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[Locked] Question about UE4 crashes and tickets

OP Miles3298

I had one happen in the middle of a matchmade ODST Firefight session, but I have little to no information to provide other than a small set of crash dump files. It didn't have a message like "device removed" or anything; it was entirely unspecific other than "yo, my dude, the game crashed" with a UE4 title box. There'd be zero known reproducibility, and I have no clue if it was something on my end or legitimately the game's own fault. Is this still something worth sending a ticket in about? Should I send one every time?

Apologies if it says so somewhere, but I don't see instructions in the Flight articles or the FAQ thread. (It's possible I didn't look hard enough.) Not sure where else to look.
Mine also keeps crashing. Started occurring right after the update. 4 out of 5 of the matches I played today I've crashed in game.
Send them the crash dumps.
I've ended up noticing that every time I detach a turret, that's what makes it crash for some reason. (Since the most recent update, was fine before)
Also 2/3 times I hijack a ghost, game bugs out and locks me to 1st person stuck in the ghost w/o the ability to fire or get out.
Noted. I'll see if I can reproduce those and then submit some tickets if so, soon as I get a chance.
Yes, please make sure and file bug reports related to game crashes. Thanks :)