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Anything from 343i's art design you will miss?

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What about the scenery objects?

343i's take on the Covie comm node in Halo 4 is highly underappreciated. Using the concussion rifle and good placement/positioning, you could obtain monster launches, even without Cowbel. I don't believe this is documented anywhere, even in tricking circles? Unfortunately, the only levels in which both items were available were Dawn and Requiem. Level design severely restricted it's usage. The latter mission had mostly non-solid platforms outside the map so there was really nowhere to aim for, plus the conc rifle only dropped on Heroic and higher in the early sections. Hope Twitch clips are allowed on here:

I've once gotten on top of a Phantom using this. Also, the H4 comm node made a good ramp for accessing higher ground (an alternate strat which can be used at the end of Requiem). It's incredible how this fragile object which was once only fit to be used as blockade material or as decor ended up having so much potential under 343i's design changes. I don't know if it was changed in H5.

As for the Covie supply case, I'd prefer for the square/box shaped ones in the Halo trilogy to return. They could be stacked on top of each other, positioned on either their side or standing upright, used as blockades and launching material, etc. The egg shaped H4 supply crates were easier to move at least, but the only launch I could get off of them (on Shutdown iirc) was with a fuel rod gun + nade.
I definitely won't miss some of Halo 5's Forge items, they look like plastic toys and building blocks meant for children rather than actual pieces used for building a map. But I will miss their Forerunner designs if they decide to go back to Bungie's less detailed ones. I dunno if it was engine limitations or what, but Bungie seems to think that 'advanced Alien technology' is apparently bland, beige, and made of stone. 343i made everything look sleek, metallic, and advanced and I don't understand the hate for it.

When I look at Bungie's idea of an advanced Alien race as far as cultural influence for building materials and styles? I see stone structures. That's it. Stone with carvings. That doesn't scream 'advanced', that screams caveman. So, I don't know; was Bungie trying to be ironic?

343i brought about a look I can actually stand because it fits the aesthetic the Forerunners should have in my opinion. There's holographic screens and images just floating about everywhere, the material looks like it's made out of an unknown metal, everything's all lit up and nice looking. And people complain about the 'floating bits', I for one adore them. To me it says that the Forerunners built what they did with the intention of it being self sufficient.
Your idea of "advanced" is based on a very shallow perspective. As long as we're talking about an advanced alien race, metal is about as mundane and primitive as stone. By trying to analyze how "advanced" the structures look, you're missing the aesthetic ideals it's meant to present. Perhaps the Forerunner structures aren't meant to impress with their technology—technology that, as I said, would surely appear very mundane to the Forerunners—but blend in to the nature as a sort of abstract, geometric, minimalistic representation of it. Perhaps it's a dignified statement by a civilization that has nothing to prove. It's grand, yet subtle, and as practical as it needs to be.

I can understand your preference, and the appeal of 343i's art direction. I just don't agree with it because it's just not what the Forerunner aesthetic is, it seems generic and uninspired to me and is just too flashy for my taste. I prefer a more minimalist style that is not so busy. I also dislike the fact that everything looks so pristine and clean having been dormant for thousands of years. One can of course defend this with advanced techno magic, but I just prefer my ancient structures with some weathering and some semblance that they have lived a life and have a story to tell. 343i's designs feel sterile.
Agreed with numerous others who've said this - while I hate 90+% of 343's armor designs, I actually think one of the best is plain simple Recruit. I've worn Recruit for a few games here or there on occasion just cause I thought it looked good. It actually does look like Halo armor, like an evolution of Mark V/VI.
Agreed with numerous others who've said this - while I hate 90+% of 343's armor designs, I actually think one of the best is plain simple Recruit. I've worn Recruit for a few games here or there on occasion just cause I thought it looked good. It actually does look like Halo armor, like an evolution of Mark V/VI.
Some reason, they went over the line with the variations of patterns in armor. I thought the simple recruit armor always looked the greatest without even trying. It shown the bland but tasteful feel to it. Like less about being unique but still being different enough to be special.
especially because we still don't know if the antagonistic army is going to be the Covenant or the Banished quite yet).

Hihgly doubt it being the banished, they are still on the ark fighting, they are still on their introduction to the franchise and they are still fresh on the story, I think we will probably fight covenant factions, maybe the servants of abiding truth or some other group

But I would like to fight against Yapyap's rebellion
Obviously this is all 343's still art direction, it's just leaning on Halo 3 and Reach (and Halo Legends and New Stuff) more from what we see in Discover Hope, however we still fully don't know what will and won't be in the Infinite, so based only off the Discover Hope Trailer, the 4/5 Assault Rifle, I like it way better than the design present in Discover Hope, but I like the CE AR design the best, it's the most iconic design out of all of them, and who could forget the reaction of when it was gone in Halo 2 and when Chief walked out with an AR in the early trailers for Halo 3? The current AR should have been like that since 343 did said they wanted to go the I C O N I C and historic route, the design they chose is the only thing that doesn't fit that, while the CE And 3 AR check both those boxes faster, they also are the first things to come to mind to me for "Halo Assault Rifle"

That's it so far, the armor chief has is beautiful and I would like the previous 4/5 helmet and shoulders useable for the Multiplayer just because, plus 343 got rid of the yellow stripe on the new AR, so the current one is already WAY better than the Reach version in my books, hopefully they don't add in that stripe back in. that's, so far all I'll miss, as for what I don't want changed? The wasp. It can be altered to fit the new aesthetic, but it shouldn't changed too much, the 4/5 armor chief has, particularly the helmet/shoulders if they are FINALLY useable in Infinite's armor customization, shouldn't change.
Not to sound too sour but no.

