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What is your preferred input device? (PC)

OP Tezla Insanity

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Since I'm PC gaming on a TV instead of a PC monitor, it's gotta be a controller for me.
Definitely keyboard and mouse. I will always reminisce about the good ol' 360 controller days but ill probably just stick with my keyboard and mouse for now. Every now and then I may plug in the controller just for nostalgia though.
I personally prefer to play Halo with a Keyboard and Mouse. I find it hard to aim with a thumbstick and am often playing a game of cat and mouse, where i spend forever chasing a player that's moving out of my field of vision. With a mouse, I don't have this issue as the movement feels more natural to me and if a player tries to get out of my field of view I just move the mouse faster or use my DPI switch to flick faster.
It really depends, for Flight Sims, thanks to my thousands of hours playing ace combat, Its definitely the Controller,
For First Person Shooters, (with some exceptions) Mouse and keyboard. For third person Shooters (Fallout), mostly controller,
I'll be trying the first mission of reach with DS4 first, and then will restart to test Mouse and keyboard.
KB/Mouse for any kind of PvP or challenge, but controller is my go to for relaxing and enjoying myself. I don't mind controllers for multiplayer *that* much, but I have so much experience with FPS' on PC using a mouse and KB I really feel gimped if I don't have them.
I haven’t used KB+M for so long I’ll likely stick to Xbox controllers.
60% kb and finger trackball, for ergonomic reasons
Keyboard and mouse most definitely
Keyboard and mouse. Something you mainly can't go wrong with.
mouse and keyboard for fighting and controllers for driving
Mouse and Keyboard for First Person Shooters, Strategy games (LoL, AoE), and Controller for Platformers, Third Person and fighting games
Mostly keyboard & mouse but sometimes I have those moods when I just want to grab a controller and play with it for a while.
Keyboard and mouse but I'll surely test the Steam Controller with the game!
What is your preferred input device when playing first person shooters on PC, and why?
  • Keyboard and mouse?
  • Controller?
  • What type of controller?
  • Maybe even a flight stick?
Will you use it on MCC PC?I'm curious to see what other people use to enjoy playing fps games :)
  • Personally I use KB&M (as I feel most comfortable with it)
Keyboard and Mouse, if you're playing in a PC then I think that there is no better way to play a shooter
KB and Mouse for TPS and FPS, Switch Pro Controller for Fighting/Action games and a wheel for racing games.

I will probably get the New Xbox Elite controller before Scarlett releases, and I will try to use my Switch controller on Halo MCC if splitscreen happens.
Keyboard and Mouse for FPS and Strategy.
Xbox Controler for Aventure, action-RPG, Sport and Racing Games.
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