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Deaf gamer need accessibility add setting.

OP JokerKiller246

I really hard challenge feedback other games example: Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and only shooter in game. Need add visualized effect sound, Fortnite have it. Beause myself Deaf and can't hear on walking, But just little hear gunshot.
I was did provide feedback to Activision support for need add visualized effect sound on Modern Warfare and Warzone. Activision did interested my feedback. Then later few, Wait heard nothing from information. I did again feedback, them ignore to my provide feedback. Try many time again provide feedback, them do nothing. That pissed off.
I hope you please support for me.
I think it should be a standard practice for developers to include settings to help people in your situation. It’s sad that they’d leave this part of the community high and dry. Best of luck to you friend!
I did some research because this really bothered me that this is overlooked. If you do a google search of ‘deaf gamers’ it appears there is quite a following of a few members. A few of their videos tell of how to try to optimize settings but there is a few. Also it may help if you join their pages as some are actually working with some of the biggest developers; Ubisoft, EA, etc. in order to better provide the accessibility settings you are asking for. I really wish I could be more help for you here.

I would also recommend writing emails to the top developers in the industry or even taking to Twitter and asking developers directly for these settings. It appears that Twitter seems the fastest way to “get a change” these days.
I really hope that 343i will make Infinite more accessible to a wider audience. Accessibility in games is extremely important nowadays.
I think more games should look at The Last of Us Part 2 in terms of accessibility, because that game probably has the best options I've ever seen in a game in terms of accessibility.