has ever made, but is held back quite a bit without more content to match the H3/ODST/Reach/4 wave of assets we've received.
This post has been edited by a moderator. Because we are not currently equipped to provide moderation in other languages, we must ask that all messages be posted in English. Feel free to use an online language translation service, and then create a new thread with the translated text. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Me gustó el diseño de las nuevas armaduras y la jugabilidad.
Me gustó el diseño de las nuevas armaduras y la jugabilidad.
Please use English here, sorry if its inconvienent for you but there are things like google translate. Also imma be honest here, I disagree with you on that because the armors look out of place and don't really fit the aesthetic of the game.
I would kill for H2A multiplayer to get some love in terms of customization, as opposed to the constant additions to Halo 3. But overall, the flight is good aside from the few quirks with the flood.
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