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How do people feel about bloom? I personally don't mind it but some guns felt as though they had to much of it. I'm fine with recoil and bullet spread but bloom is very hit or miss if there is to much its very frustrating and if there's not enough some guns become a laser. Here's what I got from the guns with bloom.

Sidekick: Felt there was a little to much bloom a very tiny adjustment would do
Assault Rifle: Felt to powerful at range I like it mid to close range but a little more bloom might do to balance it out
Commando: I felt like there was no reason to use this over the BR I think a tiny bit less bloom would be enough, recoil was good though
Sniper: When hip firing the reticle doesn't match where the bullet is gonna land.

This is just how I felt and some of this wasn't necessarily bloom. But how do other people feel about bloom?