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[Locked] dlc for playable elites and duel wielding

OP Antoninmp

what if it came as a dlc a year latter in halo infinite idk
Anything is possible with DLC... especially over a 10 year time frame!

But I wouldn't hold your breath for either of these things in the first year.

Adding playable Elites is a huge undertaking (models, animations, sounds etc) - and is probably not worth it for a small percentage of (vocal) enthusiasts. I think the best chance is when they (hopefully) add the Arbiter back into the campaign - and then his assets can be easily transferred to multiplayer.

And dual wielding is a broken mechanic. Previous efforts have caused big problems for the weapon sandbox. I can see why they don't want to touch it with a barge pole. Maybe, a few years down the track, when the Infinite sandboxes are humming... but I doubt it.
We have existing threads discussing these topics, feel free to continue there. The playable elites thread currently sits in the Halo 5 forums and there are other active threads on dual weilding