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Changes needed?

OP Sir Deathsalot

I have a few thoughts on what changes need to happen in halo Infinite vs halo 5. Some have been addressed which is cool but will list them anyways.

Mostly needs to be about master chief and NOT about a different spartan. Good thing 343 has realized this mistake.

Needs split screen playing back. Again, good thing 343 realized this error as well.

BRING BACK duel wielding for some weapons. This was one of the best parts of halo 2 vs halo ce.

IF YOU KEEP the req system, please make selling reqs faster. Meaning I have 117 Rain of Oblivion Carbines that I dont want anymore. Takes forever to sell 1 by 1. Only collected carbines to earn the kill commendation for it. Otherwise I dont use them. Shouldnt take 20 min to sell them (and I have multiple weapons like this). Can we get an option in Infinite to ask how many we would like to sell for X amount of req points?

Improved match making in Ranked games. No reason why silver needs to be playing against platinum players.

What are your thoughts on changes that could improve halo Infinite that hurt halo 5
BRING BACK duel wielding for some weapons. This was one of the best parts of halo 2 vs halo ce.
Dual wielding likely will never return. I wish that weren't the case because I also love dual wielding in H2 and H3, but the balancing issues are extremely hard to overcome. Any weapon that is intended to be dual-wielded is mostly useless on its own, which is part of what makes balancing such an issue with dual wielding.

As for what will improve Infinite over H5... getting rid of the squad mechanics would be a great start. Every previous game had the Chief solo or with a companion (Arby I miss you), and that was a recipe for success. A while ago I tried to write a sci-fi time travel novel involving a four-person team. Suffice it to say, four-person character dynamics are incredibly tricky... I downsized it to a two-person team, which has allowed me to focus more on the whole story as opposed to focusing too much on all the inter-team dynamics. All I'm trying to say is that less is more. So please scale back the cast and keep the character interactions relatively simple so that the overall story can be fleshed out.

The novels and other media are a great medium for expanding on the simple story line that the games produce, which is how it should be and how it has been in the past.
As Happy Place says, Dual wielding isn't likely to return. I'm in the unpopular camp of opinion, since I don't lament this--I think that Halo 2 and 3 were phenomenal games, but I think very little of their stellar qualities boil down to dual wielding.

In any event, you're completely right to say if the REQ system returns it will need to be overhauled considerably. I'm hoping that they just opt for a more Reach-style in-game economy where playing earns some sort of cR which can be spent according to player choice. Tne random booster pack approach of Guardians isn't particularly rewarding--and even on the occasions that it does give you something you actually want, it feels like an inconsistency or fluke.