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Achilles in Halo Infinite

OP Ki117rocity

I for one would like to have the achilles armor set in Halo Infinite. I know everyone has their own opinions about it. But do you think you should have it right away if your Spartan Company already earned it? Or should it be an unlockable? Personally I love achilles because it actually was a challenge that got all my friends together to play. I wish they would make more challenges like this. After our company got achilles there seemed to be nothing left to work for as a group and everyone quit playing.
So do you want the Achilles helmet specifically, or do you just want any armor that would get you and your friends to play together?
I like Achilles alot, I want it in Halo Infinite, but I wouldn't mind if they made other challenges for cool looking armor.
I’d love to see a gen 3 version of Achilles in infinite. I just hope it and all the other armor aren’t tied to ridiculous challenges to obtain it.
Just give me Locus and I'll be happy lol
It would be nice if the Achilles armor carried over from H5. It also would give H5 some sort of re-playable feat for those in Infinite who wanted to get it. I personally love challenge-locked armor. But to be very clear...not challenge locked by monetary means..AKA season passes
Challenge lock armor in my opinion makes it so much more fun. I know some people don't like it but it really brought my friends together. I also believe it should carry over from Halo 5.