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Dolby Atmos for Infinite?

Personally I'ld approve. I'ld love a complete sound immersion in this game.
I hope so, I really hope MSFT push all their next gen games to include Atmos as standard.

Just like with the original Xbox where all games were 5.1
Would love this addition, and with Slip Space engine being compatible with new software/hardware I can definitely see this happening.
Yes please. They keep touting the audio in Halo Infinite, so it makes sense to fully support Dolby Atmos. I actually have a proper home theater that could take advantage of it,
so I'm very hopeful Microsoft will make it a standard feature in Series X games.
Coming post-launch with the $9.99 sound package micro transaction!

In all seriousness I hope they get F2P right and don’t compromise on next-gen features.