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Cutscene viewer

OP Aut0b0t117

Just a little feature so that, after you see a cutscene for the first time, you can then view it without having to load up and/or play it. I could see this being great for YouTubers.
halo wars had a feature like this, i really liked it. Every now and then used to go back to watch them. I approve and support this idea.
I actually think this is such an underrated idea. I’d love to see it. Can recap on the story without having to play
Cinematics gallery is good fun. In MGS2 you could swap character models. Hilarity guaranteed.
Doesn't H2A have this feature within MCC? You can watch the anniversary cinematics on Halo Channel.
Speaking of which, can we expect a new Halo Channel update for Infinite? Maybe start uploading content from independent Halo creators. Win-win for all. The creator gets some exposure and the HC gets content.
I couldn't agree more with others on here. It's a small feature but a great idea. I also like going back and watching them.