So I had an idea in Halo Infinite instead of unlocking or buying the armors you would find them in campaign you could do this on the hardest or easiest difficulty setting however extra pieces, armor variants, and new textures for the armors would have to be unlock through achievements or bought some of the achievements would be easy but not all of them I know people like a challenge what do you all think of this idea
I'm all for earning at least some of the armour through achievements, as it gives the armour pieces a value, rather than just being lucky with a RNG. It would have been cool to earn some armour for say, destroying the corvette's engines in Halo Reach's 'Long Night of Solace' within 3 minutes.

Rather than directly finding armour pieces in the campaign, perhaps they could be linked to finding all of the collectables in a level. This would have certainly given more value to the data pads in Halo 5. Of course, this is just a variation of the achievement method, but may not actually earn any achievements.