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FluX Reign wrote:
343 PLEASE do add ons to armors like halo reach. WE don’t need three or four different design patterns for the same piece of armor
YES! All of the different variants in Halo 5 were just the same Armor with white added to it which sucked.
Definitely a a kind of variant of the Mark V helmet. That is my favorite
Here's an idea, remember that old halo ce beta mark v armor? Yeah? it should be in!
I want Seeker armor to be default. The. All the other armies are variants of Seeker.
It could go back to the way of Halo 3 I would be so happy. Halo Reach and Halo 4 just had to much and It looks way to similar.

Halo 5 is a joke.
i know im really excited about the customization we are getting in halo infinite but i want to hear from yall other sparts what do u want to see come to the game. personally i want the classic helmets in halo 5 to come to the game and i want more reach styled armors with a lot more add ons
I would love to see kind of like the Halo Reach customization come back were you have to earn a certain amount or credits or rank in order to unlock and buy the armour or helmet you want! Just loved that way about the game multiplayer.
Hey fellow Spartans, so a couple weeks ago, I posted my ideas for the customization system in Halo Infinite as a separate forum. I was told to post it here, so instead of just copying and pasting it all over here (kind of a long post), I'll leave a link to my forum and if you so choose to read it, you have the option to. I will, however, leave a link to an image that I had originally made the post because of. I spent a few hours photoshopping what I felt would be an interesting-looking customization hub. The image is just of the colour changing screen, but in my post I also went into a bit of detail about what the rest of the hub could be like. Note: I took most of my inspiration from Halo Reach and Halo 3, and it shows.

My Forum:

My Image:

Hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think.
I'd like to see more quality over quantity when it comes to customization options. Halo 5 had way too many duds and redundant armors.
i want to see loads of colors to pick from. And I want the armor to look like reach style but with better graphics.

I also would like a reach style unlock system where you earn credits to save up for a armor you want to unlock. Also unlock items by ranking up.

I’ve always wanted exclusive armor for skill ranks like bronze,silver,gold,platinum,onyx and champion would all have their own exclusive helmet or attachment.

Also achivement based unlocks made halo 3 honestly so addictive and fun. (NO MICRO TRANSACTION)

extremely rare helmets like (halo 3 recon and olive) but have Infinite have it’s own unique rare armor. And have it unlocked by.
-beating 343
-getting a map in matchmaking
-getting on the home page
-doing something awesome for the community
A HUGE problems with halo 4 and 5 is that they took a ginormous step back on customization options. Which brings me to armor affects. I understand they make the game look a bit corny but come on!! They are awesome I just want them hard to unlock because I don’t want everyone running around with flames on their head.

emblems on the body and placement of emblems anywhere on armor. And armor color for trim, body and attachments.

making your spartan armor look brand new, shot up, dirty, human blood, elite blood, rusty and missing limbs arms and maybe even a leg.
These are some good ideas, I’m liking the ideas of adding elite blood or shot up armor to make it lol like your spartan just got out of battle
tuhin94 wrote:
I think the perfect armory would be to have Reach’s options with the art style 343i has been using since Halo Wars 2.
This fellow has the right idea. A mix of classic and new would be fantastic.
I think it would be amazing if they brought back most or all of the classic helmets and polish them up.
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