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Couch Co-Op for Campaign is fine BUT..

OP TreWillz

Please keep it out of PvP. I'm not sure what the reasoning was for excluding it from Halo 5 but after playing MCC, I have discovered that most split screen players are toxic to the multiplayer experience. I say most because I am sure that someone out there wants to split screen and actually contribute to a multiplayer match just as me and my dad did back on Halo 3. But of the 5 split screeners I ran into today; 3 quit within 2 minutes, 1 was just a terrible pair and the others started shooting each other. Pretty soon they turned their attention to me and the other random and we booted them. Lost the game 32-5.

Like I said in the title. It is completely fine for Campaign or other PvE settings like Firefight or Spartan Assault. That way people, especially children, can enjoy the game together. (Yes I said children. I'm 25. I've been playing this game since i was 8.)

That's pretty much it.

On a side note. Please make Ricochet and related varients a matchmaking option. Ricochet has to be one of the most original and fun game modes that I have ever seen on Halo. It's like Grifball for adults. So much so that Call of Duty tried to steal it a year later and called it Uplink. But it's something only you guys at 343 can do right.

Splitscreeners in multiplayer have always been terrible. Usually the main account player is good, but all the (1) and (2) accounts are total n00bs who are trying the game at a friends house. It is part of the game. With a healthy community of players, you should run into less guest accounts than you do but Halo MCC doesn't have a healthy large multiplayer base. It is fairly small so you run into these splitscreeners more frequently. If they are going to have split screen in the game, which they are supposed to have 4 player split screen I hear, then it should be in all modes not just the coop modes. You are just going to have to get used to them in MP because they have always been there.
Going to second what IGK said above. Split screen is part of the fun and restricting it to only certain modes is going to frustrate people more than anything.

But, totally with you on Ricochet. I’ve played maybe 2 matches of it online, but both were incredibly fun. I find it odd how it’s been forgotten to the point where not many even notice its exclusion from MCC. Maybe the poor rep of H4’s multiplayer overall simply drowned out the awesomeness of Ricochet. Whatever the case, I think it would be a welcome addition to MCC.
Couch co op should entail all modes. I’ve played older halos and couch co op really is a good thing for introducing friends to halo. I just got back Into Xbox after a few years
Couch co-op in multi-player , with guests , was always allowed except in ranked lobbies ; and that is how it should be. Two accounts on the same box I believe is allowed in Ranked.
Haven't played MCC in a while , so not sure if they are allowing guests in Ranked , and if so , it is likely due to low population numbers.
Sunsdune wrote:
Couch co-op in multi-player , with guests , was always allowed except in ranked lobbies ; and that is how it should be. Two accounts on the same box I believe is allowed in Ranked.
Haven't played MCC in a while , so not sure if they are allowing guests in Ranked , and if so , it is likely due to low population numbers.
They don’t. Ranked doesn’t allow guests.
Play ranked playlists if that's such a problem for you.
I agree with the above-- if you're in it for the competitive fervor, Ranked playlist are the place to be. A fair amount of goofing around in more social and casual playlists has been a thing in Halo since as long as I can remember.

Also, OP: Grifball is plenty of fun for adults! I remember liking Ricochet a fair amount in Halo 4, and I can see what you're getting at, but as you alluded to in your original post, Halo is fun for all ages (over about 7 if you ask me) and that includes just about every mode in the game.
I see what you guys are saying. Trust and believe I would love to play ranked on MCC to avoid splitscreeners but.. The games are so limited. I mainly play H2:A and H4.

I honestly wouldn't even have made this post on here if I was able to play Halo 5. But every time i queue up for a game it kicks me out guaranteed before the first match loads, then just never finds me another game after that. I've expanded my search and everything. But i get on a game like BDO, Battlefield or Smite and have no issues getting into game.

This post was made in a bit of rage. Sorry guys.
Ranked should never have guests. Another social mode is fine for guests. Real account split screen is okay for ranked.

I miss ricochete tbh. One of my top gamemodes
So, what's your stance on splitscreen in custom games?
I strongly disagree. Couch gaming is a important part of Halo, and it should not be restricted. It’s unfair to take away someone’s right to play online multiplayer just because they have guests over.
couch gaming is a staple of the Halo franchise, heck, it got me into the franchise when I was 7. Honestly couch gaming should’ve never left in the first place, and it certainly shouldn’t be restricted upon its return to the franchise that made it popular.
I dislike the notion of scrapping multiplayer couch play online because of the faulty notion that splitscreen players are the only ones who will start teamkilling you for giggles.
I think it should be fine in social modes as it is a good way to play different modes with friends that don't have the game or the console.

Ranked is different for guests shouldnt effect ranks of others, just an option for having fun in matches.
It should stay. For ever in the future of all Halo games. Couch Co-Op FTW.
Half the time if I see the (1) at the end of the name 99.99% chance their bad at the game amd will be at the bottom of the scoreboard.

Keep it out of Rank. at the very least.
When I clicked on this thread, I wasn't expecting there to be so many people supporting couch co-op in online multiplayer.
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
The (1)'s and (2)'s have never bothered me to be honest. Dropping the feature entirely would be a shame for those who enjoy it but maybe leave it out of Ranked play.
Guests can be a pain to have on your team if you're trying to win matches. Guests betraying you is purely coincidence however, since pretty much any player has the capacity to be unsportsmanlike. I wouldn't write off all split screeners as being toxic.
Splitscreen should be allowed for Social matchmaking as well. Keeping it out of there will cause a lot of outrage.