The forerunner design, flood design, human design and covenant design aesthetics i all like less

The terrain and map design, individual vehicle designs, weapons, most armours bar 2 or 3 i like less

The particle effects, skyboxes, user interface, menu, medals, player tags, the texturing in general.

Player animations, enemy animations, explosions, debris, ragdoll all have less personality and punch.

I could probably scrounge for some examples but most elements i've seen done better in another halo game. The things im criticising aren't close either, most are average at best or bad, they were all a very high standard so i get that its a high bar to clear, but the direction and philosophy in general misses that bar by quite a margin.
Only thing i really liked were chief and cortan's design h4. H5 ruined that aswell so i dont really care how h6 looks
I’m 1 of the few that loved Chief’s armor in Halo 4, will be sad if we don’t get to see it 1 last time or have it in multiplayer.
Player animations, enemy animations, ... all have less personality and punch.
Actually, 343i gave Elites a distinctive and believable death animation in H4. Death animations were first improved in H3, although it was dragged down by the unrealistic and lazy ragdoll physics and by how unrealistically sped up most h3 animations were (i.e. Jackal dive, Brute berserk). Animations were most convincing in HCE, this was helped by Covies reacting in more ways to being stuck by a plasma nade and having enough time to react to the needler's supercombine.
I'll go ahead and say if 343 completely evaporates the new art style I will miss a lot of things, that goes to the Covenant and UNSC weapons and vehicle designs in Halo 5 to the floating bits from the forerunner architecture and of course the Master Chief armor.
But I don't think everything will simply disappear like never happened, that would make another inconsistency in the universe. Better just make everything coexist.
Just toss in a line from someone that his Halo 4/5 armor got destroyed or otherwise worn out, or that Halsey designed him new armor because of AI intrusions or SPDR, or whatever, and I'm happy. Just please, PLEASE, don't just have him wearing new armor with no explanation again (or Frank's ridiculous post-hoc "nanobot" justification).

If you want people to invest in the Halo lore and continuity, then you need to try and pay some respect to it. Don't wear it like a ball and chain, but respect it.
I miss the darker covenant vehicles. 343i nailed the halo 4 vehicles making the covenant dark. I didn't mind chiefs redesign either but classic is unbeatable
The grunt nose tube. Thats it. Nothing else.
Nope, classic all the way ^_^
Jesus, a lot of people really don't like the design of Halo 4 and 5 besides small model details ..
I personally wish they would've stuck with the old Halo 4 style art style. Just about all of the textures during that time were as sharp as can be, and though yes Halo 4 is more/less a heavily hated game(I enjoyed it for what it was and thought it was a good game, though yes in some aspects could've been better), I preferred it's art style to Halo 's art style. Now it seems like they're doing what you said OP, doing the design of bungie's Chief armor with the modern 343i art, it's a bit weird to me but I've gotten use to it.
The black body suits worn by Spartans. The finger armor.
Chief's armor, funnily enough. Sure, I prefer the classic aesthetic for him, but I'm honestly not sure if that's actually due to me preffering the design of the MkVI to the... MkVI.5.

Thats part of the problem with his armor in 4-5 though: it's got a strong visual identity but a very weak lore identity. It's not the MkVII like it should be- its a firmware upgrade/ retcon for previous MJOLNIR armors. So I can acknowledge that it looks really tough and functional, and even something like Chief would wear- I can't really get behind it from the lore side because it just doesn't make sense there.

Tie that to the fact that it's literally been the face of the Reclaimer games and all the polarity and general mediocrity that have been Halo's status quo during this time, and you've got an armor set that is fantastically designed and ultimately ends up being a colossal waste of potential.
I played Halo 4 recently and I was just thinking about how pretty some of the forerunner structures look in the mission Forerunner. It is very detailed and I like the way they light up in various ways. I started mentally comparing these to the forerunner structures in Halo 3, which I also play recently and I noticed there's very little different aside from the texture/color. The color palette used in Halo 3 seems more industrial and ancient whereas the one in Halo 4 and 5 comes off more shiny like it was just erected and nothing has ever stepped foot there before. Needless to say, I do prefer the style in Halo 3. It seems more fitting and blends nicer with the environment. I might miss the style in Halo 4 a little, but only because it was shinier and lit up more!
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