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Anyone excited about Halo Infinite?

OP Zartan500

Anyone excited about Halo Infinite?

Kidding but what kind of thread is that? That's like posting on a chocolate website "Do you like chocolate"
Yup. I am very eager to play it.

Kidding but what kind of thread is that? That's like posting on a chocolate website "Do you like chocolate"
Haha for real.
Infinite hype train is in full affect for me. Just sitting here patiently waiting for the game. Keeping my eyes peeled for any morsels of information.
We are all waiting...
I’m excited to try it out, but the gameplay demo and a lot of the info that followed killed most of the hype I had. The fact that we are still almost a year out doesn’t do much to excite me either, even though I’m glad the game was delayed. I’m sure in September I will be so hyped that I won’t be able to think of anything but Halo
I’m excited because I’ll finally be able to play a multiplayer at launch lol
I am both super excited and slightly disappointed at the recent rumors of "BTB 2.0.

Excited that it lends credence to the previously rumored "45v45 mode with gameplay targeted to resemble the Battlefield series, but with the Halo sandbox". This seems like them taking BTB and merging it with Warzone. I'm hoping it leans more towards the "Arena" gameplay of BTB than the "loadout" gameplay of Warzone, but with such a big mode I think that'll

Disappointed that it sounds like we're not going to have an official BR mode. I don't primarily play BR games, but it seems like a missed opportunity to me. I think it would be beneficial to the player population and engagement. I also think the Halo sandbox could be very effectively leveraged into a BR mode.
Maybe we will see something at E3 and maybe people are hype, right now I think most of them are scared, not much expectation or waiting, since lately there have been several failures in video games
I am extremely hyped about halo infinite
Yep. Ready to climb on board the hype train again. Let's ride this baby. Full steam ahead into 2021. TOOT TOOT
I used to be but not so much now. I genuinely thought Halo Infinite would be the ultimate Halo at one point. Then the demo and subsequent announcements,,, I'm definitely on hold as far as Halo Infinite is concerned.