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Co-Op With Brohammer?

OP thetimewarptrio

Chief says to Brohammer in the demo that "when I get back, we can look - together". I wonder if this means missions will feature them working together, and while playing co-op, you'll be able to play as Brohammer and have less powerful abilities. Would be an interesting way to play cooperatively.
I don't think that would work
I highly doubt it, but it's a cool idea for sure, one player protects while the other fixes stuff.
I don't know if they would make the co-op player be brohammer/the pilot while the other one is Chief. Many players would probably find playing as brohammer to be less exciting compared to shooting things as Chief. It would just lead to arguments over who gets to play as Chief and who is "stuck" with the Pilot. That being said, I wouldn't mind a mission or two where you play as the Pilot for a great change of pace. It could even be a more stealth-driven mission as obviously the Pilot can't go head-to-head with the Banished in the same way that Chief can.
I think when he says that, he more means that in a cutscene or a mission to salvage parts. I get BroHammer is a pilot and he should be capable of combat, but the guy is most likely combat fatigued after losing the war of the ring. You most likely are going to do coop with another Spartan.
Perhaps there can be a mission like the Spec Ops one in MW2. Remember the one where one player is in the AC-130 while the other is on the ground?
I don't think this is the case. 343 would have to scale the first-person down to the pilots size. Weapons would be massive and you wouldn't have shields or anything protecting you at all. My best guess is CO-OP will just use Chief clones like in Halo's 1-4, or use either spartan IV's that are characters (like Fred, Kelley, Linda, Thorne, Buck, etc) or your own spartan. From a lore perspective I think it would be cooler if the CO-OP players were their own Spartans and do a callback to the approach Reach had.
While I think it is neat to have maybe slight differences on coop characters, having Brohammer as a playable character would be a really big departure. I don't think it would be enjoyable and would probably limit the game design too much IMO.
I don't really like the idea because I don't see it as fun, maybe it would be but hard to imagine.
Like AveryArmory said, it would only make an argument over who gets the badass one man army super-soldier against the weak unshielded normal human Pilot.
While Brohammer seems to be a good character, he should just be like Johnson, sometimes with us on mission but not playable.
BroHammer would turn into grunt pudding pie 🥧 in less than 2 seconds, I'm sorry but no. He will be in cut scenes I'm sure but no gameplay.
Probably not a great idea to have the pilot as a fully playable co-op character. I could see it if there is a mission where the pilot is operating a vehicle the whole time, in particular something like a pelican while the other co-op players are operating turrets or doing something else and the pelican is needed for air support/evac.
As long as I don’t have to escort him to an objective while he completely ignores all available cover and runs straight into a group of enemies with only a pistol
Vohark wrote:
I highly doubt it, but it's a cool idea for sure, one player protects while the other fixes stuff.
that would be something fun. kinda like hacking on GTA V one player fixes or hacks stuff while the other defends him
I that's a great idea, but they need to buff brohammer if they make him a Co-op character. I think Chief with a Spartan IV would be a great idea, or even your own custom spartan like Reach, as somebody has already suggested.
I feel like you're reading a bit much into the dialogue. Chief has done a lot with NPC's in former campaigns, with Sgt. Johnson being the most prominent example I can think of. I wouldn't be surprised at all if there are segments of Infinite's campaign where Chief fights alongside the Pilot as an NPC ally, but I would be pretty surprised if the Pilot is a playable character, even for a co-op player.

Understandably, lore issues with non-augmented characters and Halo's Super-Soldier™ gameplay mechanics have been tossed aside in the past (ODST), but I do suspect 343i will try to steer clear of this issue in Infinite's campaign. After all, I believe they're leaning into the Pilot's humanity as a point of contrast for Chief's "superhumanity," and making the Pilot a viable player character on par with Chief runs against that narrative grain.

I do hope 343i finds a way around the age-old co-op annoyance of Chief Clones, though. Halo 3 was so much fun in co-op because each player got to occupy their own unique character (even if only 2/4 of the characters were at all interesting or memorable). I'd like very much if 343i simply let players 2-4 in a co-op campaign session just play as their MP Spartans, if only for some visual variety.
I agree with some of the other statements above. I think it'll be another spartan. Now, Is it a clone of MC, or are you able to bring in your own customizations? We've already been told that the cut scenes aren't pre rendered, and are done IN engine IN time, so it would make sense to be able to bring custom characters in.

I personally think that Campaign and MP customs will be completely different sets.
Vohark wrote:
I highly doubt it, but it's a cool idea for sure, one player protects while the other fixes stuff.
that would be something fun. kinda like hacking on GTA V one player fixes or hacks stuff while the other defends him
This is kind of how I imagined it. Like Brohammer is the stealthy technical character, sneaking around and getting in places Chief is too big and bulky to access, and providing some support. Can wield smaller firearms and has limited health (think ODST - they also had no energy shields in that game).
I'm sure it'll be like Johnson or Shipmaster in Halo 2 and 3 where he is invincible and does damage and he basically can't die. It would be nice to play as the pilot, but I just don't think it would work out too well. I'm sure we'll get to play as Griffin tho. (Haven't followed too much of the news on Infinite lately so I don't know.)