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3 Things you can bring to Halo Infinite

OP Ki117rocity

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There's alot of negativity lately on the forums lately, and being Halo is literally my only hobby, I truly hope Halo Infinite succeeds. So I want everyone to name atleast 3 things from past Halo games that you need/want, in Halo Infinite. If I have enough time I will scan this thread and tally up the things people want most.

I know everyone is going to say "the old color system", but let's try to talk about 3 things other than that.

My 3/4 things would have to be:

1. The Rogue helmet from Halo 3
2. The whole achilles set from Halo 5 (personally I believe if you earned it you should have it or be able to get it in Halo Infinite)
3. Thrust
4. Team Snipers, Ranked and Social playlist
1, OG customization
3. Emile
1. Dev-made BTB maps (forge ones are good but sometimes don't feel the same)
2. Unlocking armor the Halo 3 way (through achievements or other challenges)
3. Playable elites

I also have to second the Rogue helmet from Halo 3, that helmet is awesome.
1) Halo 3 rank system
2) FOV & viewmodel slider
3)...The old colour system
No microtransactions.
Playable elites like we didnt have for the past 10 years.
Better 'bungie level' quality of storytelling.
Add in the OG shotgun and magnum. And the spnkr.

Also #Bringbackcolorcustomization
1. Online Split screen Co-Op (e.g. Halo 3)
2. Headhunter playlist (Halo Reach)
3. Phaeton Helios (Halo 5: Guardians)
1. Recon Armour [GEN I].
2. MA5K Carbine.
3. AI in Forge with basic scripting.
1. Flood
2. Playable Elites
3. Firefight
1, OG customization
3. Emile
Just flat out Emile lol

  1. Old style Forge controls
  2. Every armour from the previous games including Elite armour
  3. A 3D main menu background
Edit: 4. would be 4 player split-screen multiplayer.
1: A more merit reward progression system, (Daily challenges, achievements etc)
2:A friendly forge and UI
3:Some maps have the spartan adapt to the environment in certain sections such as, conveyor belts, man cannons, slippery ice, zero g gravity etc
1: A more merit reward progression system, (Daily challenges, achievements etc)
2:A friendly forge and UI
3:Some maps have the spartan adapt to the environment in certain sections such as, conveyor belts, man cannons, slippery ice, zero g gravity etc
To point 3: that would be very exciting. I forgot which map it was where you could go outside of the hanger in a ship in space and this was the case. It gave a level of depth to the map that even if it wasn’t a personal favorite to some, it was still well received because of that feature.
1: Elites, designed in a way that they don't need to be locked out of certain gametypes (I.E. don't do what Reach did). I suggest simply shrinking their multiplayer model to be the same size as a Spartans while standing upright. See here.

2: A non-RNG unlock system for cosmetics. Any and all microtransactions must be directly purchased, they are unavoidable so I won't even ask for them not to be in the game. However there should be no microtransactions for at the very least base armor sets. And there should be a satisfying amount of options for attachments, and coatings unlockable through gameplay.

2.5: On the topic of unlock systems for non-microtransaction items, make it challenge based. Commendation unlocks in Halo 4 were easily the best system, but you could go even further by changing Commendation tiers unlock for completing feats, and thematically tying that commendation to what it unlocks. Shotguns are an easy one to explain so here goes; Kelly's primary weapon is a Shotgun, so you could tie that to Shotgun Commendations by having her armor and colors unlock through them. Shotgun commendations would have objectives like "Get a Killtacular with a Shotgun", "Get 100 Kills with a Shotgun", "Get a Buck Wild medal" etc, with each objective completed raising the Shotgun's Commendation tier. There would be 10 objectives, so a Commendation's max tier is 10. For each tier you unlock one of the following items: Hermes Helmet, Arms, Legs, Chest, Breacher wrist attachment, Kelly's colors as an armor coating, and vehicle coating, Oathsworn Bulldog coating, Shotgun-themed emblem, and nameplate. That's 10 rewards, for 10 commendation tiers that all are tied thematically to using a Shotgun. You can do the same for Snipers and Linda/Jun, Spartan Lasers and Gungnir armor, Energy Swords and Helioskrill/Arbiter themed gear etc.

3: Diversification between UNSC and non-unsc weaponry. The Beam Rifle is boring, because it's just a slightly better Sniper Rifle, the Focus Rifle may have been pretty lackluster as an equivalent, but at least it offered a completely unique gameplay experience so go for stuff like that. UNSC weapons should be the basics, they do exactly what you expect them to do. Covenant weaponry should always be different, with unique gameplay elements like stunning effects, overcharges, super combines, and sticky explosions, I've seen a fantastic recommendation for Fuel Rod cannons that they should act more like mortars that create pools of radiation for a period of time than just being the Covenant Rocket Launchers. Brute weapons should be powerful, but clumsy and somewhat unpredictable, requiring you to fight a bouncy recoil with each shot, or a Goldeneye-eque sway while zoomed in with a bolt-action 1 hit kill Brute sniper. Forerunner weapons should be raw powerhouses to the point that equivalents to standard weapons should feel best-in-class like mini-power weapons, but are rare to find and with limited ammo supplies (Like 1 magazine limited).

