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[Locked] A sprint alternative idea

OP Sassy Spectre

I just thought of something, might not work though.
What if instead of sprint or permanent added base speed, you could gain momentum the longer you ran to pick up speed briefly. When you shift direction with your left stick or slow down/stop moving, you revert back to base speed. Base speed being regular classic halo movement speed. Your gun stays up and you’re fully engaged in the action the whole time with this mechanic.
Of course there should be exceptions, like when carrying an objectives.

I don’t support sprint, it halts shooting etc, but perhaps an alternative like this will work.
It’s just my little idea, so only constructive comments that build upon the topic please, thank you.
H:I Sprint Thread
If you want your idea to be discussed, you should use that thread, this will probably get locked soon ;)
why not just leave the ability to shoot while sprinting and shooting becomes less accurate (shakey gun movement) while doing so if putting the gun down is what bothers you