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[Locked] Uhh what is this?

OP xContactDruidx

There was a comment on my last post asking about pc flighting and there was a comment but there was no name

Comment:34626-48323-97985-35629-51413 | #HUNTtheTRUTH| dc 4ntFxYm

When pressing on the numbers you go to a page saying Section 3 alt comm with a mysterios video maybe related to oni secton 3?
If i press on #hunt the truth
Im taken to a chat site then if i press the go button on the chat site im taken to a page with another

#hunt the truth that can be pressed
When i press it it says i joind #hunt the truth?????
Im confused
It's under stckrboy's thread signature, so maybe they can answer that question for you.
wasn't that Halo 5 Guardians stuff?