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Classic weapons coming back in Halo Infinite?

OP TanEugene94

With the upcoming Halo Infinite set to come out this year, are we going to see classic weapons from the previous Halo video games coming back in the new Halo video game? Maybe we can see the M90A Shotgun, M7S Sub-Machine Gun, BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle, the M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, Energy Sword and the Covenant Carbine coming back in Halo Infinite?
energy sword and the carbine never left. Anyway, with what we see with the reach AR (though its technically a new model from my understanding) its entirely possible. That being said, I would expect a mix. For example, I much prefer the h5 design of the smg. I highly expect that sniper to comeback as well. Is it possible we will get an older BR and shotty? Sure. I dont expect them to just be the older models though, they will most likely be like the AR, aka a newer model in the older design.
I'd love to see the Needle Rifle make a comeback. That was a really fun weapon to use in Reach
Yes I loved the needle rifle, it's my favorite weapon. But I hope the classic design of the shotgun, SMG, SPNKr, and BR come back.
Needle Rifle was a great addition in Reach. Definitely the most effective weapon against Brutes in that game.

I'd love to see the return of a more traditional BR. It just looked and sounded too much like a toy in H5. I have no clue if the classic H2/H3 BR is a less accurate sound of what a rifle like that would actually sound like, but I definitely prefer that sound effect over what they did with it in H4/H5.

I'd also like to see them tweak the sound of the pistol. It fell by the wayside in H2/H3 as a less useful weapon but is a lot more crucial to success in playing H5 MP. I feel that one has too much of a lame "pop" sound to it. If you're walking around a map and hear pistol combat, it sounds like some kid is just popping open a bunch of potato chip bags.