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Survey without participating?

OP SirBamaloT972

I got an E-Mail to participate in the survey for the fireflight, yet I did NOT receive an invitation to said fireflight (would have loved to be there). Is this a known problem?
That's the first I've heard of it. Maybe check your spam to see if you have an invite in there(sorry in advance if you do). it would be odd that the survey got through but not the invite but you never know

Otherwise just hope that the devs see this so they can figure out if the emails went out to the wrong people.

Also you probably shouldn't answer the survey questions just so they don't have bad info from the survay.
I checked on that too, but other than the survey there was no invitation. I didn't participate in the survey, would have been pointless anyhow.

Maybe someone else had the same issue, that's why I posted this (also in hopes of the devs viewing the post ^^)
You probably just missed the invitation email somehow.