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Delayed to 2021 Confirmed


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Forsythia wrote:
It's gotta be a really difficult decision, but as they mentioned, I'm sure it's the best for the team and the game itself. Take care everyone at 343.
This. Everyone seemed deadset on Holiday 2020 release, they couldn't bring themselves to delay the game, even though Covid probably brought their development to a dead stop almost, even if they couldn't admit it at the time.

This gets me more excited because it makes me believe they truly want to create a great Halo game, but i feel for them because this hurts them (emotionally) more than it hurts us, and it hurts us quite a bit i'd say.

I wish them the best of luck, in the meantime we still have some great games to look forward to, including the much delayed Cypberpunk, and its looking better with every new trailer, that too makes me hopeful for Infinite.
Can't say I'm surprised, given everything. I can't imagine they wouldn't have known that this should happen well before we ever saw the demo, and the rough showcase finally convinced everyone.

Frankly, I'm not disappointed in the least. I'm well past the point in life where I can't just wait for a game. I see no downsides to this and the game will probably be better than it would otherwise have been.
There was no way 343i would be able to improve the game in 4 months, so much so that it would have been dramatically improved visually and release as a polished title at launch.

I was calling for the game to be delayed and it seems 343i have looked at the feedback and reached the same conclusion.

I imagine it was a very difficult decision for 343i to make but I honestly think it is for the best. If the game launches next holiday, the team have over a year to really improve the game.

I respect 343i a LOT for making that call, and I think the game will benefit in the long run in every respect, including the hype for the game and the sales.
5 -Yoink- years for this
Still, it's still better than a 2020 disaster release
This could have multiple positives to it. Public Flighting could come to Infinite, they might gives us free stuff at launch as an apology. The tight lip from the past 3 years may be loosened and we may see more of the game than we normally would of, especially considering it's no longer interconnected with the Series X and its release date. This could be majorly positive for us and the game.
I wonder if this opens up the chance of a public beta again.

So now does this mean Halo is going to launch early 2021, outside of Holiday season, or are we getting a delay until holiday 20201?

Does anyone know Microsoft's track record for releasing blockbusters in the early quarters?
The last time they released a fairly big exclusive in Q2 was Gears:Judgment in March 2013, and even then it wasn't a numbered entry. You could also include Halo Wars 2 launching in Feb 2017 I guess.

Generally, they always target the holiday period. I think this will be a September 2021 launch.
Wow, Craig actually did it
To be honest, if they feel they couldn't launch it very well this holiday, than thank god. I would rather them polish the game up and release it when it is ready!

Maybe we will have ray tracing at launch now?

Either way, i can only imagine this was an insanely hard decision, and lord know tha microsoft also had a say in it being they own it. I commend both for allowing the game to be released once it is ready.

Still kinda annoyed i gotta waitblonger but ill take a better game in the end! Maybe nowbwr can get a regular mm beta!

Still, i got plenty im looking forward to play on series x so doesnt effect my decision to get one. Jist give me time to actually play everything else then dive fully into Infinite qhen it eventually does launch
Hopefully this means it launches with ray tracing.

Gotta say Microsoft has really botched the Series X launch. They had all the momentum until June and completely blew it.

This is great news. The game was clearly behind development & needed to be delayed.

It looked objectively bad from a visual fidelity perspective & I'm glad 343 & Microsoft have come to their senses here.
Good news. Bake it a bit more don’t want it cold.
I wonder if this also means there is an opportunity for a special edition of the Series X console? Either way, looks like I won't be buying a new Xbox console this year.
I feel bad for it, i hope the make sure the Xbox One version.

Sorry for this words, but i hope some things changing inside the 343i, everything its a mess with this game studio since Halo 5.
After the plethora of negative feedback and meh reception overall this is a good thing. Get some grit in the artwork, keep working on the engine, and add back weapons and modes.

No one will hate the game for being more polished, but tons of people will hate the game if it's another half-baked -Yoink- show.

Props to 343 and Microsoft for delaying the game.
This is a big win for Xbox. If they'd released infinite in that state, it would've been just as bad as sonys TLOU2 fan reaction.
Wow, Craig actually did it
My guess is they're reworking the game to make Craig a main character... he deserves that spotlight.

I hope the best for 343, make the best game you guys can!
SR152... maybe there is hope for me yet
Man, this is great for the game.
But this will absolutely -Yoink- the new Xbox. There was already little reason to buy it. Halo available on the Xbox one and PC. All other exclusives coming to PC etc etc
Now the Series X (and S) have little to no reason to be purchased.
I’m an Xbox guy through and through. But damn. They just lost this gen too.
Does this mean we are not getting the multiplayer reveal anytime soon? :(
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