Bonus 4: Include some maps that are geometrically designed (I.E. Designed with large simple shapes and angles) as opposed to all of them being designed to feel like a real place. Great maps like Lockout, Damnation, Sanctuary, Narrows, Haven, Midship etc were all based around very simple shapes and designs that gave multiplayer an arena feel. In Halo 5 that felt pretty well reserved for Breakout which was unfortunate to say the least. Even their remake of Midship was redesigned in a way that overcomplicated it, at least we got Coliseum. Not to say more 'realistic' map design is unwelcome, other amazing maps like Ivory Tower, Ghost Town, and Zanzibar come to mind, but I'd like to see more of it in Infinite.
1. playable elites
2. Athlon armor set (would also settle for AKIS with cbrn)
3. mode where players can explore the open world ring as their multiplayer spartan
4. Flyable pelican and phantom
The ODST armor set from Halo Reach as an unlockable armor, both the campaign and multiplayer. Not purchasable, unlockable. It would be hilarious seeing Master Chief dressed up as a giant ODST.

Grunts in giant warmechs on the singleplayer campaign.

Halo Wars 2 pilotable Hrunting MK III Cyclops armor instead of the Mantis, or maybe both.

Sound suppressed human weapons in singleplayer missions that demand stealth and subterfuge. Obviously these suppressors shouldn't be made available for multiplayer due to obvious reasons.
1.nemesis system that was in Lord of the Rings shadow of War feels like it would be a great fit to have and would give extra emphasis on enemies/bosses.
2.Plasma Rifles blue and Red Because they need to make a return
3. a quiet sniper rifle.
1. A really good story.
2. Good matchmaking with a healthy amount of playlists.
3. A progression-system without micro-transactions. Imagine a halo game where everything is earnable by doing in-game stuff, that takes a resonable time-commitment.

4. The old colour-customization system improved and perfected, not just scrapped.
Three things required to bring to Halo Infinite to enjoy the game.
1. Your Wallet
2. Your Life Savings
3. Your Mom's Purse

I don't care if multiplayer is free. This is predatory, it's wrong, and Halo has become a shadow of itself. I hate to say it, but I don't think they care about the interests of the players, they just care about recouping the 500 million they wasted making an elaborate method to drain players wallets. The campaign better be breathtaking cause its going to be the only saving grace of this huge debacle.
1) A fantastic, lovely story in campaign mode (that also honors/respects characters that deserve it (most).) Also, character decisions/actions that make logical sense within the world/setting, and for their character. (sidenote/pet peeve: if a spartan is doing anything very physical, I wanna feel that they're superhuman again, not just a well-trained soldier with good armor.)

2) achievement-based unlocks for multiplayer. Rogue, Halo 3 Recon (unlock philosophy, not design necessarily), Haunted, to name some of the best examples. Namely, if there's gonna be micro-transactions or a battlepass or direct-purchases, let at least "the best" top 2-3 be the most difficult to earn (i.e. Halo 3 Recon, and reach's Legendary armor effect and Haunted. But also a few middle-tier-but-still-tough ones. (And please don't destroy these later Helioskrill.)

3) If at all possible, all the modes/playlists that have become synonymous with a Halo title (slayer, ctf, btb, grifball, infection, forge, firefight, warzone, etc.) And bring back Ricochet, please! That was such a great sports-style gametype that I think was actually really underrated, also with it's football-esque armor that came out with it.

4) An intentional effort toward and foundation for community engagement and a genuine promotion of community-led aspects of that. Player-forge-built maps, community testing playlist (that pops up only when needed, where people can test potential updates/balance changes and give feedback, kinda like how Overwatch has now), and a robust and easy-to-use in-game file browser, where the best stuff naturally floats to the top (and maybe a sub-section of playlists that allow "matchmade custom games" of things like 'Indiana Jones,' 'race,' speed halo,' and the like.) (((and for the record, I think 343 has done a pretty swell job of "effort/foundation for community engagement" and whatnot. More orders of that, chef!)))
Only 3?!? Oh man.... There's SO much though...ugh...well, the first one has to be,

1 - No Microtransactions
2 - No ADS style zooming animation
3 - ODST style firefight

I could literally put like 20+ things lol
3 things to bring,thats easy since its free to play mp
1 my wallet
2 my credit card
3 my chequebook
That should cover everything the modern day gamer needs to survive
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