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Unable to install MCC Insider

OP mokgrem

I have been in every flight and had no issues.

However today, when I open the MCC insider app, join, and then try to play Halo: MCC Insider, a window opens of the game but it doesn't actually start.

I tried uninstalling Halo: MCC Insider,however when I click "install" again, it just sits there and does nothing.

I tired uninstalling Xbox Insider Hub, but now the same thing is happening for it,and when I try to click "install" a red circle with a line through it appears over install.

Tried resetting and reinstalling Microsft Store, didn't change.

Any ideas?
Had same problem. Had no problems with running any of the previous flights and just got into the Halo 4 flight, updated but oddly I had problems launching it, so had to wait a few minutes till it let me launch it.
If you are encountering issues during the flight, please refer to the known issues list on and submit tickets for issues not present.