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More options for View Models

OP Scorch27

I think if we can have a forward and higher options this would add more. The pistol with centered cross hair is too low. I also think able to move the gun along the x axis would be great too. Lastly maybe even to tilt the guns forward or back, the br doesn't align well with centered cross hair and I think this could be a solution. This is awesome addition and it would be even more awesome we have more options.
Another idea is hud color. Just a nice choice between red blue green orange yellow and so on. And maybe different visor selection like odst mark vi and some halo 5 ones
This should have never even made it out of QA. It's like adding a FOV slider that only zooms in.
I actually thought about the view model placement. You have to remember that in first person games, what you see of yourself is usually just some arms and a gun, so I'm sure they're separate models, it could be a bit tricky and cause serious issues.

However, what you said about hud colour and style, I like that, I always thought it would be cool if you actually seen from *inside* whatever helmet you had equipped, it would be hard to do, but maybe for infinite?