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Adding A.I/Bots/NPC’s to Forge and Custom Games!

OP DanShadowHunter

If this is the final chapter in the main epic Halo series games then 343 Industries and SkyBox Labs should go ‘all out’ in Halo Infinite...

For many Halo Fans, Forge and Custom games are rarely used, so this would improve the playability and give an even more enjoyable fun factor to their experience...

I propose to the developers who are already working extremely hard and may even already have this idea implanted into their plans for Halo Infinite... Insert and allow the use and customisation of A.I, bots, NPC’s into Forge and custom games, this would make entertainment far greater for those who wish to test out their Forge maps and those who wish to face off against enemy’s on their favourite maps in custom games without waiting for players to join and waiting for players to accept invites... And even make custom games and forge more playable and entertaining ‘offline’ too!

For example, let’s say you wana play the classic custom game, Tower of Power but you just can’t get people to join, you could just add sum A.I/ Bots/ NPC’s customise them, set their difficulty and assign them to a team and you have yourself reliving the good old days wether real people wana join or not!

Perhaps even go as far as increasing the max player count.. From 16 to 50? Maybe even more?

What if you created a forge map you are proud of and wanted a good battle.. You and your friends or even you and allied A.I/Bots/ NPCs versus many enemy’s..

There are many many ideas and games and maps that would be created surrounding the new feature of being able to add and customise A.I/ Bots/ NPC’s into Forge and Custom Games...

This is not the first time this has been requested by Halo Fans, so please, 343 Industries and SkyBox Labs at least think about it and consider it.
It would certainly be nice. Fans have been asking for AI in forge and NPCs/bots for custom games for a while. With the new hardware, I’d say that there’s no better time than now.
Adding bots is something I really Hope they add. I have really bad internet and so a lot of games I have to play offline multiplayer against bots. Because halo doesn’t have this option I often can’t play even though I want to. I think It would be a really great thing for people to practice and get better as well as letting people play their favorite game modes and maps in custom games.
I've honestly really wanted to play against bots in offline custom games. If COD, Doom, and Gears of War have it, I don't see why Halo can't.
Would love if this was a feature as well
Why does no one do tower of power in H5 or MCC?